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Best Hitter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Hitter- Photographic Equipment Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


To produce good photographs, it takes much more than the talent of the professional and a quality camera. Photography depends on technique, editing software, and photographic equipment such as the hitter.

A hitter is a tool used to correct the lighting and tone of the photograph or footage. You find models of different shapes, sizes, and colors that carry numerous features. Learn more about the photo hitter in this article. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The batter or photographic reflector is an accessory that helps in lighting the photograph. With a reflector, it is possible to insert color and contrast effects, without having to manipulate these characteristics in post-production.
  • There are different functionalities attributed to the hitter: Fill light, auxiliary light, cut-out light, diffuser, and substrate. Your photographs will acquire a differentiated and unique aspect with the use of a photographic hitter.
  • A hitter can be round, rectangular, or triangular. Colors range from gold, silver, black, white, translucent, or chroma key – green and blue.
  • The hitter can be opened, closed, and folded whenever you want. But you must carry it in a case, so as not to cause damage to the accessory.

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The best photographic batters: Our buying recommendations

One of the tools most used by photographers is the hitter. The accessory combines functions of batting, diffuser, and light blocker and you find models in different shapes, sizes and colors. Discover the best models below:

  • The most complete hitter
  • A five in one-hitter
  • Five in one-hitter with handstand
  • The best hitter for photo studio


Buying Guide

The hitter is one of the accessories most used by photographers because just like the camera it is not possible to change the lighting, accentuate or attenuate a certain aspect of the photographic subject or modify the tone of the photograph. But all these aspects can be manipulated with a photographic hitter, without the need to change them with the help of editing software. Learn more about this equipment in this Buying Guide.

What is a hitter and what is this equipment for?

The hitter or photographic reflector is a flat object, circular, rectangular, or triangular in shape with silver, golden, white, black, translucent, green, or blue surface – the last two have Chroma Key effect. This accessory is used with the purpose of attenuating the areas of shadow or excessive brightness, manipulating the light coming from the light source, natural or artificial, according to the need or preference.

The effect will depend on the shade of the reflector. A white hitter provides diffuse lighting, black serves to direct the shadow, gold is used to warm up the scene, and silver to provide more intense lighting.

Find out all the advantages – and some disadvantages – of the photographic hitter in the table below:

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[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • It is a multifunctional device
  • Each shade offers a different effect
  • Varied sizes and formats
  • The metal structure is light and malleable
  • Some models have interchangeable screens
  • Most models come with a carrying case

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • The photographer needs a tripod or an assistant to position the hitter
  • The hitter must be handled with care
  • Not all models come with a carrying case


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In what situations can I use a hitter?

The hitter can be used in a photoshoot in a photo studio or in an external location. In an external test, it is even more difficult to obtain the ideal light for photography, making the hitter take on a prominent role in the photographic composition, especially when the objective is to promote a directed light.

How to use a hitter?

We have prepared this section to present some tips on how to use a hitter in different proposals:

  • As fill light or auxiliary light: Depending on the model chosen by the photographer, the shadow can be eliminated completely, allowing some degree of contrast. For this purpose, the contrast is achieved according to the distance between the hitter and the subject of the photograph. The greater the distance from each other, the greater the contrast. In this case, the hitter must be positioned on the opposite side to the light source, at an angle of 45º.
  • As the main light source: The silver batter can be used as the main light source, both in an outdoor location and in a photo studio. In an outdoor location, sunlight is used as an auxiliary light. In a photographic studio, use a backlit light source – above the head of the photographic subject, in a direct line and opposite the camera position – and place the hitter in the main light position.
  • As a clipping light: The golden batter can be used as a clipping light, offering warm lighting and adding charm to the hair of blond people. For this purpose, the hitter must be placed in the backlight, behind the photographic subject and at an angle of 45º, to produce a shadow on one side of the face of the model’s face.
  • As a light diffuser: In low light situations, where the light source is producing shadows on the neck, nose, and below the eyes of the photographic subject, it is necessary to use a translucent hitter between the subject and the light source. In this way, the lighting intensity will decrease, making some exposure adjustments necessary. You must pay attention to the background of the image so that it is not more illuminated than it already is.
  • As a light substrate: You can use two rectangular black fabric batters and position them as follows: One perpendicular and above the head and the other on one side of the face. The panels will provide soft lighting on one side of the face and a light shadow on the other side of the face, enhancing the portrait.

To take full advantage of the hitter’s functionality, we suggest that you invest in a hitting game with different shapes and shades – most equipment offers this multifunctional proposal.

Another interesting recommendation is to work with the help of an assistant, as adding the expertise of two professionals results in interesting jobs.

How to fold the hitter?

The hitter comes in a bag and is very easy to transport, assemble and handle. To store, hold the hitter sideways, then rotate, approach the body and adjust the accessory.

Purchasing criteria: How to choose the best hitter of the moment

With the right equipment, you can differentiate between photography styles. The photographic batter is a functional and versatile accessory, as it can be used to manipulate the play of light and shadow in the photograph.

To choose the best hitter and make a good investment with your money, you need to analyze and compare some features that differ from one product to another and are listed below:

  • Format
  • Size
  • Hue
  • Unit or set hitter

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section. If in doubt, leave a comment. Don’t forget to share this content with your friends.


You can find batters in different shapes … triangular, round, or rectangular. Find out the main differences between equipment in different formats below:

  • The triangular hitter is very useful for photographers who work alone or in photo studios. Generally, on the handle of this hitter, there is a 1/4 thread for fitting a lighting tripod, thus, it is possible to adjust the position of the hitter in relation to the photographic subject, to ensure adequate brightness.
  • Circular hitter usually has handles on the sides to facilitate the handling of the accessory. But, unlike what happens with the triangular hitter, you need an assistant to handle the equipment. It is indicated for external use but can be used in the studio.
  • The rectangular hitter has the purpose of directing the lighting. With the equipment, you can direct a greater amount of light to one point and less to the other, as the rectangular hitter has irregular ends.

Some hitter models come with a pair of support straps that facilitate the handling of the accessory.


It is possible to find the hitter in any shape from 60cm in diameter. It is obvious that the larger the dimensions of the hitter, the larger the coverage area. But be aware, very large hitters can hinder the result of the photograph.

We have two scenarios, a very large hitter can send too much light to a small photographic object, while a small, distant reflector does not provide enough light for a larger photographic object.


There are batters in various shades, both of which manage to give an almost natural luminosity to the photographs. See the options below:

  • The golden hitter is one of the most used colors by photographers. In low light places or on cloudy days, the photos acquire an intense white in the background and this reduces the contrast with the colors. But with a golden hitter, it is possible to reproduce warm colors, provide a sunrise or sunset effect, create contrasts, enhance tans, and highlight the photographic subject.
  • Silver hitter offers clear and intense reflection but does not change the white, just accentuates the highlights. Usually, the silver hitter is directed to details on the scene.
  • White hitter expands the camera’s flash capacity. It does not produce neutral colors, it just bounces the illumination from a source of natural or artificial light to dark points of the image with delicacy and naturalness. It is indicated for environments with low luminosity and light scattering. It is also usual in situations where color neutrality is necessary, for example, Photographs of metallic objects, exuberant colors, intense contrast, etc.
  • Black batter absorbs excess white light and attenuates extreme colors, so it is perfect for outdoors, on sunny days, or in photo studios with many light sources.
  • The translucent hitter is able to minimize the effect of continuous light from spotlights and flashes that usually generate excess shadows. It is indicated for closed environments such as photo studios, events, among others.
  • Chroma Key hitter allows you to make edits to the background of the image. You need to position between the photographic subject and the infinite background. The chroma key hitter will not always replace the infinite background, okay?

Unit or set hitter

Another criterion that must be taken into account at the time of purchase is whether you want to invest in a single or combined photographic batter. Usually, the hitter is sold as a kit, because each color is used for a certain purpose.

The equipment has an aluminum structure and interchangeable colored faces that must be changed manually – just open the zipper, change the face, and close it again. This is an interesting alternative for those on a reduced budget.

Those looking for practicality and can invest a little more should buy the unit hitter. You can enjoy and choose pieces in different shapes, sizes, and colors, of course.

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