Top & Best L-Carnitine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best L-Carnitine: How to choose the best supplement in 2022?

we will talk all about l-carnitine, a supplement that has been conquering the fitness market, and we will help you choose the most suitable for your training and routine.

L-carnitine is a paradise for athletes. Natural organic compound of the human body, it provides energy, accelerates recovery and increases the amount of fat burned with each physical activity. A complete supplement.

In this guide, you will find a complete description of its benefits, its consumption indications, its variants and its best products available on the market. Come on, provision!

First, the most important

  • First of all, consult a doctor and a nutritionist. Each body has its specificities and correct doses of the compound, in addition to contraindications and individuals who cannot consume it.
  • Current studies show that the benefits of l-carnitine only appear when the supplement is combined with certain nutrients. So stay tuned to the labels, in addition, of course, to seek a balanced diet.
  • Prices vary widely, between R $ 30 and R $ 250, so further research on the models is super valid.

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Ranking: the 3 best L-carnitine supplements

Below, we list the best l-carnitine supplements on the market, taking into account price, formula and benefits. Read carefully and decide which one can help you stay in shape.


Buying Guide

Below, you will have all the information you need to choose the ideal L-carnitine supplement. Let’s talk about what the compound is, its benefits, contraindications, its chemical variants and of course, prices and where to buy.


What is L-carnitine and what are its advantages?

L-carnitine is one of the forms of carnitine, a vitamin that is the product of the metabolism of the cells of many animals, including humans.

This form – different from the other, D-carnitine – is synthesized in the livers and kidneys, and can be found in most tissues of the body, mainly in the muscles.

Among the foods that have the highest levels of this vitamin, red and white meat stand out, in addition to avocado and soy, these in smaller numbers, however.

Its basic function is to transport fatty acid – a lipid (fat), another by-product of cellular metabolism – to the mitochondria, the cellular organelle responsible for breaking down these acids, generating energy for the body. In other words:

L-carnitine facilitates the transformation of body fat into an energy source.

Its performance makes it a great component for vitamin supplements aimed at sports, because, at the same time, “burn” fats, provide energy for the exercises and accelerate the post-workout recovery. See more details in the explanation by nutritionist Giovani Guido:




With higher levels of l-carnitine, the body uses fat as a primary energy source for the functioning of the body, and, consequently, for physical activity. This has a number of benefits.

First, the greater release of energy in the breakdown of lipids, in relation to carbohydrates and proteins, the most common sources.

Second, this process saves glycogen stores, the muscle’s energy units, which can be used during exercise. In this way, muscle endurance and subsequent mass gain are increased.

In a chain reaction, less lactic acid is produced, and less pain after training. In addition, l-carnitine increases the production of NO2, a gas with a vasodilatory effect on the human body. Facilitated blood circulation, faster recovery.

But be smart! In practically all studies, the effects of l-carnitine are always linked to the concomitant consumption of specific nutrients, especially vitamin B5.


Are there any contraindications?

There are still no proven robust contraindications, and most cases are the result of the specificities of each body and the doses taken. Even so, it is worth mentioning them.

Most of them revolve around gastric and digestive problems, with reports of nausea and vomiting after training; others, effects contrary to the desired, whether muscle pain or even the transformation of lipids into triglycerides, the so-called “bad” cholesterol.

There are also studies that indicate the need for high levels of insulin in the body for the best functioning of l-carnitine. This makes diabetics, for example, a risk group. Therefore, before purchasing, and especially consuming the product, consult a doctor and even a nutritionist.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Check, in summary, the advantages and advantages of consuming a supplement and l-carnitine:



  • “Burns” more fat
  • Great source of energy
  • Less pain and faster recovery
  • More resistance and mass gain


  • Need for auxiliary nutrients
  • Need for high levels of insulin
  • Possibility of adverse effects
  • Need for prior medical consultation

L-carnitine LCT or ALC?

L-carnitine, the form of the vitamin that is synthesized in cells, has a variety in itself. Among the four recognized sub-categories, two are the most common: L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCT), present in the absolute majority of supplements on the market and Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC), rarer, at least in fitness products.

The main difference is its “specialty”. While LCT works best on tissues, especially skeletal muscles, ALC stands out in the metabolism of cells in the central nervous system.

The benefits, therefore, related to physical activity, go into the account at LCT. LAC, on the other hand, has more expressive results in the field of cognition. Still, it is a good choice in cardiovascular pre-training, as it does not require intake of auxiliary hydrates.


Performance Skeletal tissues and muscles Central nervous system and brain
Results Physical power Cognition and cardiovascular training

L-carnitine in capsules or liquid?

Apart from the composition of l-carnitine, there are differences between products based on it, that is, supplements. Capsules, fast absorption, concentration, there are several nuances, which are not always noticed, but change the user’s entire experience (and results).

The first of these nuances, and the most noticeable, is the state of the supplement, liquid or in capsules. The difference there is in the speed of absorption of the components, with the liquid mode being the fastest.

In contrast, capsule supplements usually add more vitamins and other auxiliary compounds. They are more suitable for more complete workouts, while the liquid for shorter shots and athletes with tighter schedules.



And the concentration of the supplement?

Finally, there are different concentrations of l-carnitine in supplements. The convention is that the amount should be between one and three grams per dose, depending on the time of use, type of training, apart from the specialized indication.

As a rule, the more experienced the exerciser and the more intense their efforts, the higher the dosage. In short: beginners should opt for lower concentrations (1g per dose), and experienced and professional athletes for concentrations of up to 3g per dose.

How much?

The manipulation of chemical compounds and the regulation of pharmaceutical products, together with their specificities, make the price of l-carnitine supplements vary widely, being found from R $ 30 and reaching R $ 250. Still, there are two aspects drive prices:

    • Concentration of l-carnitine . The more concentrated, the more expensive the product.
    • Technology . That is, the auxiliary vitamins, absorption speed, even the flavor and preservation of the product.


Where to buy?

É possível encontrar suplementos em diversos estabelecimentos especializados, como a Corpo Ideal e Doctor Shape, e até em farmácias de manipulação. Em ambos os casos, os funcionários são preparados para te indicar o melhor produto.

Se você busca preços mais em conta, mais opções importadas e, por que não, o conforto de sua casa, são diversas as lojas online, com uma infinidade de modelos, como a Madrugão Suplementos, Centauro, Netshoes, além da Amazon e do Mercado Livre.


Critérios de compra: Fatores para comparar os suplementos de l-carnitina

São muitas as marcas com suplementos de l-carnitina no mercado, muitas. Elas buscam atender um público diverso, já que são vastos os tipos de atividade física, assim como seus respectivos fins.

In this sea of ​​vitamins, nutrients and promises of results, ReviewBox Brasil helps to choose the ideal supplement for you, listing the aspects that must be seen before purchase:

  • Auxiliary vitamins
  • Concentration
  • Liquid or capsules
  • Professional recommendation

We will detail each of these aspects so that you can make the best choice when purchasing your l-carnitine supplement.

Auxiliary vitamins

The most recent studies are categorical as to the relationship between l-carnitine, auxiliary compounds and results. Therefore, in addition to physical activity and a balanced diet, its consumption needs to be combined with other vitamins in order to obtain results.

Among these compounds, vitamin B5 appears as essential, as it mainly facilitates the absorption of l-carnitine by the body. Therefore, a very important criterion is its presence in the supplement formula.

Many models go beyond B5, including other vitamins such as B1, B3 and B6, which bring their benefits to the practice of physical activity. In theory, this is an advantage, but it ends up depending on the body, the type of training and the end of it.

For high-performance athletes, for example, with total control of the dosage and which nutrients to be ingested, this “vitamin pump” can deregulate their dosages.

Practitioners of more general exercises, however, can only gain from this mixture, increasing their willingness and resistance in training and even their recovery.



Outro aspecto importantíssimo para se ficar atento aos rótulos e embalagens é a concentração de l-carnitina por dose do produto. Além da importante da questão de saúde e equilíbrio, já que há uma dosagem correta – entre 1g e 3g por dose – é a concentração que dará o tom dos resultados.

Os produtos costumam a medir a concentração em miligramas, então o mais comum é encontrar suplementos com indicação de 1000 mg, 2000 mg, 2300 mg, e por aí vai.

Quem vai ditar o seu consumo, a dose, o horário, os nutrientes auxiliares, são os profissionais especializados, que devem sempre ser procurados antes de tudo.

Mas, por uma questão de lógica, a concentração indicada aumenta na medida em que aumenta a experiência do praticante, assim como o seu esforço físico durante um exercício.

Líquido ou cápsulas

An issue that can raise doubts is the consumption methods presented, either liquid or in capsules. Don’t worry: there are no differences in your performance in the body.

The only significant change is the speed of absorption of the components, with the liquid form being the fastest. In this case, the criterion is mainly in the exercise practitioner’s routine, and in some cases, the type of training.

This is because it is only the speed of absorption that changes, not its quality. Thus, people with more agitated routines, who have to reconcile work, training, among others, tend to do better with liquid supplements.

Liquids tend to be a little more pleasant to drink, because they have artificial flavors and the possibility of mixing them with vitamins, for example.

But if you don’t mind swallowing capsules, you can take your time at the gym or even want to save a little, the solid form will be just as efficient.

Professional recommendation

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that your supplementation should be based on the advice of a professional. Only someone with the specific knowledge needed will be able to understand what types of supplements can help you achieve your goals in terms of health and fitness.

Therefore, if you are determined to start supplementation to complement your exercise and diet routine, the first step is to contact a professional in the field.





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