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Best Sony Phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Sony Phone: How to choose the best of 2022?


Welcome to the most complete Shopping Guide on the internet, Today’s article will feature five Sony phone models. Looking for a cool smartphone? Check out some options here.

The Japanese brand is very famous and known for its first quality electronics. Cameras, video games, televisions, headphones and smartphones are the main products of the company that sells worldwide.

Today, in the era of digital transformation, everyone is looking for a modern cell phone full of features. In this Guide you will find Sony smartphone options, know the advantages and disadvantages, and the main purchase criteria, as well as prices and where to buy.


First, the most important

  • Sony is a Japanese company renowned for its cameras, televisions, and other products. The cell phone is also an important flagship of the brand.
  • The company sells different lines, from the simplest to the most premium, to please different tastes, needs, and pockets.
  • Prices are related to storage capacity, camera quality, and available features. In this Guide, there are cell phones from R $ 600 to R $ 2,800.

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The best Sony phone models: Our selection

There are several brands that sell cell phones and smartphones, but Sony is recognized worldwide for its quality and technology. Interested? See the most interesting models below.

  • The Sony phone for surfing the internet
  • The great phone for great photos
  • The most stylish option
  • The small and compact model


Buying Guide

Nowadays there is no way to live without a smartphone. Accessing the internet, taking pictures, and talking to people has become essential and there is no escape from it.

For that, a Sony cell phone delivers all the features with quality and technology. Check out our tips for choosing the best product.

What is a Sony smartphone?

What is a smartphone for? Its functions are endless: making calls, sending messages, taking photos, recording videos, accessing social networks, writing emails, working …

With the advancement of technology, cell phones are getting more and more modern and full of features that help both in a person’s personal and professional life.

The highlight of Sony phones is the quality of the camera.

Nowadays it is practically impossible to find someone who does not have a device and there is no way to leave the house without it. Of different brands, types, and sizes, there is a giant variety of the product.

The Japanese brand Sony has the main features and have high-quality cameras, giving great importance to the resolution of photos and videos. These are the biggest differentials of a Sony cell phone.


What are the advantages of choosing a Sony cell phone?

The advantages of a cell phone everyone already knows, but what about a Sony cell phone? High quality camera that takes photos and records videos in high resolution is one of them.

It also offers large screens, at least 5 inches – among the latest models – that reproduce very sharp images.


Another positive point is that the brand’s smartphones are visually beautiful, with elegant design, light and thin.

An advantage is also that Sony offers models for all tastes, with different prices and features. You will surely find one that is right for you.

As a negative point, we highlight that the Japanese company’s cell phones are sometimes a little more expensive than similar ones – in terms of features and capabilities – of other renowned brands in the market.

Check the table below with the characteristics placed in a comparative way to see the advantages and disadvantages of the Sony cell phone in an easier way.

What are the differences between Sony’s phone models?

Each Sony phone obviously has different characteristics. They are directly related to the price and quality of the product. In this Guide, we present four mobile devices of different models.

We present, in table form, the different storage memory capacities, camera resolution, and screen size to show the differences in a comparative way. See below.

Among all models, how to choose the best Sony phone for you?

Currently, Sony-branded cell phones are basically based on the Xperia line. The Japanese company even sells others, such as the W205 and W890, for example, but the flagship is the different Xperia models.

Among the options available, you will find more affordable and more basic smartphones (Xperia XA1, XA1 Ultra, L1, and M5) and also the most top of the line, which is the Xperia XZ and XZ Premium.

Waterproof, 5-inch screens, 4k resolution, cameras of at least 13 megapixels, RAM memory of at least 3 GB, among others, are some of the features that you will find in the brand’s devices.

The interesting thing is that Sony offers devices for all tastes and pockets, with cheaper, intermediate and premium lines, without leaving quality and technology aside.

If you are looking for a mobile device just to access social networks, make calls and send messages, you will find it. And, if you’re looking for an amazing camera to take great pictures, you’ll also find a Sony phone that will exceed your expectations.

How much does a Sony smartphone cost?

As we just said, Sony offers phones with a simpler line, an intermediate, and a more top line. Depending on what you plan to do with the device, you have a good choice of products to choose from.

In this Guide, we raise devices of different prices. Here, you will find smartphones of at least R $ 600, costing up to R $ 2,800.

Where to buy a Sony cell phone?

Sony phones can be found in the main electronics stores, in addition to the mobile phone operators that sell several cell phones.

It is also possible to buy them online, on trusted sites, such as Amazon. Buying online you find even more attractive prices and a greater variety of models.

“If we go through our lives convinced that ours is the best way to act in the world, we will end up letting go of all the new ideas that appear daily.”

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Sony phone models

Choosing a smartphone that will spend a few years as your mobile device is no easy task. There are thousands of options for sale on the market, with different features, capacities, and prices.

If you decide on a Sony cell phone, there are some criteria that can be taken into account when purchasing. We have raised the points below that will help you to acquire the best cell phone for you. Check it out below:

  • Functions
  • Camera
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Price

Below, we will explain in detail each feature to be observed, thus helping to make the most appropriate purchase.


Each cell phone, regardless of the brand, has different functionalities and this is an important criterion to be considered.

Radio, high resolution camera, updated Android system are some of the functions that will influence when buying the device. And Sony offers phones with different features to make the best choice.

And this detail will also make a difference if you are looking for a cell phone for personal or professional use, for example.


If you want a smartphone to make amazing, high-resolution and very sharp photos, look for a model with cameras – both rear and front – of at least 13 megapixels.

A good quality camera will also make videos in high resolution, capturing a lot of frames per second, thus managing to record recordings in a super slow camera, for example.


The internal storage memory of a Sony phone is very important, as it is where applications and files will be allocated.

You can expand your phone’s space with a memory card.

You can find 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB Sony smartphones, but you can use removable memory cards to increase capacity and get more space to store media files and apps.

RAM is also a fundamental criterion, as it is used to manage running applications and the operating system. The higher, the higher the speed of the device.


The size of a mobile device is also something to always take into account when buying. Do you prefer more compact cell phones that fit in your pocket? Or one with a bigger screen so you can work on it and see the features better?

Although the brand’s devices have similar designs – in a rectangular format – you can find some models in the traditional (larger) or compact (smaller) size.

With technological resources increasingly advanced, the trend is that smartphones become increasingly larger, with displays following the growth. But, for those who don’t like it, there are still small devices that can fit in the palm of your hand.


Certainly, price is a factor that weighs when deciding. The choice will depend on what you are looking for at the moment, in terms of resources, but the main determinant will be how much you own or are willing to invest.

That’s why Sony phones are an interesting option, as they are models that fit in different pockets, without leaving quality aside. The brand offers devices with lower, medium, and higher prices.


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