Top & Best RAM Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best RAM: What is the best of 2022?

In this article, you will discover what are the best RAM memory options available for purchase. Let’s learn how this type of technology works and what you should take into account to make the best choice.

Perhaps you have already experienced the following situations. He is using the computer and, suddenly, it starts to “crash”. And then to open any document, for example, it takes much longer than expected.

This may be due to the low amount of RAM available on the computer. It is this hardware device that determines what your PC can run efficiently or not.

It is almost always possible to change the amount of RAM and improve the performance of your machine. So keep reading and learn more about it.

First, the most important

  • RAM memory has different functions and characteristics than storage memory.
  • Assess your profile to see how much RAM your computer needs.
  • For a better performance of the machine, see if the RAM is compatible with the motherboard, the processor and the video card.
  • Prices can vary between R $ 50 and R $ 900. The values ​​depend on the amount of memory and also on the technology in it.

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Best RAM options: Our recommendations

If you’ve had enough of turning on your computer and having to wait several minutes to use it, or having to look at the locked screen every time you need to open a slightly heavier program, here are some of the best RAM options in the market, to put an end to this problem.

  • Kingston ValueRAM KVR16LS11 / 8
  • Kingston Hypex Fury HX424C15FB
  • Adata AX4U240038G16

Buying Guide

You may not know it, but it is often not the lack of storage memory space that causes your computer to slow down. The problem may be in the RAM memory, responsible for making the programs run smoothly, without that annoying “crash”.

So, if you want to make your computer faster, investing in RAM may be the solution. Keep reading and learn all about the topic in our Buying Guide.

What is RAM?

When reading the specifications of your computer, you may have been left with doubts about the meaning of these three letters. Not everyone knows, but this type of memory is one of the components that acts most within a CPU.

In technical terms, RAM or, in English, Random Access Memory, means random access memory. It is an essential component not only on computers but also on cell phones.

Translating into a simpler language, RAM is what allows programs and files on an electronic device to run fluidly and efficiently.

Formed by millions of transistors and capacitors, RAM is a chip that looks like a microprocessor. It is thanks to this type of memory that it is possible to access the files installed inside a computer. She is responsible for reading the data.

RAM memory has different functions than storage memory.

Unlike HD memory, RAM does not store content, it is just a pass. Therefore, it is important not to confuse the two concepts, which are complementary and have different functions.

The storage memory aims to archive all the contents of the machine, such as documents, photos, games and music. On the other hand, RAM is the one that takes this content to be processed and, finally, displayed.

That way, the more RAM a computer has, the faster it can perform a function. A program is installed on the HD, but as soon as the user clicks to open it, the RAM goes into action.

Office analogy: What is the difference between RAM and storage?

Experts often use an analogy to explain the difference between these two types of concepts. Imagine an office. RAM can be thought of as a worktable.

In this line of thought, HD storage can play the role of a cabinet with several drawers.

If someone asks you for some work, you go to the drawers and remove all the documents you need and put everything on the table. If the table is small – little RAM – the papers will be stacked and the time to complete the job will be longer.

If the table is large – a lot of RAM – the documents will be organized correctly and the function will be performed in a shorter time. And it is precise because of these conditions that it is so difficult for a computer with little RAM to perform simultaneous activities. When opening several windows and programs, the memory ends up being overloaded and cannot complete the actions.

When this happens, there are those locks and chokes when watching a video. Or even a difficulty or delay for a simple text file to be opened.

Another difference between the two types of memory is that what is saved in the storage memory is not lost when the computer is turned off. What is stored in RAM is discarded, since its function is different?

What are the different types of RAM?

RAM memory can be divided into two types: SRAM and DRAM. They have different characteristics and to make it clear, let’s talk about each one of them:

    • SRAM: Faster of the two, and also the most expensive in price. This type of RAM is more economical when it comes to consumption and performs better. We can say that SRAM is more powerful and faster, making it a better version of DRAM.
    • DRAM: It is a little slower, and because of that, cheaper, and obviously the most common option. It needs to be updated frequently and consumes more energy.


How much RAM does my computer need?

As we have already said, RAM is extremely important for the use of the computer or notebook to be facilitated. Working or having fun without gagging and locking is much better, isn’t it?

If your computer is running slow or has difficulty doing certain activities, it may be time to install more RAM on the machine.

This type of memory opens and closes files, reads what is saved on the internal and external hard drives and determines the number of programs that are capable of running at the same time.

So, the lack of this memory component can be felt mainly when the computer starts to be more demanded, with video editing programs or with heavier visual resources. Before buying a new product, consider how much memory you will actually need. This will depend on your usage profile.

If you are a more basic user, who uses your computer to surf the internet and perform work with text editors, for example, a 4GB RAM memory already guarantees the proper functioning of the system. In general, this is enough for the home use of the most common programs.

To find out what is the ideal amount of RAM, the user must make an assessment of the computer’s usage profile.

Now, if the goal is to play newer games with high image resolution, the ideal is to opt for memories of 8 or even 16 GB. This setting is also more recommended for those using high definition video editing software.

It is also necessary to take into account another factor. To have a high performance of the computer in any of the mentioned activities, RAM is just one of the necessary components. Therefore, the processor and video card must also be suitable and compatible with each other.

How much?

Several factors determine the price of a RAM stick. The values ​​will vary depending mainly on the amount of data that will be supported.

2 GB memories, which are almost no longer sold because they do not provide the user with a good experience, cost around R $ 50. The 4 GB ones are priced at around R $ 190. The 8 GB, R $ 285 and the 16GB, R $ 900. The variation between one store and another is quite large. It is worth researching before deciding.

Where to buy?

The hardware, in general, is sold only in specialized places in that market. Those who want to buy a RAM memory.

If you prefer to buy online, there are more options. All major online retailers can be searched. Among them, Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare and choose the best RAM

For the best purchase to be made, the consumer needs to analyze well what he wants. That way, you choose what is most suitable for you, you do not regret it and you do not have something that does not meet your needs.

When choosing which RAM to take home, take the following points into account:

  • Amount
  • DDR
  • Compatibility with other devices
  • Response time

Let’s talk a little bit about each of them.


The larger the RAM memory, the greater the amount of work that can be done by the computer or notebook. Today on the market, memories are sold with capacities ranging between 2GB and 16GB. The choice between the different types must be based on the computer’s usage profile.

2GB memories are almost no longer sold, as they don’t meet the needs of almost any computer and user. With 4 GB, your computer is already capable of running several programs at the same time, as long as they are not heavy.

Multimedia content already runs more smoothly and it is even possible to use audio editing software without the risk of having to stop work due to crashes. The 8 or 16 GB memories are aimed mainly at those who want or need high performance in all activities.

Machines with these capabilities are capable of running state-of-the-art games, in addition to HD-definition video editing programs.


In addition to capacity, another number worth paying attention to before buying is DDR. This acronym stands for Double Transfer Rate. The values ​​vary between 2 and 4 and have to do with the speed at which the data is transferred. The models with DDR4 memory are the most advanced, use less energy and have more frequency (from 2,133 to 4,266 MHz).

In general, the higher the number, the better the performance of the memory stick. Also be sure to check if your PC’s motherboard is compatible and supports that speed. Today, most RAM models are already DDR4.

One tip is to check the Qualified Vendor List – QVL list, made available by the card manufacturers. In it, companies disclose which are the most suitable models of RAM for that specific product.

If the frequency is higher than supported, the RAM will malfunction or cannot be used. If it is smaller, the system will lose performance. The best thing is to make sure everything works.

Compatibility with other devices

A high capacity RAM memory is useless if it is not compatible with other devices on the computer where it will be installed. Before purchasing RAM for the PC, it is important to observe the entire configuration, such as processor and video card.

This is especially important for those who need high performance. More advanced games, for example, require a video card that supports the images that are reproduced.

A well-functioning video card is capable of providing greater color fidelity to images. It also takes better advantage of the monitor resolution and speeds up the rendering of videos.

Likewise, the processor is critical. He’s the brain of the computer. It is responsible for receiving, organizing and forwarding all data and therefore the RAM memory must be compatible.

Response time

This is an attribute that influences the performance of the system and also the price of RAM. The term latency has to do with the memory response time. That is, how long it takes for a given data to be accessed.

The value is measured in milliseconds. The smaller the better. This is how long the RAM will take to respond and send the data back to other components of the computer.



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