Top & Best ointment for male hair Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best ointment for male hair in 2022?

Today’s article is aimed at men who want to create a unique style by styling their locks. We will show below how to choose the best ointment for male hair.

Ideal for controlling hair, the ointment is a versatile product. As there are several types, you need to consider some aspects before buying the right one for you.

First, the most important

  • The ointment helps to shape hair and create varied styles, from the most stripped to the most formal.
  • To choose the best ointment it is essential to understand your hair type.
  • There are ointments for curly, straight male hair, with wet or dry effect and even with UV protection.

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Best Ointments for Male Hair: Our Recommendations

  • The best ointment for male hair dry effect
  • The best ointment for male hair with UV protection
  • The best male ointment with wet effect


Buying Guide

Buying a hair dye product requires some care. After all, you don’t want to create an effect contrary to what you want, right?

Therefore, before choosing the best ointment for male hair, we invite you to continue with us in this Buying Guide. Next, we’ll explain everything about this cosmetic.

What is ointment for male hair?

Hair ointment is a cosmetic created to style the hairstyle in a practical way. It shapes and highlights the cut, in addition to ensuring a more natural look, maintaining the movements of the threads.

That is, at the same time that the ointment manages to leave the strands in place, it does not leave the hair stiff as it occurs with other products.


In addition, if you have a big beard, it is also possible to use the hair ointment in order to align the strands.

But the main advantage of the ointment is the fact that it is versatile: Depending on the type of ointment, it can give a dry or wet effect, with light, medium or high fixation.

What is the difference between gel, wax and ointment for male hair?

Gel and wax are cosmetics that perform the same function as ointment: They stylize hair strands. But there are differences between these three products.

The gel is the most basic of all. It creates a wet and, in general, quite hard effect. With that, the hair ends up looking artificial and without movement. The wax has a more consistent texture with little shine.

The ointment, on the other hand, acts as an intermediary between these two options. If you use a larger amount of ointment, or the wet version, the look may be harder, just like gel.

If you use a small amount of ointment, it will work like wax. And as it can have a matte effect, it still creates a more natural and sober style.


Unlike wax and gel, with the ointment you will be able to run your fingers through the strands and even change your hairstyle throughout the day.

In addition, the ointments are usually more moisturizing than the gel, that is, they damage the hair less.

To summarize, and guarantee you an overview of the differences between gel, wax and ointment for male hair, we have created the table below. Look:

Best ointment for male hair: Water-based or oil-based?

There are basically two types of ointments for male hair. They differ by their composition.

On the one hand, we have the water-based ointment; on the other, the oil-based ointment. In addition to these two, which are the most popular, there is also the powder version.

The water-based hair ointment has a drier texture, as it has no oil in its formula.

Therefore, this type of hair styler is indicated for those who have fine and / or oily hair. In addition to not contributing to the increase of oil in the hair and scalp, the water-based ointment still gives volume to the fine locks.



Oil-based hair ointments, on the other hand, are more fluid and, therefore, make them ideal for curly and / or thick strands. After all, the oil in the formula helps to tame the most rebellious strands.

On the other hand, the ointment for male hair powder has greater fixing power, which makes it look like the gel, since it leaves the hair harder and the strands intact.

Here are the characteristics of the two most popular types of hair ointment:

Ointment for male hair: How to use?

The first step to properly apply the ointment to the hair is to dry or remove moisture from the hair.

Note that if your hair is straight, it is best to apply the ointment on the damp strands. But, if you have curly or curly locks, the ideal is to apply the ointment on dry hair.

Then, put a small amount of ointment on your hands and use your fingertips to rub and melt the product. Spread it through your hair, styling the strands and creating the hairstyle you want.



See the main mistakes when applying the ointment on the hair:

  • Apply the ointment to the root or scalp : This increases oiliness and can cause hair loss;
  • Use a dryer after applying the ointment : The heat tends to melt the product, which reduces the fixation;
  • Sleeping without washing your hair : It is important to remove the ointment before going to sleep to avoid waking up with dirty looking hair .

How much does it cost and where to buy the best ointment for male hair?

The ointment for male hair will cost between R $ 15 and R $ 100. This variation is due to differences in formula, quantity of product in the packaging and the brand.

And even though the largest variety of ointments you will find online, in stores like Amazon, you can buy the product in pharmacies, department stores and supermarket. Some examples are and Extra.

But buying online has the great advantage of purchasing your product from the comfort of home.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare the Best Ointment for Male Hair

After choosing between water-based or oil-based ointment, you need to consider other points that will make a difference in the final result. We list the main ones:

  • Dry or wet effect
  • Degree of fixation
  • Ingredients
  • UV protection
  • Format

From here, you find out how to check these criteria in practice.

Dry or wet effect

As we have seen, one of the advantages of ointment for male hair is that it is versatile and can have a dry or wet effect.

For those who want a more natural and dull hairstyle, it is recommended to look for a product that has a matte or dry effect. Ointments with a wet effect ensure shiny and firmer threads.

The question here is one of style. But in general, ointments with a wet effect tend to stick more.

Degree of fixation

The male hair ointment also varies in terms of fixation, which may be light, medium or high.

Light-weight ointments allow you to style your hairstyle without making your hair stiff or heavy. They give a more natural look, leaving the hair more pliable and stripped.

The medium fixation ointments allow you to do more types of hairstyles, since they leave the strands smoothly structured, but without the hair becoming heavy and hard.

And, finally, you can choose the high-fixation ointment, which is indicated for those looking for a more structured hair with well-controlled threads.


When choosing the best ointment for male hair also check the list of ingredients.

Avoid products with alcohol in their composition, as they dry the hair.

Preferably, avoid products with alcohol in their composition, as they dry the hair.

In addition, whenever possible, opt for hair ointments that are enriched with moisturizers, vitamins or amino acids.

These nutrients help to hydrate and nourish the hair, in addition to strengthening the strands and preventing hair loss.

UV protection

Like the skin, hair also needs to be protected from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Excessive exposure to UV rays can dehydrate the hair, leaving it porous and opaque.

Therefore, the best ointments for male hair have UV protection in its formula, which ends up creating a protective film on the threads.


Also take into account that, in general, you will come across two types of ointments for male hair, with regard to the format and method of application:

  • Ointment in paste , which comes in a small pot;
  • Polishing stick or tube.

Hair ointment in sticks or tubes is usually more fluid and easier to apply on the strands. However, although this is not a rule, in general, this option tends to have less fixation.


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