Top & Best Line filter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Line filter: Which is the best of 2022? wishes to welcome you. Today, we are going to present the best options of a very useful accessory for those who have electronic products, that is, everyone: the power strip.

You may have already noticed that light distribution failures happen frequently. During storms, for example, it is common for energy to fall. And when the light comes back, the variation in the electric current can even burn your electronics.

And this variation can occur at any time, even when there was no light loss. A surge protector can protect your device, as it prevents the passage of high currents. Want to know which are the best products and their advantages? Keep reading and make the best purchase!

First, the most important

  • Line filter is different from stabilizer and also from UPS. Each of these products has a different function.
  • In general, power strips have between 4 and 6 sockets. Check how many will be needed for you. It is always better to spare than to lack space and leave some equipment unprotected.
  • Some products have a USB port. That way, it is possible to charge phones or tablets directly. See if they are needed and are cost-effective.

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Best line filters: Our favorites

Thinking about buying a power strip? So you are in the right place. We will now present the top 5 models. To reach this ranking, we take into account the main characteristics of the product.

Analyze each one and decide which one best meets your expectations. Remember that with a power strip, your computer and other equipment will be protected from any electrical variation.

  • Line filter 5 iClamper sockets
  • Line filter 6 Multilaser sockets
  • Multilaser Line Filter
  • White Multilaser Line Filter
  • SMS Line Filter

Buying Guide

A variation in the electrical current can happen at any time and is capable of damaging your computer. And for sure the damage will be quite large. How about, then, avoid this with a power strip?

In this buying guide, we’ll talk about the main differences between the power strip models and what you have to take into account when choosing which one to buy.

What is a power strip?

A surge protector is a device that prevents high electrical currents from passing to the devices that are connected to it. This accessory is therefore made to protect electronics from current variations and prevent them from burning.

An example of a voltage surge is when lightning strikes somewhere near your home. This electrical discharge can damage what is plugged into the outlet. To perform this function, a surge protector has a series of components that together keep the devices safe.

The fuse is an important component of the surge protector. With it, any voltage spikes are blocked.

These include the fuse, varistors, capacitors and inductors. When a high current is detected, the fuse prevents the passage of energy and blows. The other components control the input of voltage spikes and guarantee the filtering of the electrical frequencies emitted by the equipment.

What are its advantages?

As we already said, a power strip minimizes or eliminates the noise and interference that arise in an electrical network. In addition to removing voltage spikes, it also has other advantages.

A surge protector generally has between 4 and 6 sockets. All of them can be used at the same time. This means that the filter also works as a kind of extension.

This extender function is very useful for those who use the filter to connect a computer, for example. The number of available sockets increases and various devices that are close to the computer, such as a printer, router, modem, etc. can be connected.

What is the difference between power strip, stabilizer and UPS?

Before you buy a power strip, it is important to assess whether this is really the ideal product for your needs.

If the only concern is to prevent some electrical or electronic equipment in your home from being burned due to a surge in the electrical network, a power strip is sufficient.

Line filter, stabilizer and UPS are products that offer different levels of protection against electrical discharges.

Another product that performs this function and still guarantees an extra level of protection is the stabilizer, as it is a more complex product.

The stabilizers have the function of eliminating sudden variations in voltage. That is, if the voltage is low, the stabilizer raises the power through an internal transformer.

On the other hand, if the power is too high, the stabilizer limits that energy and the electronics receive the ideal level.

A third level of protection is provided by nobreaks. They also stabilize the voltage and have an internal power strip. In addition, it is a source of electrical energy, as it has an internal battery.

Thus, if the power goes out, the equipment connected to the UPS continues to function for a certain period of time. See in the table the comparison between the 3 products.

How much?

The main line filters cost between R $ 30 and R $ 60. The available quantity of sockets can vary the price. The more space to connect equipment, the higher the price.

When purchasing, take into account how many electronics will be connected to the filter. That way, you invest in exactly what you need.

It can also influence the price whether or not the producer has USB ports and even the existence of a switch, which turns the device’s sockets on and off.


Did you know that, since 2011, Brazil has had a mandatory outlet standard? The justification for the change to the 2P + T standard was safety, cost and adaptability.

The shape of the sockets prevents contact with the finger at the time of fitting and prevents electric shock. Plugs with different diameters reduce the risk of overload and possible damage to the appliance.

In addition, in the event of a short circuit, the electrical discharge occurs by grounding the third pin.

Where to buy?

The ideal is always to buy the power strip in places that guarantee the origin of the product, which must have the Inmetro seal.

Line filters can be purchased at several physical stores, such as stationery stores and computer stores example of where you find great diversity. Supermarket chains, such as Extra, are also options.

On the internet, you can choose from many models. The main stores are Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the power strip models

When you decide to buy a power strip, you will find many options available in the Brazilian market. To compare products, consider the following criteria:

  • Number of sockets
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Cable size

Below, we’ll talk in detail about each of these items in sequence.

Number of sockets

As the power strip serves to protect your equipment from possible variations in electricity, it is ideal that all of them can be connected.

If your budget allows, buy a power strip with more entries than you need at the moment, so there are no surprises in the future.

If, today, you need to connect 4 outlets, buy a product with 6 inputs. That way you won’t have to replace your filter. On the other hand, if you are not going to need extra outlets, the higher investment may not pay off.


Line filters are similar, but there are important differences. In each model, the sockets have a different positioning. In some, the sockets are very close to each other.

Give preference to devices that have these sockets better positioned. This will make your equipment better connected.



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