Top & Best Notebook cover Review 2020 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Notebook cover: How to choose the best case in 2020?

Welcome to We appreciate your company! Today we are going to talk about an accessory that makes life easier for those who work in the office and always need to be close to their computer, the notebook cover.

Although not an essential item, it has numerous advantages and is a good ally to keep your computer running smoothly and protected from possible scratches.

Are you interested? Follow with us, because, below we will present you a Guide filled with information about the best models of the case for notebook!

First, the most important

  • The notebook cover is like the cell phone cover: it serves for protection. It is lightweight, foldable and is closed by a zipper. There are colorful and neutral models.
  • Some cases are extremely practical and work like a briefcase, as they have handles that allow you to carry your notebook around more easily.
  • The price of this item is very affordable. The models will hardly exceed the R $ 80 house!

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Ranking: The 4 best notebook covers

It’s not always easy to find the cover that we love right away, which is resistant, durable, but also beautiful and modern, right? But rest assured that we will help you in the search! We have selected the four best options on the market for you to take a look at:

Buying Guide

At first, a notebook cover may seem like a less important tool. But taking care of your computer is the best way to keep it running smoothly for longer!

Next, we will present you a complete Buying Guide, with all the information about the advantages of a good notebook case.

What is a notebook cover?

We don’t always remember the care we need to take with our notebook when buying it. But, because it is a very expensive device, keeping it clean and protected never hurts, and that’s what the covers are for.

The notebook cover, also known as the notebook case, has a very simple function: to protect it from possible scratches and even drops.

It is the place where you store your device after using it, and many of them even have a strap that allows you to carry it around, like a suitcase, you know?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a notebook case?

The advantages of a case are numerous! It is practical, fulfills what it proposes, and usually has great cost-benefit.

It greatly facilitates the life of those who work in the office but is always needing to take the computer home or meetings outside the company.

Inside the cases, you will also find compartments and pockets designed for you to carry complementary accessories, such as the battery, pen drives, notebooks, and even a webcam!

A legal advantage of some models is the water-resistant material. Excellent news for rainy days, right? Waterproof covers are always a good choice.

As we like to offer you a very complete guide, we set up a small comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Take a look:

Notebook or backpack cover?

Many people end up giving up buying a case to carry their notebook because they say that the backpack is enough. Well, the two articles have very different functions and it is very important that we understand this.

Having a backpack is almost essential in most people’s daily lives, of that, there is no doubt, but the point is that it was made to transport objects, and not to protect them.

Inside your backpack, you can take clothes, notebooks, wallets, keys, water bottles, and many other loose objects. There is no exclusivity with respect to the item you will be transporting.

The case is quite different. It is designed to ensure that your notebook does not scratch, get dirty and, if possible, does not break. It is literally an exclusive protective cover for your notebook.

If your device is loose in a backpack, it can be scratched by a pen, key or other objects. And even if the backpack has a compartment for it, damage can happen, with liquid spilled in your backpack, for example, your computer will be destroyed.

There is no way to replace the cover with the backpack, but what you can (and should) do is to combine the useful with the pleasant. Take the notebook in the case (preferably waterproof), inside the backpack.

How much?

There is not much secrecy regarding the cost of a notebook case. Most of them have very affordable prices, and some are even quite cheap, which is great news for our pockets.

On average, a basic cover, without much detail, costs between R $ 25 and R $ 45. But, if you choose the models with more compartments and handles for transport, you will notice that the value is around R $ 50 and R $ 80.

Still, it’s worth it if you use it and it depends a lot on your notebook.

Where to buy?

As notebook covers are simple items, they are not difficult to find on the market. If you are looking for a wide variety, we recommend that you go to a store specializing in technology and information technology.

However, department stores and Walmart are also great choices.

If you are a fan of online shopping, we can refer you to Amazon,  All products mentioned in this Guide can be found on the Amazon website.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing notebook cover models

We know that as simple as an article is, we sometimes have difficulties in analyzing its characteristics in a critical way. And that’s what we’re here for!

We put together a list with four very important criteria that must be observed before your purchase:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Functionality
  • Design

If you want to understand a little more about each one, just follow with us. We are nearing the end of this Guide.


Basically, this is the most important issue when choosing your case. The material is what defines the quality and durability of the cover.

There are countless models out there, but the best ones are those made of neoprene or nylon. The advantage of neoprene is that it is very cute, so if it falls, it is unlikely that your notebook will suffer any problems.

Nylon is thinner, but it has the advantage of being waterproof and helping you survive rainy days.


Before you choose your case, it is essential that you know how many inches your notebook has, because the size of the cases vary a lot.

Most are manufactured using a 15.6-inch device, but there are smaller and larger covers, each ideal for a type of computer.


The more functional, the better! It’s a delight to open your case and see that everything is organized in different pockets, without getting that mess of the phone cord with the charger cord.

So it is important that you choose models that are more practical, have more pockets, or even accompany smaller bags. The organization is essential.


Some do not think the design is important, but it should be taken into account when purchasing.

There are smooth cases, with textures, colored and neutral. Each with its own style and profile, so it is important that you connect with the message that the item conveys.

After all, it’s great to look at your table and feel that it’s in perfect sync with who you are, isn’t it?

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