Best Celular Positivo Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Celular Positivo: How to choose the best for you in 2022

we are going to talk about a basic and functional cell phone: the Positivo cell phone.

Considered an input device, the Positivo cell phone is ideal for those who want to use only basic functions, but without losing connectivity. With attractive prices, there are some options of this cell phone.

In this article, we will show in detail what you should take into account before purchasing the ideal Positivo cell phone for your purpose.


First, the most important

  • The Positivo brand mobile phone is the ideal option for those who do not want (or cannot) invest in the latest generation smartphones.
  • With basic but functional functions, the Positivo phone is reinventing itself and today it is possible to find models with a modern design.
  • We will explain to you what are the features that differentiate one model from another and how to choose the best Positivo cell phone.

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The best Positivo cell phone models: Our favorites

The Positivo cell phone has the great advantage of being simple and cheap compared to the top of the line. Still, the manufacturer brand invested in more contemporary options.

Therefore, we will present to you the best Positivo cell phone models available.

  • Great option with 16GB of memory
  • Option with 1G RAM
  • Quad Core processor model
  • Expandable memory model

Buying Guide

For those looking for a simple and functional cell phone, the Positivo brand models are ideal. But it is still not easy to decide which one is best among the available options.

To help you with this process, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to choose the best Positivo phone.

What is a Positive cell phone?

Positivo is a manufacturer brand that already has a strong presence in the national computer market.


The brand emerged to supply a need in the area of ​​computer equipment.

Created in 1989 by computer students from Positivo College, the brand was created to supply a need in the area of ​​computer equipment.

In 1994, the company started to create and sell educational software and also started to operate in retail and in the corporate market.

Because of this trajectory, Positivo has led the market for desktop and tablet computers for several years .

But, for some years now, the company has also been investing in the cell phone market with a focus on low-cost models.

And the brand’s objective is exactly that, to offer consumers a type of cell phone that has already become obsolete in the market, but which still has great demand from users: entry phones with lower costs.

Who is the Positivo cell phone recommended for?

As they are basic, Positivo cell phones are the ideal option for those who do not want, do not need, or cannot invest in the most technological (and most expensive) smartphones.

That is, if you do not need to use many applications or download large files or even play games, the Positivo phone is ideal.

The Positivo mobile phone is recommended for those who do not want, do not need, or cannot invest in the most technological (and most expensive) smartphones.

You will find everything from superbásicas models, just to make and receive calls and text messages; even those with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, cameras and other features.

In terms of design, it is still possible to find models already considered outdated. But recently, Positivo has invested in more contemporary designs.

What are the main features of the Positivo phone?

Among Positivo cell phones, although there are technical differences depending on the model, the fact is that some features are present in practically all of them.

Therefore, in general, the Positivo cell phone models have some features in common, such as:

    • Android operating system: Here the variation occurs due to the version that may be more recent or more outdated.
    • Cameras, MP3 Player and FM radio , an option often overlooked in newer smartphones, but which still appeals to many users.
    • Dual Sim: You can use up to two different carrier chips at the same time, so you can take advantage of different promotions for calls and messages.


The most modern Positivo cell phone models, however, already have more advanced configurations, such as 3G and Wi-Fi connections, in addition to a Quad-Core processor and 1GB RAM.

What are the most popular lines of the Positivo phone?

Over the years Positivo has launched an expressive variety of cell phone models and lines.

However, in recent years the brand has been restricted to the most recent line known as Twist. Still, you can find older Positivo phones for sale.

Below you can see the main and most popular Positivo cell lines.

Positivo P30 mobile phone

If you don’t want or don’t need a cell phone with internet, this is your best option. The Positivo P30 mobile phone is a basic device for making calls or exchanging SMS text messages.

In addition, with the P30 you can listen to FM radio and access functions on a 2.4 “screen. This model also features a 0.3MP camera.

One Positive Cell Phone

The Positivo One cell phone is already a model that has 3G internet and Wi-Fi. Still, this device has a very simple configuration. Therefore, it is indicated only for the lightest tasks.

This model is also a dual chip, has an FM radio and 4 “touch screen, in addition to 8GB (with a memory card slot up to 32GB) to store files and 512MB RAM.

In addition, the Positivo One phone has better cameras, the rear of which is 3.2MP and the front of 1.3MP.

Positive Cell Selfie

This phone from Positivo is geared towards the use of selfies, as it has an 8MP front camera and a 5 MP rear camera. This device also has 3G internet and Wi-Fi.

In addition, the Positivo Selfie phone has a 4.5-inch LED screen, 8 GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM.

Positive Cell Twist

The Twist line is the one that the brand has invested the most in the last few years. With a more contemporary design, this line already has eight smartphone models for sale.

Twist has cell phones with internal storage of 16GB (with the possibility of expansion with micro SD card) or 32GB.

Did you know that in general, you will have the Positivo cell phone with LCD screen from 5 inches, with front and rear camera of 8MP, with emphasis on the flash in both.


The most modern Positivo phone in this line also has a larger capacity battery and an updated Android operating system.

In addition, the latest models even allow you to use two applications at the same time with the split screen.

What is the difference between Positivo and Alcatel cell phones?

As the Positivo cell phone is an entry-level device, that is, basic and inexpensive, it is not possible to compare it with the leading brands such as the Iphone and Samsung, for example.

But some brands, which also invest in entry-level cell phones, can be compared with Positivo.

The Alcatel brand is one of them. For example, in a brief comparison between the Positivo Twist XL cell phone and the Alcatel Pixi 4 cell phone, it is possible to say that the cost-benefit of the Positivo brand is slightly higher.

The Positivo cell phone ends up winning in terms of camera and performance. Still, if we take into account other devices from both brands, we will see that Alcatel offers slightly larger screen options as well.

See below the main characteristics of both brands:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Positivo cell phone?

There are some advantages to purchasing the Positivo cell phone. The main one is that it is a cheap device, entry and with simpler configurations.

This may be the ideal option if you don’t need a lot of features or applications on your phone.

But, depending on the model, the Positivo phone has the advantage of allowing you to access the internet and not-so-heavy applications.

The Positivo mobile phone is also the right option for those who do not want or cannot invest in very expensive smartphones, since the models offered by the brand tend to be well below the prices practiced by major manufacturers.

In addition, nowadays, it is already possible to find a Positivo cell phone with a more contemporary design and with better resolution cameras.

On the other hand, precisely because it is an input device, the Positivo cell phone may not meet the most demanding users.

This is because the Positivo phone has simple and limited performance and configurations. It is also not the best option for those who need high resolution cameras.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Positivo mobile phone:

How much does the Positivo cell phone cost?

The price of the Positivo cell phone varies according to the model and technical configurations. But in general, you will find the Positivo cell phone costing between R $ 89 and R $ 600.

The more expensive models have a more contemporary design and slightly more advanced features. But it is possible to find options with similar features at lower prices.

Where to buy the Positivo phone?

You will find the Positivo cell phone for sale in department stores and hypermarkets.

But we suggest that you make your purchase in online stores like Amazon. So, you get the Positivo cell phone without leaving your home.

Purchasing Criteria: What to check before buying the Positivo phone

If you have chosen to purchase a Positivo cell phone, you must also choose the right model.

For this, it is important to evaluate the technical information of the device along with its purpose of use.

Therefore, we have selected for you the main factors that must be observed to invest in the best model:

  • Small or large screen
  • Internal space
  • RAM memory
  • Quality of cameras

Below, we will detail these factors to help you make the best decision and purchase the ideal Positivo cell phone.

Small or large screen

The first factor that we recommend you evaluate is the screen size of the Positivo phone.

This is because, this factor will influence the practicality of transporting the device, as well as your experience of viewing images and messages.

In general, the bigger the screen of the Positivo phone the better your experience will be. But as the Positivo phone is a device to perform simpler functions, a small screen may be just what you need.

After all, the smaller the device’s screen, the easier it will be to handle and take it with you, whether in your purse or backpack, anywhere.

That way, you can opt for the Positivo phone that has a screen that varies between 2 and 5.7 inches.

Internal space

We recommend that you also check the internal memory of the Positivo phone. That’s because the internal memory, or internal HD , is the device’s storage capacity.

So, the bigger the HD of the Positivo phone, the more photos and files you can store on the device without it locking up.

In this factor, the Positivo cell phone may have an internal memory that varies between 8GB to 32GB.

Still, on some Positivo phone models, it is possible for you to expand the HD using an SD card.

RAM memory

Another factor that you must take into account before purchasing the Positivo phone is the RAM memory of the device. RAM is what allows the cell phone to perform several activities at the same time efficiently.

So, in general, the bigger the RAM memory, the greater the performance of your cell phone. But this only applies if you use a lot of heavy applications, including gamers.

With light and basic functions, the Positivo cell phone models do not have a high RAM memory.

However, as the Positivo phone uses fewer applications and only more basic and lightweight functions, you don’t need a RAM that high.

Therefore, in this regard, you can choose between devices that have a RAM that varies between 512MG and 1GB.

Quality of cameras

Also note the quantity and quality of the cameras on the Positivo cell phone. In general, you should consider the camera’s megapixel (MP) quantity.

That is, the higher the MP of the camera, the better the quality of the photos you will take with the Positivo cell phone.

In this factor, the Positivo cell phone cameras also remain consistent in terms of simplicity.

Considering the most current cell phones of the brand, you can choose cameras whose resolution varies between 5MP and 8MP.

In addition, depending on the model you choose, the Positivo phone may have only one camera, or two, one front and one rear. Some models also offer the option of flash.


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