Top & Best Desktop computer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Desktop computer: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to Want to buy a desktop computer? Before opting for the most popular or high-priced option, it is necessary to keep in mind a few points in order not to make a mistake in purchasing.

What is its type of use? Do you save a lot of information? Want something for the office or playing games? For better product guidance, continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • Desktop computer for games and video or image editions are priced higher.
  • Office machines for simple services are priced low.
  • RAM is not the only aspect that determines the speed of the PC.

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Best desktop computers: The options for every situation

By unraveling the technical data of successful desktop computers, it is easier to know what to look for in offers. See how each machine is made in a special way for a specific set of activities:

  • To play games
  • To the office
  • To have at home
  • To store a lot of data

Buying Guide

With a quality desktop computer you can work for several hours in a row without worrying about slow machine operations. The information below guides you in purchasing the product according to your needs.

 desktop computer has several different monitor size standards in the package (Source: Pexels /

What is a desktop computer and what is it for?

Known by the term PC (Personal Computer, or Personal Computer – in Portuguese), a desktop computer is a machine that is dedicated to individual use or for a certain group of people.

The first desktop computer with an operating system appeared in 1971 and was called Kenbak-1.

Working with audiovisual editions, writing texts, performing simple or complex math operations, watching content on the internet, doing office work and playing games are activities performed on PCs. The letters PC appeared in 1981 with the launch of the IBM PC.

Currently desktop computers are developed for specific activities. A video editing machine does not have the same characteristics as the simple office PC.


Philip AndrewsPhotoshop Specialist

“There are image editing programs that are designed to run on a desktop computer. 1 ) “

How should an office desktop computer be configured?

For offices that do not work with heavy virtual data excess and need the machine only to access the internet and for work with simple software, it is worth choosing a simpler configuration. As a 2Gb model up to 4Gb of RAM, Intel Core 5 processor and 200Gb in HD.

In case your business needs the use of more advanced software in visual resources, with heavy data in video or audio files, invest in advanced machines. It can be a desktop of 8Gb or more of RAM, Intel Core 7 and HD of 1Tb.

It is also recommended to invest in external video cards and larger monitors, dedicated in higher resolutions for you to see the details of the images.

What are the types of hardware for a desktop computer?

On the desktop computer there are two main models of hardware: internal and external. The effectiveness of all devices together is responsible for making the machine fast or slow.

Examples of external desktop computer hardware: RAM, HD, processor, video card, motherboard, among other internal parts.

Examples of internal desktop computer hardware: wireless mouse, wired mouse, phone, pendrive, external hard drive, printer, microphone, keyboard, monitor, among others.

What are the advantages of a desktop computer?

Thanks to the desktop computer you don’t need to use the typewriter to write reports, use calculators, access the internet in a practical way and develop several other services.

Due to functionality, most offices have at least one desktop computer. But, in addition to the internal parts, you must also spend on external hardware to get the most out of your PC.

More pros and cons of desktop computers are in the table:

Windows or Linus: What is the best operating system for a desktop computer?

Operating system is responsible for establishing the communication of software with the set of hardware that make up a computer. The main two are: Windows or Linux.


Windows has more popularity.

Each choice has its own characteristics and may or may not be beneficial for you. Windows has more popularity, with Bill Gates as the big poster boy.

Because it is more popular, Windows attracts a greater number of malware (computer program that infiltrates someone else’s computer system, illicitly).

Linux is intuitive, stable and more secure 2 ) . He is successful in several companies that want to keep away from viruses.

See below for more differences between these two options:

How much does it cost and where to buy a desktop computer?

The amount payable for a desktop computer can range from R $ 200 to up to R $ 20,000. Less dedicated models in RAM, HD, cards and processor are cheap. With an amount of R $ 400 to R $ 1,200, buy an effective corporate or domestic version.

Desktop computer to play games or edit videos and images cost more.

In department stores it is easy to find basic models: Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza and Ponto Frio. Computer stores like Fnac or Kalunga have advanced versions for sale.

Online shopping on Amazon is better due to the lack of shipping on some promotions and the wide diversity of offers. Mercado Livre and Submarino are other recommended sales sites.

Did you know that you need to periodically clean your PC to last longer. Clean the outside, the internal components and delete unused programs or files.

Purchase Criteria: Ideas for comparing desktop computer models

Many people look for the best internal hardware on personal computers. There are also people who prefer something pleasant to look at, without being overly concerned with technical requirements.

To purchase a perfect version to your liking, compare the offers according to some points:

  • Goals
  • RAM
  • Motherboard
  • Video card
  • Processor
  • HD
  • Source

Continue reading and learn more about each point:


For you to achieve more performance according to your activities, it is worth purchasing a customized model for the specific function:

  • Offices: It costs low prices and has the most common tools.
  • Residential: Balanced pricing option that allows you to work with simple software, making it possible to play some less dedicated games.
  • PC Gamer: It has advanced settings for the visual reproduction of PC games or advanced audio and video software.


Find models that can range from 2 GB to 8 GB, generally. The greater the capacity of Gb, the faster the desktop computer is, since other components of the machine also correspond in power.


Motherboard is an English word that refers to the motherboard, useful for connecting PC devices. They must have the socket (connector) compatible with the processor.

Motherboard with integrated graphics resources does not require the installation of a video card.

Pay attention to the number of motherboard entries (mainly for USB), the space to put extra RAM and the PCI ports. The more capable the network and audio cards, the higher the price of the motherboard.

Video card

The video card generates the images on the desktop computer monitor. It has its own RAM memory and works even in 3D.

The larger number of memory makes the production better, but buy only if you really need the visual resources in software and games, since the prices are very high.

The simplest computers already come with intermediate cards for general use:


A processor is the brain of the computer, directly responsible for the power. For this reason, avoid buying less qualitative standards.

Corei3 and Core i5 works successfully on intermediate machines, also has Corei7, ideal for running games or heavy software in 3D graphics.

AMD processors are also indicated: Phenom II, Phenom X3, Phenom X4, among others.


HD is responsible for storage capacity. If you store much of the information in online applications you can choose a model up to 500 GB. In the case of constant internal storage there are offers of up to 4Tb or more.


Did you know that there are mini PCs? They are more compact and cost low, making for simple office activities. These versions have less HD space



Pay attention to the source, especially if the computer is powerful. It must be able to provide the necessary power for all internal hardware to work properly.

When the desktop computer has extreme power and the outlet voltage is low, there may be no power required for the power supply to turn on the machine, requiring a voltage regulator or the choice of another PC version.

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