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Top & Best Dressing table Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dressing table: All about the best 2022 models

Your presence here is always good news. Today we are going to talk about one of the most beloved articles in the female universe: the dressing table!

A beautiful dressing table is not always a priority in our homes, but it is certainly a very welcome extra. In addition to being a great ally when organizing our accessories and beauty products, it is a very beautiful element that adds a touch of sophistication.

In the following guide, we will give you all the tips on models, advantages and features to help you choose the dream dressing table. Follow us and stay on top of everything!

First, the most important

  • Dressers are furniture designed mainly for the female audience. They have drawers and other spaces for storing cosmetics, as well as a mirror where the person can get dressed.
  • Before buying a dressing table, it is important to remember that it takes up a lot of space, so make sure you have the ideal place to allocate it.
  • The price of the dressing tables varies a lot, and we will hardly be able to make an average. You can find options for R $ 300 or R $ 1,500.

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Ranking: The 6 best dressing tables

Currently, there are several types of dressing tables. Styles range from the most modern to those with a vintage touch. Below, we have listed the best ones so that you have excellent options to choose from.

Buying Guide

The dressing table is useful not only to store women’s accessories and cosmetics, but also to make the room even more elegant. Not to mention that it is in it that the woman can put on makeup and have all the items she needs in hand.

Are you looking for a dressing table for you? Then you got to the right place. We have a complete Guide to help you make that choice.

What is a dressing table and what are its main advantages?

We women don’t always have enough space at home to allocate a room just for ourselves, right? Well, the solution to this problem is in the dressing tables. They come together in a single piece of furniture, a very personal corner.

This article combines practicality with sophistication, and can be allocated both in the bedroom, in the bathroom or even in the closet, if you have one. It was made for women who like to have a place to store and store their own beauty products in an organized way.

In a modern world, where women are super independent and are divided among thousands of daily functions, the dressing table is a piece of furniture that makes everyday life much easier.

It gives you the possibility to have your own organization scheme for your accessories and beauty products, so you don’t waste a lot of time looking for what you need.

In addition, a beautiful dressing table contributes a lot to the decoration of the environment, and can be more classic, more modern or even colorful.

This is a type of article that you will find great options for sale on the market, but if you are a little more demanding and prefer to customize it your way, there is also the possibility to order and have it tailored to your taste.

Having such an item at home is a great idea, but we should also not forget that it requires space, and preferably, it should be in harmony with other furniture.

What are the different dressing table styles?

All types of dressing table have the same function: organize cosmetics and beauty products, and facilitate the time of storage. However, none of them are the same.

Each has its own design, and most follow a style line. Here, we will explain a little more about the different styles you should find for purchase, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Dressing Table Dressing Room

The dressing room dressing table is one of the most beloved among women, because, in addition to being beautiful, it has excellent lighting.

Just like a dressing room mirror, the mirror on this dressing table comes with several LED lamps around it, which is super advantageous, especially for makeup lovers.

If you are looking for a very wide mirror, you will surely fall in love with the dressers of this model, as they are usually the ones with the biggest mirrors.

Vintage dressing table (or princess)

This type of dressing table has a more romantic and Provencal design. Inspired by the first manufactured dressing tables used by European princesses, it is perfect if you are looking for a feminine, chic and practical piece of furniture.

You should also find the retro dressing table in shades other than white, such as turquoise blue and rosé, which can be a good idea if you want to add some color to the environment.

Modern Dressing Table

The modern dressing table is the most basic favorite. She is chic, elegant and does her job well.

Typically, these dressing tables are white and follow a more square pattern. They are very clean, and usually come with parts with glass and other materials that do not clash in any environment.

How much?

Now that we’ve talked about all the advantages of a dressing table, let’s get down to spending. Like any piece of furniture, the price of such an item varies widely.

Everything will depend on the size and material chosen by you, and soon we will explain to you that these two factors have enormous importance. Well, if you choose the simplest method, which is to buy your ready-made dressing table, you will notice that prices usually vary between R $ 250 and R $ 1,500.

The advantage of buying direct from a store is that, in addition to being cheaper, you don’t have to wait long before receiving your product at home.

But if you prefer to order your own dressing table with a cabinetmaker, the value can exceed R $ 3,000, depending on the material and the style you choose.

Where to buy?

Dressers are not among the essential pieces of furniture in a home, so you will realize that not every store offers this item for sale.

However, some decoration stores.

Some department stores like Walmart and Lojas Americanas also sell the product, but usually in more simplified versions.

Finally, if you prefer the comfort of buying and receiving your dressing table at home, we can refer you to the online version of the stores already mentioned, in addition to Amazon, which also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to dressing.



Did you know that the first dressing tables were manufactured in the 15th century? Despite this, they became popular among European high society only in the 17th century, when concern about appearance began to grow.

The dressing tables were made by great and renowned craftsmen, and became indispensable items among the bourgeois, who spent hours and hours getting ready in front of their mirror. This piece of furniture was inspired by the shaving table, which was already quite common at the time.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different dressing table models

Buying a dressing table, above all, has a lot to do with taste, but there are some elements that you should take into account when buying:

  • Size
  • Number of drawers
  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Material
  • Seat
  • Functionality

Now that we have pointed out what are the characteristics that you should observe on a dressing table, we will explain you better about each one of them, so that you have no problem when choosing your own.


The dressing table is a very beautiful piece of furniture, but it also takes up a lot of space. It is important that, before buying yours, you know exactly where it will be, so as not to risk leaving your home out of order.

If you need a dressing table a little more compact, a model with about 80 cm should be enough for you to organize your beauty products without taking up much space.

But if you are looking for a little more comfortable and spacious furniture, there are good options of approximately 1.20 cm, which should meet your needs.

Number of drawers

Drawers are the main part of a good dressing table, after all they are the ones that help you most when organizing, right?

Therefore, we must remember that the number of drawers is super linked to the size of your furniture, and the bigger it is, the more drawer you will have.

In the market you should find options for dressing tables with different possibilities of drawers. Most of them have between 3 and 5, but this number can reach up to 10.

This is an issue that depends a lot on your personal need and the amount of cosmetics and beauty products you need to store.


If you love makeup, you know that good lighting makes all the difference, and the good news is that many dressers already have their own lighting scheme.

Dressing room dressers, for example, are perfect if you want a corner with good light to make yourself beautiful. They already accompany LED lamps around the mirror, and this makes it a lot easier for those who have this as a priority.

Some modern style dressing tables also have lighting included, which is also a great help!

However, if you love the vintage style, we must inform you that these models do not accompany lighting. But you can set up your own layout with the help of a lamp or even very strong lamps in the room.


As we have already talked about here, most questions regarding dressing tables are very personal, and color is certainly one of them.

Most of these furniture are sold in white, however, you will find some colorful models too! Turquoise blue, rosé, pink rose and yellow are some options available in the market.

If you like it, you should also find it in shades of brown, which may be better suited to the furniture in your home.


The material that a dressing table is manufactured is one of the main factors to be taken into account, as not all are made of durable materials.

The most common is that you find dressing tables to sell in MDF, which is a cheaper version of wood. It is a good option, and has the advantage that you can choose between different colors.

Wood has undeniable durability and is certainly the safest option. However, you will hardly find ready-made dressing tables made of wood, and you will have to have them made. The cost of a wooden dressing table is also much more expensive compared to other materials.

Finally, there are some iron dressing tables, but these are a little difficult to find and are usually quite basic. If this is your option, make sure that the environment is in complete harmony with the more rustic style.


It is very important that you are comfortable when you get ready, right? So it is nice that you give priority to the dressing tables that come with a chair or a bench.

Not all of them have this advantage, but it is important to note this before choosing yours, because it is very difficult to buy separately a bench that matches exactly with your dressing table.


And last, but not least, functionality! Observe the methods of organizing your dressing table. Some have a glass lid, others have drawers with diversions and even a lipstick or jewelry holder.

These details make all the difference in the layout of your accessories and cosmetics, and are really helpful.


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