Best Resveratrol Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Resveratrol: What is the best supplement in 2022

More and more people are looking for alternatives to take care of their health and protect their bodies against diseases. If you are one of them, In today’s article, we’ll talk about resveratrol, a natural antioxidant.

Found especially in grapes and red wine, resveratrol offers so many benefits to our health that it is now one of the most popular dietary supplements. The following is a complete guide to this supplement and tips on choosing the ideal one.

First, the most important

  • Resveratrol is indicated to prevent coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, reduce the cholesterol rate, and improve gout and arthritis.
  • It is possible to consume resveratrol through natural sources or a food supplement.
  • Before choosing the best resveratrol it is necessary to analyze some factors.

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The best resveratrol supplements: Our recommendations

When choosing a supplement, you will come across numerous brands. And each one of them offers a product with different nutritional compositions. With that in mind, we made a selection with the best resveratrol supplements, plus an extra one especially for topical use on the skin. Look:

  • The most popular of all
  • The best for vegetarians
  • Ideal for those looking for a kit
  • The best option for facial skin


Buying Guide

It is not so simple to choose the best resveratrol. As with any other dietary supplement, it is necessary to consider its real need for supplementation and, of course, the quality and composition of the chosen product.

To help you with this step, we created this Buying Guide. From here, you will be able to answer your questions about what it is, how it works, and what precautions you should take when consuming resveratrol.


What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol that can be found in some species of plants and fruits.

Polyphenols are chemical substances that result from metabolic processes that occur in plants as a result of a defense process against the action of bacteria and ultraviolet radiation.

More than 8,000 polyphenols have been identified in foods such as tea, vegetables, fruits, and even wine.


According to research, eating foods rich in polyphenols helps to protect the body against the development of cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases, in addition to diabetes and osteoporosis.

To give you an idea, some polyphenols, such as quercetin, are found in vegetables; flavonoids appear only in citrus fruits; isoflavones in soy; and phloretin in apples.

But in fact, among the most well-known polyphenols is resveratrol. And the reason for that is that resveratrol has a powerful antioxidant action in our body. Resveratrol is found in some foods, see the main ones:

  • Grape skins.
  • Red wine.
  • Peanut.

What are the benefits of resveratrol?

Resveratrol has several health benefits for our body. Because it has antioxidant action, resveratrol’s main function is to protect the body against infections by fungi and bacteria.

But, in addition to the antioxidant action, resveratrol also acts in several other areas of the body and our health. Check out the main benefits of resveratrol:

It is antioxidant

As we have seen, resveratrol stands out as a powerful natural antioxidant. So, in general, the intake of resveratrol can improve the health of the skin, heart, blood vessels, and even has the power to prevent the cells of the nervous system from degenerating.

Reduces cholesterol

Resveratrol can minimize the formation of LDL cholesterol, the known bad cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is usually deposited on the blood vessel wall, which favors the formation of plaques, and, when this happens, an increase in blood pressure and even obstruction of the vessels may occur.

And, in addition, resveratrol also stimulates the production of HDL, which is the cholesterol that has a positive action in our body. That is, in addition to combating LDL, this supplement also increases HDL.

Controls blood pressure

Another benefit of resveratrol is that it helps in lowering blood pressure and consequently acts to minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems.

This is because resveratrol is also effective in combating inflammation and, as we have seen, in reducing bad cholesterol. With this, the health of the blood vessels improves, which prevents high blood pressure.

Fight aging

Resveratrol can help prevent diseases that are related to the aging of the body, such as chronic inflammation and degenerative diseases.

In addition, according to researchers, resveratrol can be used to prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiac complications, which are also associated, in most cases, with aging.

Improves brain function

Some research shows that the consumption of resveratrol is also able to increase blood flow to the brain, which results in an improvement in cognitive function and memory.

Fight cancer

Although it is not able to cure cancer, resveratrol can be effective in preventing some types of tumors such as breast, skin, esophagus, prostate, and intestine. However, consult your doctor before starting resveratrol supplementation.

It’s good for the heart

Resveratrol is also good for the heart because it reduces inflammation, decreases the accumulation of fat in blood vessels, and controls blood pressure.

As a result of all of this, resveratrol is responsible for reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

Prevents diabetes

Studies show that resveratrol improves insulin sensitivity and thus helps to lower blood sugar levels.

In addition, resveratrol also works against some of the side effects of diabetes, such as diabetic foot syndrome, kidney disease, and diabetic retinopathy.

Increases testosterone production

The body’s natural production of testosterone starts to drop after 30 years of age, but exercise and consumption of foods rich in resveratrol can mitigate this reduction. And this is important because, among other functions, testosterone is essential for the formation and growth of muscles.

Is resveratrol good for the skin?

Yes, and a lot. In addition to being beneficial to the health of the body, resveratrol also acts on our skin, fighting premature aging.

As a natural antioxidant, resveratrol increases the cells’ defenses against external aggressions such as sun and pollution, for example, and also prevents the loss of collagen.

This is because, by blocking the action of free radicals, resveratrol helps in the “protection” of collagen. And in addition, studies also indicate that resveratrol may be effective in treating some types of acne.


Because of all these benefits for the skin, resveratrol became part of the list of ingredients of dermatological products. In general, the use of resveratrol on the skin is done through cream or serum.

The indication is usually topical at night to help recover from the damage that was caused during the day by solar and infrared radiation, as well as pollution and stress.

However, before starting topical use of resveratrol on your skin, consult your dermatologist.

Does resveratrol lose weight?

Some research indicates that the consumption of a diet rich in resveratrol or supplementation may, indeed, help in the weight loss process.

That’s because experts believe that the adequate consumption of resveratrol can increase physical endurance and performance in training.

That is, combining the practice of physical activities with a healthy and balanced diet, resveratrol acts as an aid in weight loss because it helps the body to burn fat and also improves physical fitness.

How to consume resveratrol?

As we have seen, resveratrol is present especially in grapes, red wine, and peanuts. In addition, it is also possible to find a good concentration of resveratrol in fruits such as blueberries, cherries, and other dark-skinned fruits.

But the fact is that resveratrol is found in different amounts depending on its source.

In addition, in the case of the grape, the concentration of resveratrol varies greatly according to the fruit’s ripeness, the type of soil, and climate in which the grape was grown, among other factors.

It is the resveratrol present in the grapes that makes red wine a famous ally for your health.

Therefore, since they spend more time in contact with the grape skins to acquire color, red wine, and grape juice are the natural sources that have the largest amount of resveratrol.

But for you to have an idea about some of the sources of this substance and their corresponding concentration in each one, check out the table below that we created for you.

Resveratrol source Amount of resveratrol (in 100g)
Grape skin 5 mg to 10 mg
Red wine 1.5 mg to 3 mg / liter
Red fruits 3 mg
Peanut 150 mg ( 1 )

Still, it is worth noting that, in addition to being able to consume resveratrol through food and alcohol, you can also ingest this substance through food supplements.

How much resveratrol can be consumed?

Resveratrol is better absorbed when consumed through red wine, due to the alcoholic environment. Therefore, food supplements are composed of trans-resveratrol, a variation that allows greater assimilation of the substance by the body.


The most recommended is to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Regarding the dosage, the most recommended is to consult a doctor or nutritionist to find the ideal amount, which varies according to the individual needs of each person.

Even so, in general, it can be said that the most used dose varies between 15 and 20 mg per day in capsule form or 250 ml of juice or red wine (2).

What are the contraindications and side effects of resveratrol?

Although no side effects have been found so far with regard to the consumption of inadequate doses of resveratrol, the same cannot be said of its excessive consumption.

The fact is that excessive consumption of resveratrol can, indeed, cause health problems. Among the main symptoms, we can mention gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

In addition, I also need to emphasize that resveratrol, especially if used by supplementation, should not be consumed without medical advice by pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of resveratrol?

Certainly, when it comes to a powerful antioxidant like resveratrol the advantages are far greater than the disadvantages.

After all, as a natural antioxidant, resveratrol helps to keep our bodies healthy and protected from disease.


Resveratrol is anti-inflammatory, prevents coronary heart disease, and lowers cholesterol.

In addition, resveratrol is anti-inflammatory, prevents coronary heart disease, and lowers cholesterol. Not to mention that it still acts against cancer.

And, of course, all of these benefits are possible either by eating natural products like grapes, berries, and peanuts or by using adequate doses of wine.

But, in addition, it is also possible to supplement resveratrol through capsules and still use the substance topically on the skin to prevent aging.


On the other hand, like all food supplements, resveratrol also has negative points.

After all, if consumed in excess it can cause intestinal disorders. In addition, it should not be used by anyone without medical advice.

For you to get a general idea about the main advantages and disadvantages of resveratrol, check out the table we have prepared for you.


  • Natural antioxidant
  • Works on cholesterol reduction, cancer prevention, and coronary heart disease
  • Good for the skin
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Can be consumed through food or supplements


  • It is harmful if consumed in excess
  • Not recommended for everyone

Where to buy resveratrol and how much does it cost?

If you want to have access to more brands and at more attractive prices, the ideal is to buy resveratrol in online stores like Amazon.

After all, the price of resveratrol can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer’s brand, composition, quantity on the packaging, and the store where it is sold. In general, you will find supplements that cost between R $ 40 and R $ 700.


Purchasing Criteria: How to analyze the best resveratrol

When choosing the best resveratrol supplement, many questions may arise. After all, each manufacturer uses specific compounds and variables that differentiate one product from another.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult a specialist before starting resveratrol supplementation. Next, we suggest that you evaluate some factors when choosing resveratrol. Are they:

  • Supplement or cream
  • Composition
  • Dose
  • Amount

Next, we’ll explain in detail how you can analyze each of these topics and then make sure you’re buying the ideal resveratrol

Supplement or cream

The first factor that you should consider before purchasing resveratrol is how you are going to use it.

This is because, as we have seen, you will be able to consume resveratrol both by means of a food supplement and in topical form, on the skin.

If you choose the food supplement, you will find resveratrol, in general, in the form of capsules. If you prefer resveratrol for cosmetic use, you can find it in cream and serum.


After choosing between food and cosmetic supplements, we suggest that you check the composition of resveratrol. In the supplement, you should check the nutritional table and in the cosmetic the ingredients that make up the product.

Most of the time, you will find this type of supplement made with grape seed extract, in addition to extracts of Polygonum Cuspidatum and red wine.


Polygonum Cuspidatum is a plant originally from Asia, generally known as Japanese knotweed or Mexican bamboo, and which is rich in resveratrol.

In addition, some resveratrol supplement compositions still add other nutrients, such as Vitamin C.


Another criterion that deserves your attention when choosing the best resveratrol is the dose of the substance contained in the supplement.

In general, each manufacturer establishes the dosage, which is the number of capsules to be taken per day. But the fact is that, depending on the brand, each capsule can contain different doses of resveratrol, which can vary between 10 mg and 300 mg.


Last but not least, check the quantity that comes in the package or bottle. This choice will depend on the duration of your treatment using resveratrol.

But in general, it will be possible to find resveratrol supplements that contain up to 180 capsules. In the case of resveratrol cosmetics, the bottles generally contain between 30 ml and 50 ml.



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