Top & Best Ginkgo Biloba Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ginkgo Biloba: What is the best supplement in 2021?

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most popular food supplements in the world. It is believed to improve the health of your body as a whole. But do you really know what ginkgo biloba is for, how and when to consume it and what precautions should you take?

Well, In today’s article we will explain everything about ginkgo biloba, a supplement extracted from the plant of the same name and known to have a high antioxidant power.

First, the most important

  • Ginkgo biloba is known to act on the health of the brain, heart, eyes and circulatory system.
  • The leaves of ginkgo biloba are processed so that they can be consumed in the form of capsules or teas.
  • But attention is needed to choose the best composition and the most appropriate dosage according to your objective.

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Ginkgo biloba is fattening?

This is another question that is very common among people who want to use ginkgo biloba as a food supplement.

This is because, in general, when ginkgo biloba supplementation begins, there is a consensus that users feel an improvement in their health condition. As a consequence, there may be an increase in appetite.

Hence probably the concern that ginkgo biloba will put on weight. But this is not true. The simple consumption of ginkgo biloba is not able to make anyone gain weight.



In fact, most people who consume ginkgo biloba do so in order to lose weight. But here it is also worth mentioning that there are still no conclusive studies that show the relationship between ginkgo and the weight loss process.

However, some experts believe that ginkgo biloba may be an aid in the weight loss process because of its antioxidant properties.

This may be possible, especially if the supplementation is combined with a physical exercise routine and a balanced diet.

How to take ginkgo biloba?

The way to consume ginkgo biloba can vary according to the goal you intend to achieve. But it can also depend on the brand and the laboratory that produced the supplement.

That’s because each manufacturer establishes a different dose and dosage. Thus, it is always best to analyze the recommendations of the brand and, preferably, have the monitoring of a doctor.



However, it is possible to say that the standard dosage of daily consumption of ginkgo biloba extract varies between 80 mg and 240 mg.

In addition, the most recommended is that ginkgo biloba supplements should be taken with a meal to facilitate absorption.

What are the side effects of ginkgo biloba?

It is not common for side effects to occur with the consumption of ginkgo biloba, especially when the supplement is used in the correct dose.

However, it is possible that some people may experience some uncomfortable reactions, such as headache, allergic skin reaction, feeling sick, palpitations, bleeding or lowering blood pressure.

If you experience any of these side effects, immediately stop consuming ginkgo and see a doctor.

Is there a contraindication to the use of ginkgo biloba?

Although it is a plant and, in general, its consumption is safe, experts recommend that the supplement of ginkgo biloba should not be consumed by children under 12, pregnant, lactating or by patients at risk of bleeding.

In addition, the supplement of ginkgo biloba is contraindicated for people with epilepsy and at risk of having seizures.

It is worth adding that there are also drug interactions that you need to be aware of.

Ginkgo biloba can interact with some medications which can increase the risk of bleeding, for example.

Therefore, you should not consume ginkgo biloba if you use the following medications:

    • Anticoagulants ;
    • Antiplatelet agents ;
    • Blood thinners (Warfarin and Aspirin);
    • SRS and IMAO antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft and Fluoxetine);
    • NSAIDs (Ibuprofen and Tylenol).


What are the advantages and disadvantages of ginkgo biloba?

As we’ve seen so far, ginkgo biloba promises numerous health benefits for the body.

But its great advantage is in fact its composition that provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, fundamental for health in general.

After all, antioxidants are known to help slow aging and prevent diseases like Parkison and Alzheimer’s.

In addition, as it also acts on the blood circulation, ginkgo biloba can improve concentration, eye health and heart health.



Another advantage is that there are still no serious side effects with regard to moderate consumption of ginkgo biloba.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the constant and indiscriminate use of this supplement. As we have seen, some serious reactions can occur with excessive consumption.

In addition, there are contraindications to the use of these substances and drug interactions that must be observed to avoid aggravating clinical conditions.


  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Good for concentration, depression and anxiety
  • Operates in the health of the brain, heart and eyes
  • Improves blood circulation


  • There is no evidence of its performance in memory
  • May have side effects
  • Has contraindications and drug interactions

What is the price of ginkgo biloba and where to buy it?

The price of the ginkgo biloba supplement will vary widely depending on the manufacturer brand, the formula, the quantity and the dosage.


In general, ginkgo biloba can cost between R $ 15 and R $ 400.

However, in general, ginkgo biloba can cost between R $ 15 and R $ 400.

In addition, this supplement can be found in pharmacies, health food stores and department stores and even in hypermarkets.

Our recommendation is that you buy ginkgo Biloba over the internet, in stores like Amazon. That way, you get the supplement without leaving home and can still guarantee great discounts.


Purchasing Criteria: How to choose the best biloba ginkgo

If you’ve made it this far, you already know the benefits of ginkgo biloba and the precautions you should take when taking this type of supplement.

But when choosing the best ginkgo biloba on the market, many doubts can arise. After all, there is a good variation in quality and price.

To help you with this step, we have listed below the most important criteria that differentiate one ginkgo biloba supplement from another. Are they:

  • Powder or capsule
  • Dosage
  • Formula
  • Quantity in bottle

From here, we will show you how these criteria can be taken into account when choosing the best ginkgo biloba for sale.

Powder or capsule

The first factor that you should take into consideration before purchasing ginkgo biloba is how you plan to consume the supplement.

Ginkgo biloba can be found, basically, in two ways: in powder or in capsules. Although rare, it is also possible that you find ginkgo biloba in its liquid form.

However, in fact, the supplement of ginkgo biloba in capsules is the easiest and most common to be found.


In tablet form, ginkgo biloba becomes easier to consume, since you can take it with you anywhere and just a glass of liquid is enough to ingest it.

On the other hand, some prefer to consume ginkgo biloba powder. In general, powdered ginkgo biloba is consumed as if it were tea.

This form of consumption is usually more syndicated for those who have swallowing problems with capsules. When in doubt, seek medical advice before starting consumption.


Another criterion that we recommend that you analyze when buying the best ginkgo biloba is the dosage of the supplement.

As we have seen, the dose of ginkgo biloba extract and the recommended dosage to be consumed per day, vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

But for you to get a general idea, check below the main dosages found in ginkgo biloba supplements and what is the recommendation for consumption.

  • For the 80 mg dosage: It is recommended to take one tablet, at most, between two to three times a day;
  • For 120 mg dosage: It is recommended to consume one capsule, at most, twice a day.


The supplement formula is also another point that deserves your attention when choosing the best ginkgo biloba.

This is because, not infrequently, you can, for example, find supplements whose formula is composed of ginkgo biloba in conjunction with another compound. One of the most common combinations is that of ginkgo supplement with ginseng.

As we have seen, ginkgo biloba improves blood circulation, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Ginseng is known for its stimulating and revitalizing action, and is widely used to reduce tiredness and stress. Hence the perfect combination of the two substances.


However, in addition to the combination of substances, it is also important to check the formula of ginkgo biloba itself.

This is because the supplement capsules must contain the standardized ginkgo biloba extract called “EGB761”, which has a minimum content of 24% of glycosylated bioflavonoids and 6% of terpenoids.

Quantity in bottle

Finally, be sure to take into account the amount of capsules or grams / pounds of ginkgo biloba.

This information is important because it will influence both the price of the supplement and the length of time you can consume.

In general, you will find the ginkgo biloba supplement containing between 60 and 250 capsules. In the case of powdered ginkgo biloba, you can choose packages that are between 200 mg and 5 kg.



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