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Top & Best foundation for mature skin Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best foundation for mature skin in 2022?

If you are over 40, and feel that your skin needs special care,In today’s article, you will discover how to choose the best foundation for mature skin.

With so many options and brands available on the market, it may not be a simple task to buy the ideal foundation for your skin. Therefore, we will show you what are the aspects that differentiate one from the other and which is, in fact, the best for you.

First, the most important

  • The function of the base in mature skins is to standardize, minimize signs of expression and restore natural vitality.
  • When choosing the best, compare the type of finish and the additional ingredients, which can help in the treatment of the skin.
  • Choosing a liquid and fluid foundation is a good start, as this texture marks less lines of expression.

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Buying Guide

The skin of older women has certain characteristics that call for special cosmetics. The same goes for foundation and other makeup products.

If you still have doubts on how to choose the best foundation for mature skin, continue with us in this Buying Guide. Next, we will answer all your questions about this product.


What defines a foundation for mature skin?

When you are over 40, the effects of time on the body and especially on the skin become more noticeable. The main signs of a mature skin are loss of elasticity and dryness, a result of decreased collagen, among other reasons.

In addition, the skin also becomes thinner and the signs of expression more evident. Therefore, attention is needed when choosing a base.

That’s because, the wrong foundation will end up emphasizing the marks and expression lines and worsening the dry aspect of the face. The result is heavy, artificial skin.



For this reason, the market has invested in specific cosmetics for this type of skin. The base for mature skin, in general, guarantees the same function as a common base.

But it goes further and restores the natural look of the skin, minimizes wrinkles and expression lines, in addition to standardizing the tone of the face and providing greater hydration.

This is possible due to a set of factors, among them the main ones are: Texture of the base and addition of nutrients that hydrate and act against aging.

Why is it important to choose the best foundation for mature skin?

The wrong foundation for your skin type can end up accentuating even more what you want to hide. In the case of mature skin, a very dense and high coverage foundation, for example, can highlight wrinkles and expression marks.

Many women end up making this mistake in order to disguise dark spots of melasma. However, even with a lighter base it is possible to use strategies to hide the blemishes, without highlighting the wrinkles, nor leaving the skin with a heavy and artificial aspect.



In addition to uniform skin tone and disguise blemishes in a natural way, the foundation for mature skin can also help in hydrating and fighting wrinkles, due to special additives present in its formula.

But, also for this reason, it is not a cheap cosmetic. Not to mention that it is not always easy to identify this type of base, since manufacturers do not specify its use for mature women.

Anyway, see the table below that shows the advantages and disadvantages of the base for mature women.


  • Returns shine and natural luster
  • Minimizes wrinkles and expression lines
  • Evens out the hue
  • You can have additives with extra benefits


  • The best are more expensive
  • It is not always easy to identify

Best foundation for mature skin: What texture and coverage should I choose?

You will find different textures and types of coverings. The creamy, dense and high coverage base, in addition to showing wrinkles and marks, can still leave the heavy aspect on the skin of the face.

Not to mention that this type of foundation can generate the cracked effect more easily on a mature skin. The powder base, on the other hand, leaves the skin with a dry appearance and can accumulate more easily in wrinkles and expression lines.



Thus, due to the characteristics of mature skin, the best foundation is, in fact, one that has a liquid and fluid texture, almost translucent, that does not mark the pores or lines and still guarantees a healthy glow.

To ensure a natural look, the best foundation for mature skin will also have a light or medium finish.

To illustrate the differences between the textures of the bases, check out the table we created for you:

How to apply the foundation on mature skin?

Even with the right mature skin foundation, care is needed when applying it. As the idea here is to leave the skin uniform, light, but without highlighting marks, spots and wrinkles, we recommend that you follow the step by step below:

    • Prepare : To avoid the crackle effect, which accentuates wrinkles and gives a tired appearance to the face, invest in a healthy diet and lots of hydration;
    • Clean and moisturize : Use a mild soap specific to your skin type and a suitable facial moisturizer;
    • Protect : Before applying the foundation, do not forget the facial sunscreen, preferably with SPF 30 or higher;
    • Apply the foundation : Bet on the rounded sponge in the shape of a drop to apply the foundation to the mature skin, this will make it easier to spread;
    • Finalize : The compact powder, if used in the right measure, can be a great resource to guarantee a velvety and uniform finish to the skin.


What is the best foundation for oily mature skin with melasma?

As we have seen, the big mistake of those who have spots on their skin is to buy a heavy foundation to cover well, which ends up accentuating other imperfections.

To disguise melasma without giving up a light finish foundation, experts recommend that you use a normal concealer before applying the foundation.

Also, invest in overlapping base layers to hide very dark spots.

Another alternative is to buy a base whose formula has substances that act on the spots, such as Glycosylated Vitamin C, which lightens the skin.



Do you know the function of hydration before applying foundation to mature skin?

With facial moisturizer, you prevent the foundation from getting that dry look throughout the day and keep makeup on for longer.

Another type of skin that deserves attention is oily. Often, oiliness increases with age. In this case it is necessary to have, in the same product, substances that guarantee lightness in the coverage and reduction of oiliness.

For this, the most recommended is to opt for a base for mature skin Oil free, which is oil-free and water-based.

How much does it cost and where to buy the best foundation for mature skin?

The foundation for mature skin will vary widely in price. The cost will depend on the brand, the formula and the size of the bottle. Thus, this type of cosmetic will cost between R $ 40 and R $ 600.

It is not difficult to find a specific base for mature women, whether in the pharmacy, supermarkets and department stores are good examples of places where this type of cosmetic is available.

But if you are looking for renowned brands and promotional prices, it is best to buy online. In stores like Amazon, the variety is great and you still buy from the comfort of home.


Purchase Criteria: How to analyze the best foundation for mature skin

Okay, if you have come this far you already know that the best foundation for mature women should be liquid, fluid and with a light finish.

But the fact is that there are other criteria that must be considered when comparing the various base options. We list the most important ones for you:

  • Luminous or matte
  • Additional ingredients
  • FPS
  • Amount

Below, you will find out how to analyze each of them in practice to ensure that you will buy the best base.

Luminous or matte

With the loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances, mature skin ends up becoming drier.

The ideal is to invest in bases with luminous finish.

Therefore, the ideal is to invest in bases with luminous finish. This type of foundation leaves the skin with a natural glow.

Still, it is also possible for mature women to look good with semi-matte or luminous matte finish bases.

But these two options are best for those with oily skin. Bases with a matte finish should be used with caution, as they show signs of dryness and fine lines.

Additional ingredients

As we have seen, it is essential that you invest in skin care before applying the foundation. To optimize this care, look for a foundation for mature skin that has additional ingredients in its formula.

Hyaluronic acid, for example, is a substance that serves to fill the spaces between cells and leave the skin hydrated and fresh.

Another interesting ingredient for those with more mature skin is vitamin C, which has a powerful antioxidant action, combats cell aging and stimulates the formation of collagen.

It is also possible to buy bases for mature skin with vitamin E in its composition. The function of this vitamin is to lubricate, moisturize and regenerate the skin.


Another important aspect when choosing the best foundation for mature skin is the sun protection factor. The good news is that, today, there are already many options that have SPF in their formula.

However, as the SPF present in most bases are considered low, it is necessary to be aware and not to discard the use of sunscreen separately.


Be sure to also check the amount of base that comes in the bottle. It is important to consider this aspect in conjunction with the price of the product and the time that you believe you will be able to use the base, without letting the expiration date pass.

In general, the bases usually have between 50 and 100 grams. But it is possible to find options that offer less quantity, which can be interesting to take on the stock exchange, for example.



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