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Top & Best Graphics tablet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Graphics tablet: Which is the best for you in 2022?

Hello! You are at mypricesaving.comand today we are going to talk about graphics tablet. Do you know which models you can buy without error? Throughout this guide we want to help you with this mission, ensuring your satisfaction with the product.

The graphics tablet, also called tablet or tablet, is like a digital clipboard used with a pen to replace the computer mouse in various jobs.

But don’t be afraid! In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about these tables, such as the advantages, disadvantages, characteristics and purchase factors to be observed. Here we go?

First, the most important

  • Regardless of your level of knowledge of using a graphics tablet, whether it is a beginner, intermediate or professional, there is a table with the features you need and excellent cost-benefit waiting for you.
  • Prices can vary from R $ 150 to R $ 2,000, depending on the size and quantity of resources. However, the most sophisticated and professional can range from R $ 4,000 to more than R $ 20,000.
  • A graphics tablet will give you greater control and agility in your workflow, in addition to drastically interfering in the final result of your drawings, paintings, illustrations or image manipulation.

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Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you want a graphics tablet to work with, or if you’re just a design enthusiast, there is the right tablet for you. The options are so many that it can even be a difficult task to purchase one without help.

That’s why we made this guide. That way, at the end of this article, you’ll know how to choose the best one for your need.

What is a graphics tablet and what are its advantages?

The graphics tablet, also called tablet or graphic tablet, is a flat electronic device in the form of a clipboard, used together with an electronic pen that replaces the mouse in various activities.

Pens are used to draw, paint or illustrate an image on its surface, the drawing being instantly revealed on the computer screen and in the program you are using.

With the manipulation of the pen in the same way as with a normal pen, the graphics tablet gives its user much greater control over the result, since with it you can do things that the mouse cannot do.

Graphics tablets are not just limited to models that use pens, there are also those that you use with the touch of your hands and fingers, and those that work as an interactive painting screen with a monitor together.

Some of these activities consist of image processing, graphic creation, illustration and more. With it you do not draw directly on the graphics tablet, because it is an extension of graphics software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

The graphics tablet is a very useful tool, and if you work with image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, the use of it becomes practically essential.

Another activity benefits a lot from the table: design. Many designers, especially novices by profession, do not know what a tablet is, and those who already know may not fully understand its purpose.

Designers who understand what a tablet is, may not be able to decide on one that best suits their needs and work objectives. The important thing is to understand that she can be the great friend of this professional.

But, for sure, the graphics tablet is not just for him. Any creative professional can improve their work with its use.

And contrary to popular belief, it is not only for those who know how to draw. Designers, for example, have greater speed in commands and comfort, since they do not tire the arm working many hours in front of the computer.

For digital illustrators and painters, the digitizing table is mandatory, since it is the interaction with the computer that most resembles the act of drawing or painting.

Image processing, methodical clippings, specific editions, digital paintings and other various activities are easier to practice using a graphics tablet.

Fans of the equipment include graphic designers, art directors, photographers, illustrators and animators, and the main software used in each area is compatible with their specific tablet models.

In addition to talking a little about who it might be intended for, let’s list som

Speaking of comfort, in addition to making the job much easier, it can even solve a creative problem that suffers from problems with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) caused by the excessive use of the mouse.

Either way, with the graphics tablet you can further improve your workflow, whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer or creative professional. A graphics tablet, in addition to increasing the quality of the work, will help you gain much more production time and control over the final result.

The differences that exist between an artistic work with the mouse, with the finger and with a digital pen are discrepant.

Amateur or professional graphics tablet?

When it comes to graphics tablets, you can choose between two categories of tables: amateur and professional. But that does not mean that you need to choose a professional just because she was entitled “professional”.

These categories serve more to point out the amount of features and the size of the tablet.

So, ideally, before you opt for a specific tablet, consider the size and amount of features you need among all available.

Before making a decision, analyze the type of table that will satisfy you best. Evaluate what is most important to you in addition to size and functionality, such as pen features, compatibility and manufacturer support. This is the main difference between them.

The budget available for the purchase of yours must also be taken into account. Calculate how much you can invest in it and the return you expect to obtain from the purchase of this equipment.

it is interesting, if you are planning to purchase a tablet of a specific brand, confirm that it has technical support in Brazil so that you are not on hand in case of any problem.

Buying a graphics tablet will not make you a better designer, but it is a great incentive to start learning. Eventually when you get used to using it, it will be very difficult to return to the mouse for certain activities.

An important tip is also to always have the versions of the tablet drivers updated, which are always available on the official websites of the brands. Check out the main features of the 2 categories:

How much?

Currently on the market there are many models, of varying sizes and prices. The two main price-determining characteristics of a tablet are its size and its range of features.

The fact that unknown brands with prices well below the average will have inferior quality will always be a maxim, and this also applies to tablet computers. You may experience poor product finish and accuracy.

A professional graphics tablet can be expensive, and for those who are just starting out and do not have the investment necessary to provide more robust and modern equipment, they can undoubtedly opt for a cheaper table.

It will perform approximately the same job, and you can see work quality as good as work done on professional models and much more expensive.

A graphics tablet can cost from R $ 250, as for beginners, to more than R $ 25,000, as professionals. In addition to the beginners and professionals, there are also many intermediate level tablet computers.

You will surely find a model with excellent cost-benefit that fits your needs, both in physical stores near you and online, remembering to consult price comparators in this case.

Where to buy?

You can purchase your graphics tablet at an electronics store that is more complete and offers a greater variety of products in your city.

There are a few more options for you to make your purchase physically, as in department stores

If you don’t want to travel and prefer to buy from the comfort of your home, with the time you need to research and compare prices, you can find a graphics tablet on the websites of the department stores we already mentioned, for example.

In addition, marketplaces like Amazon, and eBay also have this type of product.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the tablet models

Now let’s go through, one by one, the main and most important criteria that you must observe before purchasing your tablet. Pay attention to these characteristics and you will surely be on the way to a safe and satisfactory purchase. Are they:

  • Knowledge level
  • Goal
  • Size and Resolution
  • Pressure level

Knowledge level

If you are a beginner in the art and are learning to draw and paint, a simple table with just the functionality of the pen may be enough.

This is not to say that because it has only one functionality, it is bad, quite the contrary: beginner tablet computers with only the pen function can deliver the most diverse pressure levels and customizable buttons.

At this level of learning you can find several models with excellent cost-benefit.

For those who already understand a little more, intermediate level tablet computers with more features is a good choice. They can have the touch that allows you to enlarge, rotate or change the screen frame.

The price may end up doubling when you invest in a bigger table and with some features in addition, but if you need to use it for work and some financial return is possible, it may even be worth investing.

In addition to the touch function, shortcuts can come together and change according to your preference. There are users who prefer to use table shortcuts and the touch function, but there are those who prefer to use only the pen and keyboard shortcuts.

For professionals on call, the features and benefits can be many. With these tablets or interactive displays you can express your trait with even more subtle variations.

With some of them you can work with both hands, drawing and painting with the pen and using the support buttons on the other, such as zooming, moving and rotating the screen.

You can also set up convenient shortcuts to the tools you overuse every day, like Photoshop, Illustrator or any other software. In addition, on professional tablets the screen resolution is also usually higher and of the highest quality.


For those who are from drawing, illustration and digital painting, a graphics tablet ends up becoming an essential item, as it is practically the digital version of paper and brush, or the act of drawing and painting.

For this purpose you need a screen according to the size of your monitor, with good resolution, interactivity and pens with excellent pressure sensitivity.

For those who work with image manipulation, treatment and editing, a digitizing table provides them with more efficiency and naturalness in masks, touch-ups and paintings.

A pen with a lot of pressure sensitivity can benefit a lot from the most diverse most common tasks of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

For the delivery of work on tight deadlines of a graphic designer, for example, precision and control from the beginning to the final delivery is one of the great advantages of purchasing your graphics tablet in this case.

An efficient and simplified workflow, next to a pressure sensitive tablet will make everything very fluid, natural and precise.

Something very important, which in the end distinguishes which model between beginner, intermediate and professional levels you should acquire, is the software that is compatible with your work purpose.

Size and Resolution

The screen size, as the general tip dictates, is compatible with the size of your monitor. But, if the purpose of your graphics tablet will be the treatment of images, it probably must be the small one, because you can end up losing productivity due to an exaggeration of size.

Medium or small table sizes are ideal for students, enthusiasts or those who need to make work or touch-ups simpler.

When it comes to resolution, they are usually between 1,000 and 5,000 LPIs (lines per inches), but prefer tablet computers with at least 2,048 LPIs.

Pressure level

Pressure levels are the table’s sensitivity measures when recording the force levels used in the pen. This sensitivity determines whether the pen is close to a real brush.

More accessible models have around 512 levels, and some more expensive ones have around 1,024 levels. This indicates whether or not you will need to press the pen harder.

Be it amateur or professional work, the interesting thing is to choose the best graphic tablet according to the purpose, level of knowledge and size. The ideal one for you is one that is efficient and that you can handle, in addition to the best option for your pocket.

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