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Top & Best Ruby Rose Makeup Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ruby Rose Makeup: The Best Products of 2022

Today, we will look at Ruby Rose makeup products, which have become a real fever among those looking for cost-effective options for their productions – be they personal or professional.

In the next lines, you will get to know the renowned products of Ruby Rose, stay on top of the characteristics of the brand and, finally, know the main criteria for buying the makeup that it produces. Just continue with us here!

First, the most important

  • Ruby Rose is a brand born in the former Soviet Union that produces most of its products in China and has as its largest consumer market.
  • Currently, the company manufactures more than 500 types of products, which are divided into three main groups: makeup, accessories and skin care.
  • In general, Ruby Rose offers good and cheap options. For this reason, it is very successful among digital influencers and make-up shoppers in city centers.


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The Best Ruby Rose Makeup Products: Internet Favorites

To start, get to know the Ruby Rose makeup products that are true champions of preference, according to the reviews we found on the internet.

  • To return the face shadows
  • To make your lips even more beautiful
  • To highlight the eyebrows
  • To correct minor imperfections

To return the face shadows


Eyeshadow Kit 18 Colors


Blush Angel Spark Pocket Kit


Other Best Brands-

Best Eyeshadow



To make your lips even more beautiful







Buying Guide

Now that you know the best Ruby Rose makeup products, stay on top of some important information about the brand before you go shopping.

What’s the story of Ruby Rose?

Ruby Rose is a family business that was born in the Soviet Union 40 years ago and arrived in 12 years ago. In 2012, she started selling her products in the makeup stores on the famous Rua 25 de Março, in São Paulo.


The fame of the cost-effective brand emerged in 2016.

The fame of a cost-effective brand emerged in 2016, when bloggers and beauty tubers discovered its foundation, which promised to cover all skin imperfections. At the time, it cost about R $ 6.

Since then, Ruby Rose occupies a prominent position among the cheap makeup brands, since it has a wide range of products that offer good results.





Where are Ruby Rose makeup products manufactured?

Most Ruby Rose makeup products are produced in China. Currently, the number of units imported from there exceeds 3 million and is distributed in points throughout.

However, the brand also produces some products around here, such as its skin care line.  is Ruby Rose’s main market and, therefore, it seeks to streamline logistics on national soil.

Ruby Rose recently launched a line of fabric facial masks that are produced in South Korea, a country that is considered a reference in the skin care segment.


What products does Ruby Rose produce?

Ruby Rose currently has over 500 products in its catalog. They can be divided into three major groups: makeup, accessories and skin care. Here, we will focus on the first two.

The main products are makeup primers, bases, corrective, post contours, bronzers, blushes , illuminators, shadows, eyeliners, mascaras , lipsticks, glosses , lip tints, fasteners and Cosmetic Removers.

The main accessories are brushes. Together, Ruby Rose makeup products cover all stages of makeup, from preparation to removal.


[su_pullquote]Did you know that preparation and removal are fundamental makeup steps? The former makes the production more beautiful and the latter maintains the health of the skin.[/su_pullquote]


Are Ruby Rose makeup products good?

If we consider diversity – both products and people! -, it is a little difficult to state categorically that Ruby Rose makeup is good or bad.

What we can say is that the brand’s products, in general, are very cost-effective. It is possible to purchase legal makeup for low prices. And, if you don’t like what you buy, at least you won’t have wasted so much money.

It has become so popular because many bloggers recommend the brand’s makeup.

An important aspect is that many people report having skin problems after using Ruby Rose’s face products (primers, bases, concealers, powders etc.). So, if you have any kind of sensitivity, it is best to avoid them.



  • Offers wide variety of products
  • Democratizes trends
  • Good value for money
  • It’s easy to find


  • It’s not very innovative
  • Has fragile packaging
  • It takes time to replenish stocks
  • There are reports of allergic cases

Are Ruby Rose makeup products vegan?

Ruby Rose is recognized by the American non-governmental organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a company that does not test on animals.

However, some brand products have animal ingredients in their formulas. An example of this is the concealer , which contains beeswax in the composition.

So while Ruby Rose may be considered a cruelty free brand, it is not vegan. So, if this is an important issue for you, consult the composition of the product you are considering buying.



How much does it cost and where to buy Ruby Rose makeup products?

A quick survey shows us that Ruby Rose makeup products tend to cost between R $ 6 (a palette of concealers) and R $ 600 (a complete kit).

It is easy to find the make-up of the brand in those stores of health, hygiene and beauty products that are typical of the central regions of the main cities.


On the internet, you can buy Ruby Rose products in stores like Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Ruby Rose makeup items


Finally, we will present some criteria that you need to carefully analyze to find out which Ruby Rose makeup products are worth the investment, such as:

  • product type
  • objective
  • Product attributes
  • Price

Check in detail each topic mentioned!

Product type

As we have already seen, the Ruby Rose product line covers all the steps of the real process of making a makeup. So, keep in mind what you really need before you go shopping.

Carefully analyze your dressing table and makeup bag to identify which products appear to be missing or need to be updated to get you to the desired production.

Avoid having several versions of the same type of product, as this takes up a lot of space at home, facilitates the expiration date and, mainly, is harmful to the environment.


If you visit a makeup store or access the brand’s website, you will notice that Ruby Rose goes through all the stages of make up and, more than that, offers many options for each one of them!

One way to not get lost amid such variety is to set goals that help to filter products. Do you want to have a matte or luminous skin? Neutral or colored eyes? Discreet or flashy mouth?

Having clear goals when buying Ruby Rose makeup is essential when asking for help from a salesperson in a store or evaluating the descriptions available on the website.


Product attributes

In a way, this criterion can be considered a continuation of the previous one. Avoid making your purchase in a hurry, as this can encourage you to stop looking for information and, consequently, make mistakes when choosing the product.

If possible, carefully read the label data, the full description on the website and the reviews that other consumers have left on the internet. Only then will you know if the product’s attributes are in accordance with your objectives.

People with sensitive skin should go further, asking for the support of a dermatologist, learning to interpret the compositions of the products and seeking reviews from people with similar conditions.


Low prices are among the main attractions of Ruby Rose makeup products. Thanks to the brand, it is possible to align with the latest trends in the beauty market without having to spend a lot.

However, it is necessary to control consumer impulses, because the exaggeration in the quantity of products and the lack of useful information can end up making the cheap to be expensive.

Attention! Some physical stores – especially in small towns – charge a lot for Ruby Rose makeup products. So, always make sure that it is no longer in order to order them over the internet, even with shipping.




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