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Top & Best Base Vult Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide




Base Vult: Find the best in 2022

A well-made makeup enhances natural beauty and ensures a healthy appearance. To achieve a radiant look, it is necessary to invest in skin preparation and use a Vult foundation with the correct texture and tone.

You find five basic options from Vult. These cosmetics are made with quality ingredients, are not tested on animals and have very affordable prices. Stay with us and find out which Vult foundation is perfect for your skin.

First, the most important

  • One of the differentials of the Vult base is the composition of the cosmetic, enriched with natural actives and vitamins, which treat and beautify the skin.
  • All Vult cosmetics are cruelty-free , that is, not tested on animals. Some products are also vegan, that is, they do not have animal ingredients in their composition.
  • To make the price cheaper, the Vult base is sold in plastic packaging, in the shape of a tube and with a dosing tip that avoids waste.

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Buying Guide

Of national origin, Vult Cosméticos is one of the most respected manufacturers in the beauty segment and has more than 500 products developed under the strictest quality and technology standards.

Respect for the diversity of Brazilian beauty is at the heart of Vult, so you can find cosmetics in different textures and shades. Discover the perfect Vult foundation for your skin in this Buying Guide.



What are the differentials of the Vult base?

The Vult foundation is ideal for those who want to buy a quality cosmetic that can be used to create different styles of makeup in everyday life and at special moments. Know the product differentials below:

    • Coverage When you want lighter coverage for everyday use, just apply a light layer of Vult base. By adding two or three layers, you get medium or high coverage.
    • Makeup durability varies from four to six hours, even on the hottest or most humid days.
    • Packaging Almost all Vult bases have plastic packaging in the shape of a tube with a dosing nozzle, which avoids wasting the product. The compact size allows you to carry the product in the bag.
    • Cost-effectiveness of the Vult base is one of the product’s greatest strengths. You can find basic options for prices ranging from R $ 10 to R $ 40.


Find out more advantages – and some disadvantages – of buying a Vult base in the table below:


  • Five basic options to choose from
  • Adaptive coverage level
  • The multi-benefit base offers 10 benefits in one product
  • Options for all skin types and tones
  • High yield
  • Very affordable prices


  • Simple packaging
  • No mousse, powder or stick texture base option

What is the best Vult basis for everyday life?

The liquid foundation with natural effect from Vult is perfect for those who want to be makeup but do not look makeup. The product has a smooth texture, uniform finish, quick drying and light coverage.

The moisturizing formula does not weigh on the skin, so it provides a uniform appearance and a soft touch. Rich in vitamin E, this base has antioxidant function. It is suitable for all skin types and is available in eight shades.



Another option is Vult’s fluid base . The product has an ultra-fluid texture that in contact with the skin offers a natural finish, soft coverage, velvety touch and dry effect.

The product contains microspheres that provide optical disguise for fine lines. In addition, the formula is enriched with a complex of natural extracts that helps in hydration and prevention of aging.

The fluid foundation is suitable for all skin types and is available in eight shades. The dropper applicator packaging offers practicality and prevents waste – remember to shake before using.

What is the best Vult foundation for those with mixed or oily skin?

The liquid based Matte Vult effect is perfect for those who have skin mixed or oily, because the unique formula provides dry finish and touch, without leaving the skin dry.

The product is available in four color options, with very light and clear tones, only. The product has a creamy texture, which facilitates application and provides an excellent finish.

What better Vult foundation for professional makeup?

For professional makeup, we recommend the use of Vult HD liquid foundation , as the product has high coverage and high definition effect – it unifies the skin, disguises open pores, expression lines and wrinkles, making it perfect.

The product can be used on all skin types, especially on mixed or oily skin – the cosmetic has a non-comedogenic formula. Another benefit of the HD liquid base is that the product is waterproof.

You find ten shades. To find out which shade is right for your skin, look at the background tone of the makeup. The letter B indicates beige or yellowish undertone, M indicates skin with orange undertone and R indicates skin with a pink background.



What is the most technological Vult base?

Vult’s CC Cream Anti-Pollution 10 in 1 multi-benefit base has a formula rich in natural actives that help keep the skin protected from external aggressions. The cosmetic has the following benefits:

    • Protection against UVA and UVB rays – SPF 30.
    • Deep hydration for healthy and radiant skin.
    • Creamy , light texture , easy to apply and spread and quick to absorb.
    • Control of the natural oiliness of the skin.
    • Mattifying effect with soft, dry touch.
    • Natural coverage that provides soft and radiant skin.
    • Antioxidant action .
    • Builds layers for different coverings.


This foundation is compatible with all skin types and is available in six shades, between light, medium and dark shades, you can mix them to find the exact shade of your skin.

How to apply the Vult foundation?

Before applying the Vult foundation, it is necessary to clean the skin with a facial soap, apply the tonic and apply a thin layer of hydrant. Then, you must apply a primer to prepare the skin and prolong the fixation of the product.

Apply the Vult foundation with the help of a foundation brush or sponge all over the face, with upward movements – from bottom to top – and from the inside out, until you get the desired effect, being able to build layers.



Tip: To correct specific imperfections, use the Vult facial concealer before or after the foundation. Finish with compact powder to keep the base in place for longer.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different types of Vult base

We know that for a well-made makeup, it is essential to prepare the skin with a base with texture and tone compatible with your skin type. To help you choose the Vult Ideal base, we have selected the main purchase criteria below:

  • Roof
  • Hue
  • Texture
  • It is made

We detail each of the criteria throughout this section. Be sure to share this content with your friends.


You will find options of Vult base with soft coverage (liquid base with natural effect and fluid base), medium (liquid base with matte effect), high coverage (liquid base HD) and adaptable coverage (multi-benefit base).

In addition to observing the level of coverage, assess whether the Vult base you intend to buy enables the construction of layers, in this case, the more layers, the greater the coverage.




At the time of purchase, test the Vult foundation directly on the skin or look for switches with the shades of the cosmetic and choose a product with a tone closer to that of your skin. Also note the background tone of the base:

  • Pinkish background is ideal for those with cold skin, with blue or purple veins.
  • Yellowish bottom is ideal for those with warm skin, with greenish veins.
  • Beige background is ideal for those with slightly yellow or pink skin, and veins in different shades.



You find Vult base options with fluid, liquid or creamy texture. The fluid foundation has a liquid and light texture, so you should apply it with a makeup sponge or duo-fiber brush in agile movements so as not to run.

The liquid foundation has a slightly thick texture, so it is easy to apply and spread. This type of foundation is indicated for normal or dry skin and for those who want a light coverage.

The creamy base is a little thicker, so it has greater coverage, perfect for normal or dry skin. If your skin is more oily, be careful, as the creamy base can make it even brighter.


It is made

The moisturizing base is formulated with moisturizing and nourishing actives that penetrate the surface layer of the skin, binding to water molecules, preventing the loss of moisture and skin hydration.

The gloss control base helps to regulate and balance oil production. Generally, it has a mattifying effect, that is, it leaves the skin with a more dry and opaque texture.

The base with HD effect leaves the skin perfect, free from imperfections, with uniform texture and tone and enhances every detail of the woman’s face, perfect for capturing images or videos.

Know the particularities of all Vult bases in the comparative table below:


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