Top & Best Antivirus Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Antivirus: How to choose the best in 2022?

Hello! You are in the most complete Buying Guide on the internet! The subject of today’s article may interest (almost) everyone: antivirus.

Who has never encountered viruses and other types of harmful software on their computer or even smartphone? This is why these programs were developed: to prevent and protect your device from cyber evils.

The antivirus works by detecting, preventing and acting to delete malicious programs and, thus, providing more security to the user. But how to choose the best program? Check out in this Guide some products, advantages and disadvantages, prices and how to buy them!

First, the most important

  • The antivirus program is essential to keep your computer safe from viruses, files and malicious software. It scans thoroughly, detects all ills, and removes them.
  • When purchasing it, be aware of the usage license: it can be a few months, a year or more, and also the number of devices that can have the program installed.
  • Protection software prices are related to functions, license time, benefits and other features. This guide lists programs in dollars and reais, ranging from R $ 32 to R $ 225.

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Best antivirus: What we recommend

There are prevention and protection programs against viruses of different brands. To find out which one to choose, see below the list with the details of the main products for sale.

  • Kaspersky 2019: The best-rated antivirus
  • Bitdefender Total Security: Ideal for 5 devices
  • Norton Security 3.0: Antivirus for 3 devices

Buying Guide

With so many programs coming up, files being downloaded, and media being shared, it is very common today to have a computer or mobile device attacked by viruses and malware.

To protect yourself from these harmful programs, a good antivirus program will do the trick. Looking for which to buy? Stay tuned to our article!


What is an antivirus?

Antivirus has been on the market for many years. When computers began to behave differently than normal, companies developed programs capable of reversing this situation.

The computer virus – and, nowadays, from other devices, such as cell phones and tablets – is malicious software developed by programmers with bad intentions (the famous hackers) to harm the computer user and third parties.

This contamination can lead to a series of problems, such as in the startup of the operating system, in emails, passwords, and even internet banking.

To protect yourself, a good antivirus is a solution. Once installed, in addition to preventing future viruses, it scans, detects, acts, and removes the harmful program, thus bringing the machine back to its normal configuration.

What are its advantages and disadvantages of antivirus?

It goes without saying that the main advantage (and function!) An antivirus is to protect the computer against cyber threats, viruses, malware, and malicious software.

In addition to eliminating viruses already present, when activated, the program is able to prevent future threats from contaminating your computer. The software also allows for smooth surfing on the internet, without worrying about accessing an improper website, since the antivirus also blocks malicious websites.

The antivirus has a firewall that prevents all unauthorized incoming connections to the computer or the network, thus preventing hackers from accessing the computer remotely..

Finally, another benefit of antivirus is that it increases the long-term life of your computer. By being protected, the machine consequently has a longer life and less need to be repaired, thus lasting longer.

One of the disadvantages of the program is that a license for one year to be used on only one device can be considered a little expensive by some people.

In addition, the full scan can take a long time, depending on the computer, number of files and other details. If you’re in a hurry, it can be a little difficult to wait to finish.

Want to compare the advantages and disadvantages? Check the table below with all the characteristics displayed in a similar way.

How is a computer infected with a virus?

But how does the virus get to your computer? Do you know? This happens in several ways. The machine is infected when a previously infected program is run or a piece of code is loaded.

Contamination can occur when opening files attached to an email, running programs already infected, opening Excel, Word files, among other programs and documents shared by another machine.

It can also be through a contaminated Pendrive, malicious links sent by others, downloading files, installing programs of unknown origin, through sites with erotic or dubious content, and much more.

There are more simple and easier to solve malware – which serves to irritate the user – but there is other very strong malware that spread quickly through the computer or the network, doing a lot of damage.

As soon as the program, link, website, or whatever is with the virus is accessed, it starts to run automatically, making changes to the computer and accessing data and information.

How do you know if your computer is infected?

Your PC may have a virus and it is often not possible to find out right away. This happens because these malicious programs are created to just act quietly, without the user noticing. Thus, personal data will be accessed and compromised without the person knowing.

To find out if your machine has these virtual pests, there are some details that can be observed. A sudden drop in performance, with programs taking too long to run and too slow is one of the signs.

Toolbars that are installed on their own and difficult to remove can also report the presence of the virus. Just like when the home and search page is changed suddenly, without your consent.

If one or more of these situations occurs, you may suspect that your computer is infected with malicious software.

The video below, from the BPV channel, with more than 500 thousand subscribers, shows how to identify if your computer has a virus.

What damage can a virus do to your computer?

In addition to making changes to the machine, such as home pages, search pages, and settings, they also slow down the computer, as we mentioned earlier.

If the virus has the function of eliminating all data that is on the PC, it is able to remove everything from the hard disk, without leaving any kind of trace.

They can also capture absolutely everything the user types on the keyboard, which is a way to access bank websites, for example, and cause financial damage.

However, be aware that, if your machine is already contaminated and you do not have an antivirus program installed, many times, scanning will not help and you will not be able to remove the malware.

That is why it is so important to have the software installed from the beginning. Thus, the program will prevent the arrival of viruses on your machine and, if it does, it will be able to remove them.

What are the types of viruses?

Viruses are created by hackers so that they have access to personal data and wreak havoc on the computer. Each has an objective and form of attack. See the table below for the main ones.

Antivirus variables: How to choose the best program?

Having software to protect your machine from future viruses, scanning and eliminating contamination is essential to protecting your computer, as well as personal data and information.

In the market, there are several options, of different brands and different configurations. Although there are free programs, investing in a paid one can be very worthwhile, depending on your need.

Paid programs offer additional features that go beyond scanning and deleting the virus, making it a good option for those who need an extra layer of security.

This decision can also be made based on whether the computer in question is for home or corporate use. Corporate computers always end up paying more attention to protection because they contain a series of sensitive and strategic data.

In addition, paid versions often offer protection for more than one device through a single license, and can be used on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Did you know that the world’s first computer virus was called The Creeper? Created in 1971, the program just showed a message on the machine’s screen and jumped to another system, repeating the message. At the time, the goal was not to infect or steal information, but only to irritate the user.


How much?

The price of antivirus will generally vary according to the duration of the license (6 months, one year, more than one year, etc.) and the number of devices to be used.

In this Guide, we have raised an option for sale on Amazon, which costs R $ 90, and some available on American Amazon that can be used and installed here. Prices for American programs range from USD 8.50 to USD 59.50 (about R $ 32 and R $ 225).

Where to buy?

Antivirus software is found both in physical stores and in bookstores as well as in supermarket chains, such as Extra and Carrefour, in the information technology area.

The most common one ends up being to buy the program in online stores, as in Amazon and in the United States, as we commented above. You can also buy them on department store websites and at manufacturers’ own addresses, such as Norton and McAfee.

Always remember to check the reviews and the opinion of whoever bought the antivirus in question so that you can make a good purchase.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different antivirus programs

The function of the antivirus is the same: to analyze, check, remove and repair viruses and the damage caused by them on your computer. However, when choosing between the different options, some criteria can be taken into account.

To help with this purchase, we raised the following points that will differentiate one program from the other. Check out the list below:

  • License
  • Version
  • Number of devices
  • Benefits
  • Price

Below, we will explain in detail each of the criteria to help you acquire the antivirus program that best fits your needs.


Each program specifies whether the subscription is for a few months, a year or more. When purchasing the product, you receive an access key together and it will be responsible for the license and duration of use.

After the time is up, you will need to make a new purchase to access the antivirus. So, see which subscription will best fit what you are looking for.


Antivirus brands are releasing different versions of the program over time. Even if the software is from a version prior to the current year, for example, it is still possible to use it and it will have the same qualities as a normal program.

However, companies make minor configuration changes and protection options, so they end up releasing more current versions.

Number of devices

Antiviruses are also available for a number of subscription devices. Some can be used on just a single device and others for three or even more, and can be used not only on the computer, but also cell phones and accessories such as tablets, in addition to the computers of family or friends.

Analyze your situation and need to see if using a single PC will suffice or if you need to install the program on more devices.


Some programs may offer – in addition to all the basic functionality – some benefits for the buyer and user. Technical support, specific firewalls, customized configurations are some of the options that some antivirus can present.

Sometimes it is worth paying a little more for software that has technical assistance throughout the license, for example, with professionals helping with any doubts and problems that arise.


The price of an antivirus program also ends up being a purchase criterion. You can purchase more sophisticated software, with a long duration of use and availability to be used on five devices.

As it is also possible to purchase a simpler product, that does the basics of an antivirus and meets what you are currently needing.

In this mypricesaving.comguide we list products sold, but also in the United States. As it is a software, it can be used normally in the country. The options cost, in dollars, from USD 8.50 to USD 59.50 (about R $ 32 and R $ 225), and, in reais, R $ 89.90.



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