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Best Huawei phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Huawei phone: How to choose the best in 2022?


The Chinese company Huawei is still a timid success in, but it is known worldwide. And among its most famous products is the Huawei cell phone and that is what we will talk about today here at welcome!

The first Huawei mobile phone model to emerge was the C300, launched in 2003. Since then, the brand has not stopped and now its smartphones are direct competitors of the most famous models on the market.

But is it worth investing in a Huawei cell phone? This and other questions will be answered in this article and at the end of the reading you will know exactly if this product is or not for you.


First, the most important

  • The Huawei phone has been sold for many years, but officially the brand only arrived here in May 2022.
  • Huawei has a foldable smartphone called Mate X and this is the most different model of the brand.
  • The Huawei cell phone is found with wide price variation with options starting at R $ 660.

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The best Huawei phone models: Our choices

Huawei phones are among the best-selling products of the brand and this is not for nothing. In addition to the company investing in a lot of technology for them, there are several models available and to show you which are the best we created the Ranking below.

  • A high performance option
  • A good quality camera option
  • The cost-effective Huawei phone

Buying Guide

The more time passes the more advanced smartphones are and one of the companies that invests the most in this product is Huawei. Being the owner of very modern devices and with differentiated features, the brand has smartphones that have great performance.

And if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these, but don’t know if the Huawei phone is a good choice don’t worry. We have gathered in this Buying Guide all the information about it so that you finish the reading decided.


What are the differences of the Huawei cell phone?

For a long time Huawei was out of the market and to the delight of many the brand returned to the country in May 2019.

The Chinese giant is very successful in several technology sectors and with its cell phones this is no different. Everything is due to the fact that it invests a lot in innovations, features and differentials for its smartphones.


The camera is a highlight of Huawei phones.

The camera is one of the highlights of the Huawei phone. The brand has devices with a dual camera system and the most modern have a quadruple rear camera, which is considered the best in the world by many people.

This makes it possible to increase the capture range and achieve a zoom of up to 50x, not to mention the excellent image quality. For videos, the smartphone developed by Huawei is also great, as it records with full HD resolution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Huawei cell phone?

The differentials do not stop there. There are still many advantages to investing in a Huawei phone.

Regarding the battery, the brand’s cell phones are not left behind. In addition to the battery having superior durability, many devices have fast charging, with some promising to recharge up to 70% in just 30 minutes.

It should also be noted that Huawei phones have dual chip technology, which can be very interesting for those who use two lines on the same phone.

The design of the Huawei phone is also noteworthy. The most modern devices have larger screens and a rear with a different finish and in different colors, which makes them sophisticated and beautiful.

And consumer assistance is another positive point of this product, since the company offers a 24-hour call center. However, it is worth noting that not all models have technical assistance from the brand, as many are sold by importers.

The downside of the Huawei phone is that some models have low internal storage capacity. There are several options with only 32 GB of memory, which today can be considered inferior, since cell phones are increasingly full of applications and files.

It should also be known that the most modern versions of Huawei phones are among the most expensive on the market.

What are the accessories for the Huawei cell phone found?

Even though Huawei is not yet one of the most sold brands, whoever owns the brand’s phones can find several accessories to protect them and improve their use.

With that, there are covers of the most diverse materials and prints. There are also glass and gel films to prevent the screen from breaking. If the charger stops working or the headset is lost, there are also options to replace them.

How is the Huawei foldable cell phone?

Huawei is a company that has already generated a lot of buzz around the world and the Mate X phone was responsible for once again targeting the spotlight for the brand.

Basically this is Huawei’s foldable smartphone and if you thought that it couldn’t be possible, the Chinese showed it is. Possessing a futuristic design with flexible display, this device was created to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold model.

The Huawei Mate X mobile phone has three modes of use and was launched at the MWC 2019 mobility fair, which took place in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The device is very different and in the video below you can see more details about it.

How much does a Huawei phone cost?

Huawei has cell phone models that can fit almost every pocket, as there are simpler and more advanced versions. With that, there are options with prices that start at R $ 660, talking about the older models, up to about R $ 6 thousand, in the case of the most modern devices.
Huawei started its business in the 1980s in China. The first product manufactured was the PBX, a device for exchanging telephone extensions, only in 2003, which started with the production of cell phones.


Where to buy a Huawei phone?

As much as there are some physical stores that sell the Huawei cell phone, such as Fast Shop. this type of device is easier to be found online.

This is because many models are still imported into by smaller stores and resold on major websites. Thus, there is a greater variety of models online and you can search for them on sites such as: Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Huawei phone models

Amid so many models of Huawei mobile phone it is not an easy task to choose just one to buy. However, there are ways to make this decision simpler and for that, just take into account the factors below:

  • Screen dimensions
  • Storage capacity
  • Quality and quantity of cameras
  • Processor type
  • Additional resources

We will now detail each of them.

Screen dimensions

Huawei has cell phones with the most varied sizes and thanks to this it is able to adapt to all the needs and tastes of its consumers. Thus, one must analyze what pleases you most in relation to the dimensions of the screen.

Normally the brand’s smartphones have large screens, the larger model being 6.47 inches and ideal for watching, reading and more.

There are also options with less than 6 inches and they are positive because they fit more easily in bags and pockets. But be aware that they can be more uncomfortable during heavy use.

torage capacity

When choosing a Huawei phone it is also important to analyze the internal memory that the device has. This is a fundamental factor, as it concerns the amount of applications, photos and files that you can store in it.

Options with less memory have 34GB and those with more memory have 512GB. Therefore, when choosing a device, it is necessary to analyze its need and how to use the device.

There are also options with space to include a microSD card, which can be an alternative if you choose a model that has less space.

Quality and quantity of cameras

As we told you, the Huawei phone stands out in the camera category and there are versions that can compare with professional cameras.

In this regard, the number of cameras that the device has must be taken into account. Remember that there are models that have only one front and one rear camera, others have two rear and front and the most advanced have quadruple cameras.

Also, analyze the amount of megapixels they have, since the higher this number, the better the quality of the images created with the cell phone.

Processor type

Thinking about the performance of the Huawei phone you should also analyze its processor. This component of the device acts at the speed with which it can process information and this is essential to not have a slow smartphone.

The processing rate of mobile phones is measured in GHz and the higher this value, the faster the device. In addition, processors are divided according to their number of cores. In this way, quad-core and octa-core versions can be found, with octa-core being more advanced.

Additional resources

When in doubt, one can also take into account the additional features that Huawei mobile models have. An example of this is the fast charging system that is present in some devices.

There are also options that can be unlocked via the face or digital and the design also comes into this aspect, since there are versions that offer up to five colors. So analyze this.


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