Top & Best Flatbed scanner Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Flatbed scanner: Which are the best of 2022?


In the age of technology, papers have been increasingly neglected and a great ally in this process is the flatbed scanner, a product we are going to talk about here today. Be very welcome!

Ideal for business environments and having great speed and quality of scanning this is an essential item in many offices and if you are looking for one for yours know that you have come to the right place.

In this text we will bring all the information about this product and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to choose. To know everything just continue with us.

First, the most important

  • The flatbed scanner is the most complete type of scanner, as it combines good scanning capacity with high resolution and speed.
  • This product can be found in varying sizes and there are more compact options ideal for small locations.
  • Before choosing a flatbed scanner it is essential to analyze how much it will be used to choose a model that suits this.

Best flatbed scanners: Our favorites

Good quality and low scanning time are two essential features for any flatbed scanner and it is to help you find one that meets these requirements that we created this list with some of the best models, check and choose yours!

  • Compact and efficient processor flatbed scanner
  • High resolution flatbed scanner
  • Wireless flatbed scanner
  • Touchscreen flatbed scanner

Buying Guide

of those who need to scan files and paper documents to the computer in a simple, quick and easy way.

Currently there are several models of scanner and if you are looking for one for your home or business we have gathered in this buying guide all the most important information about this product so that at the end of reading you know exactly how to choose the best one for you.

What is a flatbed scanner?

It can be said that the scanner is the revolution of the photocopying machine. This is because both have the function of copying files, but with the difference that one prints, while the other digitizes to the computer.

In this sense, the flatbed scanner is a device of rectangular or square shape, which has a flat glass surface on which the material to be scanned will be placed.
With this product it is possible to scan sheets of paper, books, cards, photos and many other documents, in a simple and easy way, just by pressing a few buttons.

It also consists of a keyboard, in which the scanning types will be selected and is connected to a computer, either via USB or wireless connection.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flatbed scanner?

The main advantage of a flatbed scanner is that you can scan documents quickly and easily, leaving everyone saved on the computer, eliminating excess paper.

It is also usually not large, takes up little space and is great for different types of businesses and offices. Not to mention that there are models that connect to the computer via Wi-Fi, reducing the amount of wires.

Another advantage is that the technology has created flatbed scanners with high resolution and scanning speed, which allows the quality of the file not to be lost and it is possible to scan several documents in a short time.

In addition, this is a very easy product to buy and simple to handle and install.

The downside of so many advantages is the price. The vast majority of flatbed scanners have a high value.

How does a flatbed scanner work?

The operation of all types of scanners is the same and basically scanning takes place from a lamp and mirrors that are internal to the device.

When the process starts, the lamp will scan all lines of the document to be scanned. This light will reflect and pass from one mirror to the other, until when it reaches the last mirror it will reflect the image in a lens that is focused on an image capture sensor.

Then the coupled charging device (CCD), which is the main part of a scanner, comes into action. This CCD has semiconductor crystals called diodes, which convert the light emitted by the passage of the lamp on the paper and the set of mirrors into electrical charges, the stronger the light, the greater the accumulation of electrical charge on the plate.

At the end of this process, the image will appear on the computer screen and can be saved on the device.

What is the difference between the flatbed, sheet-fed and handheld or portable scanner?

With regard to types of scanner currently on the market there are three, the flatbed, the Sheet-fed model and the handheld or also called portable.

The big difference between these three is related to the type of use that can be made with the device.

The flatbed model is intended for professional and even domestic use, but in an intermediate way, since it has a fast scanning capacity and a daily cycle, which is the average number of sheets that the scanner supports per day.

The sheetfed is more suitable for those who make heavy use of the device, because their daily cycle is high and the speed is the highest possible. However, this model lacks quality a little, since the focus is on agility and quantity.

Finally, the portable scanner has the great advantage of being small and being able to scan documents anywhere easily. However, it also loses points in resolution quality and scanning speed.

Below we have prepared a table with more information about the differences between these three models.

How much does a flatbed scanner cost?

As we have already said above, the value of a flatbed scanner can be a little high, with few options with a lower price.

The cheapest models can be found for an initial price of around R $ 270, however it is important to know that these have lower scanning speed and resolution as well.

The options with better quality have an average price that starts at R $ 1,200 and can reach up to around R $ 8,700.

Where to buy a flatbed scanner?

Online stores have a full range of flatbed scanners and often have discounts that are worthwhile, with some sites that sell this product being:

    • Amazon


Already thinking about physical stores, it is possible to find this product in those that sell computer items such as Walmart.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing flatbed scanner models

Now is the time to help you choose your flatbed scanner and for that we separate below the main points that you must take into consideration before finalizing the purchase, they are:

  • Scanner size
  • Scan speed and daily cycle
  • Connection type
  • Optical resolution

Now we will detail each one of them.

Scanner size

The first step in making a good choice is to analyze the size you have available for your scanner and limit your search to a model that fits that.

The table options have different sizes and with that it is possible to find models that are more portable and that end up helping those who use the device at home or who work in small offices.

Scan speed and daily cycle

Each scanner model has a different scanning speed and there are options that are capable of scanning 18 pages per minute, another 25 pages and so on.

Which one to choose will depend on the intensity of use you make per day and that also includes the daily cycle, which is the number of sheets that the scanner can scan in a day.

If you make heavy use of the product it is important to choose a scanner with a higher speed and high daily cycle, since in your case the use is intermediate or low, you can easily choose a simpler model.

Connection type

As we have already said, there are scanners that need to be connected to a computer with a USB cable to connect to the computer, while others have a Wi-Fi connection and do not require a cable.

This is a point to be taken into account depending on the distance the scanner will be from the computer and also by those who hate wires scattered everywhere.

Optical resolution

The optical resolution of a scanner is described by the acronym dpi and is related to the precision with which the device will be able to capture images or lines, having a greater or lesser sharpness of the image.

It is essential to choose a scanner with good resolution, especially for those who work with photos and images. In this way, it is more guaranteed that the file that will result from the scan will be of good quality and sharp enough.



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