Top & Best Mobile tools Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mobile tools: how to choose the best option in 2022?

Welcome to your most complete shopping guide on the internet: mypricesaving.coml! Today we are going to talk about a very interesting and also very useful product these days: mobile tools.

These instruments are essential for repairing smartphones and changing parts. In kits or sold separately, accessories, such as keys and tweezers, open cell phones, tablets and some options can also be used and notebooks.

Need mobile tools and don’t know which option to choose yet? Check out our guide with models, prices, where to buy them, advantages and disadvantages and other features.

First, the most important

  • Mobile phone tools are essential for repairing, cleaning and changing parts on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • This product can be found either in the form of kits, with several pieces, or sold separately.
    Each tool – be it a wrench, tweezers, suction cup or stem – has a function. Find out which one is ideal for your need.
  • This is not an expensive product and you find it at a wide range of prices. In this guide we list mobile tools that range from R $ 7.50 to R $ 42.

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Best Mobile Toolkits: Our Favorites

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  • The most complete mobile toolkit
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Buying Guide

Whether for simple things or for professional use, mobile tools are very useful for changing parts, carrying out repairs or even cleaning your mobile device.

In this guide you will find some options that will be able to do what is necessary for the proper functioning of your cell phone. Stay tuned in our guide to find out which option is right for you.

Mobile tools: what are they?

You certainly had your cell phone broken in some way, right? Be it a cracked screen, a loose part or some button that doesn’t work, having to fix a mobile device is quite common.

To do this it is necessary to have some tools for mobile. Many options are sold as a kit or separately and have different functions: open, clean, hold, repair and more.

Among the tools you will find screwdrivers, Philips, torx, star, hexagonal, triangle, tweezers, suction cups, spatulas etc.

With a complete set of tools, you’ll be able – whether you’re a professional or just an enthusiast – to repair cell phones, exchange parts, open them to clean them and repair any minor damage that they may present.

Watch this video from the Play Android channel, with 715 thousand subscribers, which shows a little more about a toolkit used to open cell phones.

What are the functions of each mobile tool?

Mobile tools are often very intuitive and come with an instruction manual. If you use tools for other things, you will certainly have no difficulty using those designed for smartphones.

The kits come with different parts and each one of them has varied and specific functions. Check the table below with some of the main tools found in the kits and what they are intended for:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile tools?

Obviously, the main advantage of mobile phone tools is being specific to repairing smartphone damage, changing parts and cleaning.

In addition, many options of this product can also be used on tablets and notebooks, making them versatile pieces for different types of uses and products.

Another positive point of the mobile phone tools is that they can be found in quite complete kits, making it easier to buy, since all the necessary parts come in a single case.

As a benefit is the fact that the tools can be used either by professionals, who repair cell phones as work, or by enthusiasts, who are interested in the subject.

The disadvantage is that some models are not made of a very good quality, breaking easily and not lasting

See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages in a simplified way.

How much does it cost and where to buy mobile phone tools?

Mobile phone tools generally have a nice price and don’t cost too much. The value will vary according to the quantity of parts, brand, quality of materials etc.

You can find mobile tools in both online and physical stores. On websites, the accessory is for sale on  Amazon.

To buy in person, visit stores such as Lojas Americanas, or some specific cell phone and computer accessories. They can sell the product.

If you are going to opt for the most comfortable option – which is via the website -, be sure to check all the reviews and opinions of those who have already purchased the mobile tool kit in question.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Mobile Toolkits

Mobile tools have the same function and do not differ much from each other. However, there are some purchase criteria that allow the models to be compared.

To help you choose, we survey the characteristics below. They will assist you in the ideal purchase of the most suitable mobile tool for what you are looking for.

Are they:

  • product type
  • Number of pieces
  • Material
  • Content

Below we will explain each of the criteria that will allow the comparison between the different types of tools for mobile. Check out!

product type

With product type we mean whether you will choose a toolkit, a single piece, a wrench and so on.

Mobile tools can be found in different types, shapes and sizes and each version will be ideal for a different type of use.

Number of pieces

The number of parts that come with mobile phone tools is also an important purchase criterion to be taken into account.

You find some kits with five pieces, others with eight, some models ten, 32, 38 and even more than that. You can also purchase only a single tool.


Mobile phone tools are made of different materials. Some are made of more resistant plastics, others of metal and others of weaker and less durable elements.

The quality of the material will directly influence the tool’s durability. More fragile parts can obviously last less, so be aware of the components of the tools when you buy them.


The content of the mobile tools is also an interesting factor to be considered. You will find options with keys, spatulas, suction cups and cases.

But there are some models that come with only one main key (handle) with several interchangeable tips. Others consist of separating vanes and suction cups and so on.

The options are several and each kit comes with a specific type of content. Whatever it is, choose the one that best fits your needs – don’t buy a model that comes with parts that don’t make sense to you.



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