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Top & Best Lip tint Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lip tint: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you love makeup, you have certainly heard of lip tint, a multipurpose product, which guarantees a natural and colored effect to the lips and cheekbones.

With the popularization of this type of makeup, the most famous brands of cosmetics already commercialize lip tint. But as each one offers different formats, textures and colors, we will show in this article how to invest your money in the best lip tint of all.

First, the most important

  • Lip tint is the new darling of beauty and can be used as lipstick, blush and even as eyeshadow.
  • But you need to know how to use lip tint, as the product dries quickly and has a very long-lasting hold.
  • When buying the best lip tint it is necessary to consider the formula of the product, in addition to the colors and the effect it provides, which can vary between glossy and matte.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to makeup, attention is needed when choosing the best product, both to ensure the desired effect and to combine and treat your skin. For that, it is necessary to understand how the cosmetic works and consider your personal taste as well.

To assist you in this process, we have created this Buying Guide. Next, you will find out how lip tint works, what is the correct way to apply it and the effects that this cosmetic guarantees, according to your objective.


What is lip tint and what is the difference for lipstick and gloss?

Lip tint is a cosmetic product that has fallen in love with women all over the world who love makeup. Lip tint works as a long-lasting dye, so it can be used on the lips, cheeks and even the eyelids.

With that in mind, you may be wondering: Is lip tint, then, a lipstick or a gloss? Do not.

Lip tint is not lipstick, lip gloss, or lip gloss. It is also not a blush or eyeshadow. But, in fact, it is multipurpose and works as if it were all these products together.

In practice, lip tint acts as a pigmentation, which provides a natural and healthy-looking shade to some parts of the face.



The main difference between lip tint and lipstick, for example, is its texture. Liquid or gel, the lip tint does not create a thick layer on the lips, as it does when you use a lipstick or gloss.

Still, it is possible to create a lipstick-like effect, depending on how you apply lip tint. But we’ll talk about that in more detail later in this article.

Another difference with lip tint is that it has high fixation on the skin and is long lasting. But the counterpoints between him and the other cosmetics go further.

For you to better understand the differences between lipstick, gloss and lip tint, we created a table with the main characteristics of each one. Look:


How did lip tint come about?

There are some versions to explain the origin of the lip tint. The most popular is that Benefit, a cosmetics brand in California, in the United States, created lip tint around the 1970s.

The creation would have occurred to meet the request of an exotic dancer to have a product that allowed to make nipples more pink. With that, Benefit created the first lip tint, a product made from rose petals.

Another version points out that lip tint was created in South Korea. But, although there is this controversy at the origin of lipt tint, in both cases, the product was developed with the same objective: to give a natural and pink air to the lips and still have the multifunction to be able to be used in other parts of the face.

How to use lip tint?

As we have seen, you can use lip tint as if it were lipstick, blush or eyeshadow. But you need to know how to apply the product to ensure the desired effect.

For example, one of the characteristics of lip tint is that it dries very quickly after being applied. So, the most efficient way to use lip tint is to apply a few drops to the skin and spread it quickly.

In addition, lip tint is also known to be highly pigmented. Therefore, experts indicate that you should not overdo the quantity of the product, otherwise it may create an opposite effect to that of naturalness.

But these are just a few tips on how to use lip tint. The following are other recommendations:

    • Lips : Apply the lip tint directly to the lips, spread it with your fingers and let it dry;
    • Cheeks and eyelids : Apply small dots of the product and spread with your fingers;
    • Quantity : Apply little product at a time. Add new layers if desired;
    • Care : Spread the lip tint quickly after applying it to the skin, so that the product does not dry out and become stained.


What effects can you create with lip tint?

You don’t have to be a makeup professional to create effects using lip tint. On the lips, for example, you can create a gradient effect in a simple way. To do so, simply apply the product with more intensity in the center, leaving the mouth contour smoother.

You can also use lip tint first and apply your lipstick on top of it. Over time the lipstick will come out, but your lips will remain flushed due to the pigmentation of the lip tint.

In addition, if you want to add a touch of shine to your lips, just apply the gloss on top of the lip tint. That is, the lip tint ends up serving as a base to apply other products on top.




Another effect that you can create with lip tint is that of larger lips, known as the plump gradient effect. To give the feeling of enlarging the lips, you can apply a little bit of lip tint on the edges of the lips and in the center.

The same goes for cheeks and eyelids. Try using lip tint before applying the rest of makeup and before blush and eyeshadow. As the day goes on, the makeup will come off naturally, but the lip tint will continue to appear.

When can I use lip tint?

Lip tint is more recommended for daily use, due to its natural and less heavy appearance than traditional makeup.


Lip tint can and should be used in any situation.

But also for this reason, lip tint can and should be used in any situation, be it day or night, in informal or formal events.

You can apply lip tint for work, parties and even physical exercises. Everything will depend on how you use the lip tint.

How to remove the lip tint from the skin?

To remove lip tint, either from the mouth, cheeks or eyelids, you must use a makeup remover.

After all, since lip tint is a product with high fixation on the skin, just water is not enough to remove it.



Did you know that lip tint can be used on all skin types?

But, as most end up having a drier finish, the product is even more suitable for those with more oily skin.

What are the pros and cons of lip tint?

If you have come this far you have already realized that lip tint has much more advantages than negative points.

Starting with the fact that it is a multipurpose product, serving to color the mouth, cheeks and eyelids. In addition, lip tint is a pigment that gives a natural and soft color, ideal for those who do not want heavy makeup.

Another positive point is that the lip tint is of high duration and fixation. That is, you don’t need to touch up your makeup throughout the day.



On the other hand, lip tint also has some negative aspects. Because it contains a high pigmentation, lip tint needs to be applied in small amounts, otherwise you will have an exaggerated effect.

Also, as the lip tint dries fast, if you don’t spread the product on time, you could end up staining your skin.

To summarize the advantages and disadvantages of lip tint, we created the table below:


  • Natural, pink and healthy-looking lips
  • Fits lipstick, blush & eyeshadow
  • It has high fixation and duration


  • Can stain
  • Dries fast

How much does lip tint cost and where to buy?

Depending on the brand, texture and quantity of the product in the bottle, the price of lip tint can vary widely. But, generally, you will find this product costing between R $ 15 and R $ 170.

The most expensive ones, in general, end up being kits with more than one unit. In addition, it is easy to find lip tint for sale, whether in pharmacies, cosmetics stores, department stores and even in some supermarkets.

But if you want to pay less and have more brand options to choose from, the best place to buy lip tint is at online stores like Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to choose lip tint

In addition to being guided by the price and the manufacturer brand, you need to take some criteria into consideration if you want to invest in the best lip tint.

To assist you in this step, we have put together the most important criteria to be analyzed below. Are they:

  • Texture and shape
  • Formula
  • Colors
  • Gloss or matte
  • Amount

Below we will show you how to consider these topics.

Texture and shape

The first factor that you should take into account when buying a lip tint is the texture. To choose the ideal texture, take into account the form of application.

You will find options of lip tint with liquid texture, gel and cream. Although the latter option, in cream, is more rare. The most popular liquid lip tint works like a liquid lipstick.


The liquid lip tint is applied using a brush. So much so that the bottle of this type of lip tint resembles that of an enamel.

The lip tint in gel is usually more practical, since it does not run the risk of dripping. In this case, the most common application format is in the form of a stick, as if it were a traditional lipstick.


Be sure to also check the list of lip tint ingredients, which can vary a lot, especially depending on the manufacturer brand.

Evaluating the composition of cosmetic products ends up being a more usual practice for those who are vegan. And in that case, the good news is that there are vegan lip tint options as well.


But even if you’re not a vegan, it’s worth checking the list of substances that make up lip tint. This is because, not infrequently, some brands include moisturizing components in their formula, which can be functional for those who usually have more dry lips.

To give you an idea, the most popular components found in lip tint formulas are panthenol and hyaluronic acid, which act as powerful moisturizers, leaving the skin firm and smooth.


Of course, before buying a lip tint, it is essential that you choose the colors well. In the case of lip tint, the most common is to find colors like orange, cherry, wine and red.

It is worth mentioning that some manufacturers offer the sale of lip tint in kits. It can be an advantage if you wanted to have different colors.

Gloss or matte

Be sure to also evaluate what effect you want the lip tint to create on your skin. That’s because there are options for matte or gloss lip tint.

The lip tint matte is ideal for those who like a lighter and more natural effect, with a velvety finish. Because it gives a dry appearance, this type of lip tint is more recommended for everyday use.

But if the idea is to give a touch of shine to the lips, it is possible to find the glossy lip tint. This type of lip tint is ideal to be used in parties, events and more refined situations. Note that some versions also come with a gloss, just to increase the glossy effect.


Another important factor that you should note before choosing the best lip tint is the amount that comes in the package.

Of course, if you use lip tint very often, the cost-benefit is greater if you buy a product that pays more. In this regard, you can choose lip tints whose bottle contains between 4 ml and 10 ml.


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