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Top & Best Brother Printer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Brother Printer: How to choose the best model in 2022

Your internet review site. Today we are going to talk about the Brother printer, its different models and offer information on how you can get the best product.

Whether at home, in the office or at your workplace, having a good printer is essential. So, be sure to check out our complete review to choose the best model for your needs.

First, the most important

  • When choosing printer ink , always opt for the brand’s original models to avoid damage to the product.
  • Before using the printer, always remember to consult the instruction manual for installation and use.
  • Brother offers some models that already work with Wi-Fi networks, ideal for work environments with many people using the same printer.

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The best Brother printers: Our recommendations

Multifunction, portable, inkjet or laser. Brother works with all these types of printers to serve different audiences, always with models of excellent quality. See some examples in our ranking.

  • The best cost-benefit ratio in monochrome
  • The best color printer of the brand
  • The printer with excellent evaluation

Buying Guide

With more than 100 years of history, Brother has quickly become a benchmark in the market when it comes to printers. And with so many models available, choosing the ideal one can be a real challenge.

In our Shopping Guide we will present more details and curiosities about the brand and its products to help you, whether at work, leisure or for schoolwork.

Why does Brother stand out in the area of ​​printers?

Founded in 1908, Brother is a Japanese company that started producing sewing machines, embroidery, scanners , and other large machinery, always taking into account the excellence of its products.

With all this experience, it is not surprising the quality and popularity of their printers, offering an excellent cost-benefit, either for the average user or for professionals who need a more powerful machine.

In addition to the price, they are easy to maintain and their ink is cheaper when compared to other brands, whether in inkjet cartridges or laser models.

Another great advantage is its multifunction devices , which incorporate fax and scanner and a single model.



Did you know that in 1996, Brother acquired the first international certification for the control of the environment (ISO14001)? After that, the brand worked even harder until all of its factories were certified, a fact that occurred in 2002.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Brother printer?

The Brother printer offers numerous advantages, after all you can choose between laser or inkjet models for more affordable prices and with easy technical assistance in Brazil.

However, there are some disadvantages. Installation may require assistance from a professional. Not all models have wireless connectivity and it can be difficult to find compatible ink cartridges.

What are the different types of Brother printers?

Despite the wide variety of lines and models, Brother works with four main categories. Laser models are ideal for printing in large quantities and at a faster print speed, which generally places them among the most expensive on the market.

The inkjets are excellent for residential use, have more affordable maintenance and are among the cheapest models.

The MFPs are great for corporate use, combining extra functions. In such cases, the price may vary according to the additions.

Finally, Brother also works with portable models, perfect for those who need a printer wherever they are, since they are small and versatile. They can be found in an intermediate price range.

What maintenance and technical assistance does Brother provide?

Taking good care of your printer is essential for it to last longer and maintain the quality of work.


Brother also stands out by offering technical assistance.

At this point, Brother also stands out, offering technical assistance, in addition to a website full of information to answer your questions before and after making the purchase.

Because it is a product with excellent cost-benefit, it is also very common to find companies that rent machines for work environments, offering specialized technical assistance.

As for maintenance, there are some simple precautions, such as changing the paint whenever necessary. Always remember to follow the instructions correctly in the event of a paper jam.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Brother printer?

The price of Brother printers can vary widely depending on the model. The inkjet usually costs between R $ 300 and R $ 500, with the laser surpassing that value and reaching around R $ 1,000.

In the case of MFPs, the price can vary even more, with some models costing more than R $ 2,000.

Currently, you can find them available at computer stores, large retailers specializing in electronic items or in the printing department. And, of course, you can also use the internet. Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying a Brother printer

As you can see from our review, Brother printers offer excellent benefits in all their segments, allowing you to get jobs done in excellent quality and with easy maintenance.

However, before making the purchase, be sure to check these last criteria that we separated so that you can choose a model that best fits your needs.

  • Size
  • Number and type of connectors
  • Printing type
  • Versatility

Once you have read these latest topics, just choose the Brother printer that you like best to have a differentiator in your work.


It may seem silly, but checking the dimensions of the printer is essential before making the purchase. There is nothing worse than discovering that you will need additional furniture to accommodate it.

Then, check the product specifications, measure your bench or the location where the printer will be installed and check factors with height, width and depth so you don’t have to resort to costly adaptations.

In addition, the larger the printer, the more likely it is to spend more energy, so always take this into account.

Number and type of connectors

As with all computer equipment, it is essential to check the type and number of connectors available. Depending on the make and model, there are different cables required to connect to a computer or other devices.

Fortunately, nowadays most of them already work with a traditional USB connection and even with a connection via Wi-Fi. Check carefully the number of inputs and outputs and usage, especially when the printer is being used on a network.

Printing type

Brother offers the two most common printer models available on the market today.

The laser offers faster printing speed, higher yield and a more resistant and long-lasting print, which hardly smears or fades.

The inkjet has higher color quality, they are cheaper and the cartridges are cheaper. However, they have lower throughput and print speed.


Last but not least, consider versatility. In an office with many people working and using the same printer at the same time, the ideal is that they already have wireless connectivity.

Brother also offers several models of labelers and other types of portable printers, which are much more versatile and can always be with you.

Ultimately, versatility is a combination of all the factors we mentioned earlier. Just choose which model best fits your own criteria taking into account practicality and the best cost / benefit ratio.


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