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Top & Best female helmets Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What are the best female helmets in 2022?

Anyone who is passionate about motorcycles, knows that it is essential to use a helmet to reinforce the safety of the driver and the passenger. But although this accessory is common, many women are unsure how to choose the best female helmet.

So, if you are driving or just received your driver’s license, and want to learn how to choose your first helmet, keep reading this article. Let’s talk about aspects related to safety, ergonomics, comfort and design

First, the most important

  • The use of the helmet is regulated by the National Traffic Council. INMETRO, on the other hand, assesses whether the helmets have quality and offer safety for the driver and the passenger.
  • There are four models of helmets with different characteristics and purposes: Integral helmet, open helmet, modular helmet and mixed helmet.
  • The female helmet has reduced dimensions. Generally, the sizes used by women vary between 56, 58 and 60 and correspond to the circumference of the head.

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The best women’s helmets: Our recommendations

Motorcycle riding is increasingly common among women. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of the best female helmets, so that you feel safe, comfortable and stylish while riding your motorcycle.

  • The best-selling women’s helmet
  • The best female helmet according to experts
  • The best unisex helmet
  • The female helmet with better ventilation system


Buying Guide

Feeling the wind hitting your face when riding a motorcycle is an indescribable sensation. However, wearing a female helmet is essential to ensure the safety of the driver and the passenger.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Buying Guide with the necessary information to choose a safe, comfortable and stylish helmet for your trips in the city or on the road. Good reading!


How important is the helmet?

The helmet is a safety item that helps to preserve the life of the driver and the passenger. In the event of an accident, wearing a helmet reduces the chances of head trauma by 69%.

In addition, the Traffic Code considers the helmet an item of mandatory use for the driver and passenger. Those who do not respect this rule can be fined, have their driver’s license suspended and the vehicle seized.

Find out all the benefits of wearing a helmet in the table below:



  • Offers crash and collision safety
  • Offers sound insulation
  • Provides wide field of view
  • Maintains adequate ventilation
  • Protects your head from sunlight and rain


  • Some models are heavy
  • Some models do not offer protection for the entire face
  • Better quality models are really expensive

What are the differences between a female and a male helmet?

The difference between a female and a male helmet is the size of the accessory. While a female helmet is available in sizes 56, 58 and 60, the male helmet is available in sizes 56 to 66 – matches the circumference of the head.



What are the characteristics of the best female helmets?

The best female helmets have some characteristics in common, which are listed below:

    • Weight : A good helmet is not too heavy. This feature makes a big difference if you ride daily or use the bike to travel.
    • Field of view : It must be quite wide. Be aware, your eyes cannot find the edges of the helmet.
    • Handling : A good helmet is easy to put on and take off, even if you are wearing protective gloves.
    • Comfort : The helmet must fit correctly on the head, provide adequate ventilation and an acoustic seal.
    • Visor : Must measure at least 2 mm in thickness, have anti-fog technology and safety lock.
    • Communication : The helmet must offer a compartment for intercom handset and microphone so that the driver can talk to the passenger.
    • Hygiene : A good helmet must be simple to clean, for that, it must have a removable and washable lining.


Should I choose an open or closed helmet?

If you intend to ride a motorcycle in an urban area and at low speed, the open helmet is an excellent alternative.

The helmet’s hull protects only the top and sides of the head. As it has no chin protection, this helmet is very ventilated. In addition, it provides greater field of view.



Another option is the closed motorcycle helmet, one of the safest models on sale. The helmet’s hull consists of a single piece that covers the entire head, while the visor covers only the eye area.

In addition to being safer, this helmet has some additional features such as a removable visor, which increases the convenience, comfort and practicality of the accessory. The only downside is the high price, but the cost-effectiveness is just as high.

What are the differences between on-road and off-road helmets ?

The articulated helmet or on-road helmet is a hybrid between closed and open helmet, as it has removable chin. On some models, the front of the helmet can be opened with just a touch.



The modular helmet or off-road helmet is completely closed, as it is designed to offer maximum safety for the head. This model is ideal for those who practice sports like motocross.

And although it has a reinforced exterior, this helmet has a comfortable interior. Some models have a rain and mud resistant visor. In addition, the front diamond can be adjusted to the height of the pilot’s mouth or nose.

We compare all models of motorcycle helmets in the table below:


Purchase criteria: How to find the best female helmets

To find the best female helmet, you need to analyze some features such as ergonomics, comfort, safety, among others. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips that will help you choose the best motorcycle helmet to go to work, college, gym and wherever else you want.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Visor
  • Internal finish and lining
  • Helmet weight
  • Special Features
  • Inmetro Seal

We will detail each of the criteria in this section. Any questions, leave a comment below:


The helmet is responsible for absorbing impacts in the event of an accident, so we advise against buying a helmet made of plastic, as in addition to not offering good protection, it can easily break.

We recommend that you buy a helmet made of injected plastic (also called ABS), fiberglass, carbon fiber or composite fibers (glass, carbon and ABS fibers).


The size is another important feature that must be analyzed at the time of purchase. To provide maximum safety, the helmet should fit close to the skull, but without hurting your head.

To find the ideal size of the helmet it is necessary to measure the circumference of the head by placing a tape measure in a horizontal position above the ears and eyebrows.

Choose a slightly smaller helmet, that is, if your head measures 58.5 cm, buy a size 58 helmet. Over time, the helmet will lacquer and adjust to your measurements.


You should also analyze the helmet visor, which can be made of acrylic or polycarbonate, measure between 2 mm and 4 mm and have different shades:

  • Crystal
  • Smoked
  • Chrome
  • Chameleon
  • Golden
  • Iridium

Some helmets have a visor lock, while others have a retractable visor, an interesting feature on hot days or rainy days – the visor can fog up.

Internal finish and lining

Also analyze the internal finish of the helmet, as the helmet’s lining maintains direct contact with your head, so you cannot feel discomfort using it.

Ideally, the helmet has a foam coating on the sides and under the chin, finished in anti-allergic, antibacterial, breathable and washable fabric. These features increase thermal comfort and sound insulation.

Helmet weight

The weight of the helmet is very relevant, because the heavier it is, the greater the pressure on the head, neck and shoulders and the greater chance of you developing orthopedic problems, especially if you use the bike daily or travel with this vehicle.

A good helmet, which meets all safety and ergonomic criteria, must weigh between 1.3 kg and 1.6 kg. You also find lighter helmets, but they are usually much more expensive.

Special Features

Be sure to review the additional features of the helmet. For example, some models have micrometric fastening, which allows you to quickly and conveniently place and remove the helmet, even if you are wearing a protective glove.

Another interesting feature is the visor with UV protection, which in addition to protecting your eyes from contact with sunlight, also has anti-scratch treatment that prolongs the durability of the piece.

Finally, analyze whether the helmet in question has support for intercom handset and microphone, an interesting feature for those who usually have the company of a passenger or travel in a group.

Inmetro Seal

In order not to buy a low-quality and unsafe helmet, avoid buying a motorcycle helmet without an Inmetro seal of approval.

Inmetro submits the helmets to different quality tests and when approved, these accessories receive a seal that ensures the quality and safety of the product.



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