Top & Best Positive Notebook Charger Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Positive Notebook Charger: Which are the best of 2022?

Hello, welcome to! Today we will talk about a component that is essential for portable computers, the Positivo notebook charger.

This type of charger has the simple most important function of enabling the use of the notebook even when its battery is empty and it is to show you more about it that we have gathered in this article the most important information and thus, at the end of reading, you will know exactly how to choose one for you. Keep reading and learn more!

First, the most important

  • Each charger has specific characteristics and before purchasing a new one it is important to check if the model matches the specifications of the previous one.
  • There are font options for original and similar Positivo notebooks.
  • The price of this product is very affordable and there are some for sale for around R $ 32.

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Best Positivo laptop chargers: Our favorites

The notebook charger is an essential part of its operation. When that item breaks, there is already a rush to acquire another one and continue using the computer. At this time it is important to make a good choice and to help you with that we bring you the best options. Check out:

  • Excellent bivolt charger
  • The charger with extra protection
  • The most cost-effective Positivo notebook power supply

Buying Guide

Imagine the following scene: you will use your notebook and discover that it has no battery. Simple problem to solve, just get the charger. Then it is time to plug it in and … the charger doesn’t work! Move from here, move from there and you come to the conclusion that you will need to buy another one.

This is a situation that many people who use notebooks have already gone through and purchasing a new charger can be an easy task, but it needs attention, as it is essential to purchase a quality product that meets the needs.

If you find yourself in this situation know that in this buying guide we bring all the information about this product to help you make a good choice, come on?

What is a Positivo notebook charger?

The charger or also called the notebook’s power supply is an essential component for all portable computers, as it is responsible for connecting the device to electrical power.

The Positivo notebook charger is a product that performs this same function, but with the specificity of being developed specifically for the computers of Positivo, a Brazilian brand created in 1972, in Paraná.


Did you know that Positivo started its activities by offering printing products and a pre-university course?

The company only started selling computers to the public in 2004 and continues today to develop new products.

How does a Positivo notebook charger work?

The power supply of a notebook has a very simple operation and composition. It basically has two cables, one that is plugged into the socket and into a block and the other that comes out of the central block and is connected to the computer.

Thereafter, when the charger is connected to electrical power it converts the mains voltage into a continuous voltage, which normally has between 15 and 20 volts of power.

This voltage is then taken to the computer and starts to supply energy so that the battery and other components can work. The good thing is that while the charger supplies the computer with power it also charges the battery so that it can be used later.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Positivo notebook charger?

The main advantage of this product is the fact that it was developed specifically for Positivo brand notebooks, with that it has all the necessary features to charge the computer without causing damage to it.

In addition, the connector is also suitable for the notebook and therefore has the correct shape and measures for it.

Another advantage is the price, since this type of charger usually has a very affordable value.

The only negative point is that there are several similar models that do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and can end up damaging the computer.

What are the main technical specifications of the Positivo notebook charger?

All notebook chargers are made with specific characteristics and it is important to understand them in order to know how to buy a new product. Therefore, we explain below what each of them means.

    • Input Voltage (Input): The input voltage refers to the energy that can be received from the outlet by the source. If the charger is bivolt it will normally be marked 110-240V.
    • Output voltage : The output voltage is the voltage that the power supply will send to the notebook. This voltage must be correct so that it does not overload the product.
    • Power (W): Demonstrated by the letter W, the power of the charger refers to the amount of energy it can supply to the notebook. This is one of the most important numbers that must be followed.
    • Amperage (A): Another important characteristic is the amperage shown by the letter A. It concerns the intensity of the electric current that can reach the notebook.


All of this information is on the back of the charger and can be easily viewed.

How much does a Positivo notebook charger cost?

As we mentioned above, one of the advantages of this product is the fact that it has a very affordable price. Therefore, it is possible to find options with values ​​that vary between R $ 31 and R $ 80.

An interesting question about the Positivo notebook charger is that the originals are usually cheaper than similar ones.


Where to buy a Positivo notebook charger?

On the internet you can find a very wide range of Positivo laptop charger options and some sites that sell this product are:

    • Amazon
    • Free market
    • American
    • Submarine


In physical stores the product can be purchased in those that sell computer products and some electronics.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Positivo Notebook Chargers

After knowing everything about the Positivo laptop charger, it’s time to present you the main points that you should take into consideration when choosing a model for you, they are:

  • Voltage
  • Universal or specific charger
  • Originality
  • Technical specifications
  • Cable length
  • Additional security

Below you will find a very detailed explanation on each of these topics so that you can analyze the options and make an excellent choice.


Both in Brazil and in other countries, there is no voltage pattern that comes from the outlet of houses and other establishments. With that, there are places where the voltage is 110 volts and others where it is 220 volts.

Most chargers are automatic bivolt, however it is always important to check this detail, because if you connect a 110 volt charger to a 220 volt outlet it can easily burn and spoil.

Universal or specific charger

Commonly we find universal notebook chargers for sale and these come with different connector models to be connected to computers of different brands.

In such cases it is important to ensure that the product specifications such as current, voltage and voltage are correct for your notebook, in addition to checking whether the plug is compatible with the model of the computer to be charged. It is worth mentioning that many times these connectors detach easily from the cable, which hinders its use.

Specific carriers do not need much analysis because they are produced following these recommendations, so the concern ends up being much less.


When we talk about any product in general it is known that the original items end up having higher quality and being more suitable.
With the charger for positive notebooks this is no different. If possible, choose an original model, as this will guarantee you less chance of damage to the computer.

If this possibility does not exist, look for a charger of a reputable and quality brand, which works with products produced according to technical standards.

Also, check the warranty period of the charger, this is a way to ensure that the manufacturer is correct and that any damage that occurs in the period within that period will be repaired.

Many sources that are not original do not offer a regulated voltage, do not have safety devices and do not reach full power, which can impair the notebook’s operation.

Technical specifications

As we explained above, every notebook charger has technical specifications that ensure that the computer works without damage.

Therefore, before purchasing a new one, take all the values ​​present in the model that was being used and compare it with the new one, always remembering that sources that provide different values ​​may not work properly or damage your computer.

Cable length

If there is one thing that ends up limiting the use of electronics, it is the length of the charger cable, whether for cell phones or even notebooks.

Therefore, always look at the characteristics of the product you are thinking of buying how many meters the cable has and analyze if the measurement is sufficient for its regular use.

If you have doubts about this, you can measure the charger cable you already used and with that you have a sense of whether you prefer a smaller or larger one. There are different measures and this makes it easier to find an ideal one.

Additional security

Especially thinking about Positivo notebook chargers that are not original, it is important to check which security extras the product has to ensure that no damage to the computer occurs.

Therefore, check if it has protection against short circuits and heating, if it has a voltage stabilizer, automatic voltage selector and the like.

It is very important that the product has these features because in this way, if an excessive current comes through the electricity it will protect the notebook and prevent it from burning or other damage from occurring.

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