Top & Best Automotive alarm Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Automotive alarm: Find the best of 2022

If you are looking for greater security for your car, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will talk about absolutely everything about the automotive alarm.

The technology in the automotive market has reached such a point that today the alarm not only sells tranquility to the driver, but also practicality. In this Guide, we will show you all this progress, take a closer look at the best models and help you buy the ideal automotive alarm for your car.

First, the most important

  • Today’s automotive alarms combine a security system and control over certain electrical functions of the car, such as locks, glass, even a sound system.
  • There are alarm systems that are compatible with up to four different controls, so you need backup models and share the car with the family.
  • Pay attention to the minimum items that an automotive alarm model needs to have: control, sensor, siren, whip, and instruction manual.


Shopping Guide

The car alarm is not just that inconvenient noise – for those who sleep and for those who steal – that rings at dawn. It is a complex security system, which combines methods to inhibit damage to the car and crazy escapes as well.

With a high technological level, automotive alarms have gone beyond safety, becoming, in many models, true universal car controls. In this Shopping Guide, we will show both your protection and its features, so that you can find the model that best fits your car and your steering.

What are the advantages of having an automotive alarm installed?

Having an automotive alarm is certainly transformative in your relationship with your car. Its use generates a series of advantages for the user, and even some disadvantages.

First, the most obvious advantage, which is safety, the protection that the alarm provides to your car, whether with the security mechanisms, or inhibiting malicious actions just with your presence.

Then there is the feeling of security, which gives the user greater peace of mind, to park the car more easily, to do the tasks or enjoy the activities that were provided by the car transport.


The alarm can have extra functions like opening doors and trunk and controlling the sound.

Finally, there is practicality in the control of several electrical functions, to open doors, trunk, even to give commands to the sound system, the headlights, among other controllable parts of the car.

The first counterpoint is quite famous. Who has never been awakened by an inconvenient shot – one that happens for no apparent reason – sets off an alarm? As good as your alarm model is, it can happen.

Then, an inevitable disadvantage, which is having one more element to worry about in your car, along with the mechanical parts, electrical parts, air conditioning, and whatever else needs maintenance.


  • Car protection
  • Feeling of security
  • Practicality


  • Inconvenient siren firing
  • Maintenance

How to install an automotive alarm?

Something that ends up inhibiting many people from buying automotive alarms is the difficulty of installation, with many steps, wires and some good chances of going wrong. It is obviously best to hire an installation service, but sometimes it is not possible …

Three things are important for installing your alarm. Time to do the installation, a reserved place, for greater safety, and a complete reading and certain understanding of the instruction manual, in addition, of course, a good toolbox.


Each alarm has its own way of installation, but you will almost always need to remove some panels and covers, and wire the harness close to the starter cable.

How does the car alarm with tracker work?

As we said, automotive alarms advance in their functionality as access to certain technologies advances. Perhaps the best example of this is the models that have tracking.



The tracking is the responsibility of the company that installs, usually an installation apart from the alarm, sometimes with a subscription service or value embedded in the price. These companies have centrals (or at least antennas) spread across the national territory, and can locate and track authorized vehicles in real time.

They use GSM networks, the same ones used by old cell phones, to connect to cars, GPS to locate and track them, and, most of the time, radio frequencies to block them!


Which cars can have a car alarm with a pocket knife?

One of the most successful “novelties” in the auto accessories market is the so-called pocket knife. They are devices that connect the alarm control, locks and other electrical parts with the car’s physical key.

The name “pocketknife” comes from the way it is drawn, with a handle containing the buttons and, inside it, is the key, which can be removed from a button or with a pull, which is ready, ready for use. use, just like a pocket knife.

The vast majority of automotive alarm manufacturers have not been left out of the new trend. The brands started offering models, often positioned as advanced models, that offer pocket knife-type alarm controls, with the controls of their functionalities and, of course, a built-in key.



Did you know? The first keys to unlock car doors remotely were made by General Motors, and launched in 1989.


What generates doubt for many people is precisely this key. How do you know, for example, if such a car is compatible with this key? It turns out that these keys are sold as virgin blades.

This means that the compatibility of the keys falls on the decision and on the expertise of the keyrings, which will tell you if the blades can be formatted for your car, not least because the wireless commands are not related to the car, but to the alarm system.


How much does an automotive alarm cost?

Because of its numerous technologies and possible functionalities, the automotive alarm has a wide variation in price. You can find more basic models starting at R $ 100. More advanced models, with robust kits and tracking services, in turn, can reach around R $ 1000, and up to R $ 3000.


Purchasing Criteria: Comparing automotive alarms

We have prepared an exclusive list of purchase criteria to help you search and choose the best car alarm model. The idea is to give you the tools to talk to the salespeople of the workshops, or direct your search through online stores.

  • Functionality
  • Brand
  • Kit
  • Control
  • Sound of the siren


The search for features in your automotive alarm is, after all, a search for cost-effectiveness. The logic is that, with more features, the more the whole system can be useful for you.

Two things to note, however. First, look for security features, such as distance locks or passive mode. As for additional controls, think about whether they will actually be useful for the way you use your car.



Always look for the best brands, or at least the most sold ones. Not only are market leaders better able to produce quality alarms, but you can find more and better information on the internet and with vendors.

We indicate some brands, such as Positron, Stetsom, Taramps, Sistec and Hinor.


The kit, or set of items and accessories that come with the automotive alarm on sale is an easy criterion for selecting the best models. To start, they must have a minimal combination, with at least one control, sensor, siren, whip, and, of course, instruction manual.

Once the basic requirements are met, the idea is to get the box with more extra accessories, such as reserve controls, for example.


The control of the automotive alarm of your choice is an interesting selection criterion, and an essential element of the model, in fact. The ideal control has an easy handling, resistant buttons and basic functionalities, such as activating / deactivating the alarm and the command to lock and unlock doors.

From there, look for extra features, in addition to extra controls. Greater range, water resistance, controls for the sound system, chips with distance sensor, that type of functionality.


Sound of the siren

The sound of the siren is another important point. It must have its composition and decibel levels approved by the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN), so as not to give you headaches, either with regulations or with problems with the electrical part, which may occur otherwise.


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