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Top & Best Globo Terrestre Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Globo Terrestre: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today’s subject is the globe. Do you want to buy a decorative object for your home or professional environment that also has a high educational value? This can be an excellent choice.

A terrestrial globe can be quite beautiful and give an air that is both serious and uncluttered to the environment. Most importantly, it brings information when needed and can be excellent for children. Knowing our planet is very important!

But how to choose a quality terrestrial globe? What are the characteristics that these objects need to have in order to reach all their decoration and information value? We will now bring all the necessary information for you to make the best purchase possible!

First, the most important

  • A terrestrial globe can have decorative value, both for home and work, or educational. It is very beautiful and at the same time brings information and knowledge.
  • There are globes that are lit and can even be used as a lamp. These models are more expensive and need small lamps to achieve proper functioning.
  • Prices can vary from around R $ 10, for small models that can even be school supplies, up to R $ 450, for those with special designs and complex information.

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Ranking: The 5 best models of terrestrial globe

We selected five models of terrestrial globe with different characteristics. All of them are of high quality and have what is necessary to beautify the environment and inform when that is the intention. Below, we present each of these models with their most important details:

Buying Guide

Still don’t know how to choose your globe? So now we are going to explain what each model can bring different. This way, you can think about what is most important to you and make the best decision.

It’s time to really understand about these small objects that represent our round planet!

What is a terrestrial globe and what is it for?

A terrestrial globe is the spherical representation of the planet Earth that can be used as an object of decoration or study. It usually has a plastic base and is rotatable. Sometimes it has lamps so it can be lit.

In most globes, there is a complete division by countries, representation of the oceans and continents, among other information that vary from model to model.

But why have a terrestrial globe? For many people, it is a highly valuable decorative object. He demonstrates seriousness and thirst for knowledge for his work environment. Who doesn’t like to enter an establishment and see that science is respected there?

And for your home, it can also be useful as a source of information. If you are a curious person, who likes to be well informed about geography, being able to consult a quality globe constantly is excellent. In addition, it is very useful for children.

Nobody needs to use a terrestrial globe on a daily basis, but it is a beautiful, interesting and valuable object!



Did you know?

Much is said about the persecution of scientists who argued that the earth is spherical in the Middle Ages. However, this is a concept that has been around for a long time: some Greek philosophers already had this paradigm.

As much as most pre-Socratic philosophers defended the flat Earth, names like Pythagoras and Aristotle already accepted its sphericity. Around 330 BC, the knowledge that our planet is round was well accepted.

What types of maps are found on a terrestrial globe?

The most common is to find terrestrial globes with the political division of planet Earth. But there are also some that vary, bringing the main focus to the physical or historical division. See in the list below what each type of map represents:

    • Political Map . In this type, there is the representation of the borders of each country. The focus is on this political division, showing the name of each nation and their respective capitals. Normally, colors will follow this delimitation, preventing confusion between locations.
    • Physical Map . The idea here is to demonstrate the physical characteristics of the planet Earth. There are several subdivisions: climatic, geomorphological, hydrographic maps, among others. The colors highlight the different formations and do not care so much about countries.
    • Historical Map . Closer to the political map, however, instead of faithfully following border divisions, it is more important to report historical facts and their importance for each place. For example, you can cite the independence of each nation or tell an important fact about the locality.


There are some other types of existing maps, such as economic and demographic. However, it is very rare for a globe to focus on one of them. The most common type is political, followed by physical and historical.


John Henrik ClarkeAmerican historian

“History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to count their political and cultural days and times. It is a map of human geography. It tells people where they are, but more importantly, who they need to be. ”

Is it worth buying an illuminated globe?

Among the most common features of terrestrial globes is lighting. Having this feature makes the product a little more expensive, but it also has its advantages.

In addition to the beauty and grandeur of an illuminated terrestrial globe, it also becomes easier to see some details on the maps. There are models that even have different compositions when turned off or on.

Globes with lighting usually have their own lamps (can reach up to 30 W) that will eventually need to be replaced. They can even serve as a lamp. However, if you want to use it as a simpler decoration, it can become a headache.

See below the advantages and disadvantages of a globe with lighting:

How much?

The price of a globe varies according to some factors. In addition to the size, which can range from 5 cm in diameter to much larger numbers, the possibility of lighting and design are also fundamental for determining this value.

Small models with no extra features can be found for around R $ 10. The bigger and more full of different characteristics, the more the number will go up. In our search, we found globes that cost up to R $ 450.

Where to buy?

Small, simple Earth globes are easily found in any neighborhood stationery store. More complex models may ask you to go to larger stationery stores, large chain stores, or more sophisticated gift and miscellaneous stores.

If your intention is to buy over the Internet, our main recommendations are Amazon, These sites feature a great variety of templates. E-commerces from the main stationery chains in the country are also great requests.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare when choosing a globe

We have already talked about types of maps and the presence of lighting, now we go to minor details. There are some other things you should pay attention to before buying your globe. We list below:

  • Diameter
  • Material
  • Design
  • Extra items

We will explain in the following paragraphs the importance of each of them:


Do you want a small globe just to decorate a table or nightstand, or one that shows grandeur and impresses anyone who enters your home or office? Do you want it to be readable and rich in information?

The larger the diameter, the more possibilities a globe will bring. 5 cm models, for example, allow quick consultations and make a simple decoration. The 30 cm ones, much sold, already allow for a wealth of details and look great in certain places.


The material of a globe influences its resistance to falls and durability. Of course, you do not intend for yours to go to the ground in any model, but accidents do happen. Other types of collisions can also happen eventually.

Prefer terrestrial globes of more resistant materials, such as polystyrene plastic. This will prevent it from being damaged easily. Glass globes, for example, should be chosen only if they serve only as decoration and are in a very well protected place.


Some terrestrial globes can be very beautiful. Special designs make certain models extremely attractive and make them great objects of desire for fans of decoration, geography, history or just people of good taste.

The most important thing for having a good design is to work out the proportion between countries, the use of colors and fonts. Companies can also give globes special touches, such as older or retro looks.

If design is important to you, finding something to your liking that will leave you jaw-dropping will help a lot to acquire a globe!


John MuirScottish explorer and writer

“When we contemplate the terrestrial globe as a great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars, all singing and shining together, the universe becomes an infinite storm of beauty.”

Extra items

One of the most common items that accompany terrestrial globes is the paper world map. If your intention is not just decoration, but knowledge and study, this can be an excellent complement. Especially if the information is of a different type than that presented on the globe.

Other possible items include extra lamps for illuminated globes, informational material on history and geography or more complete sets of maps. You may not be interested in any of this, but you may be very happy with any of these side dishes!


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