Top & Best Capture card Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Capture card: What is the best choice in 2022?

Taking screenshots or recording videos with a dedicated capture card results in 4k full HD image transmissions. There are several models, so it is necessary to understand some concepts before buying.

Videogames, cameras, DVD players, in short, different devices can transmit content with impeccable quality based on the use of capture card and computer. See the text for the main details about this important technological product.

First, the most important

  • There are internal and external capture cards.
  • Pay attention to the number of device inputs before confirming the purchase.
  • More capable capture cards are ideal for transmitting games at higher resolutions.

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Best capture cards: Our recommendations

From a distance they look like similar products. But, by learning some technical points of the best versions you realize that there are differences:

  • Reliable production that won’t let you down
  • To capture 4K from consoles
  • For 4k capture from computers
  • Less costs and more benefits when capturing

Buying Guide

Do live streams on social media stop at any time? What you need is an advanced capture card. See how to buy this product respecting your preferences.

What is a capture card and what is it for?

A capture card is a type of device that has the characteristic of making it possible to transfer images or sounds from DVDs, VCRs, professional video cameras , videogames, smartphones, among other devices, directly to the computer, to store, play or transmit.

The captured files are stored in digital form, such as in MP4 format. Some users use a capture card in order to capture video from the computer without using other programs.

“If you intend to build a video capture system (from television, VCR or DVD) for your computer, you will need to purchase a capture card. ( 1 ) ”

How to use an external capture card to capture games?

Basically, the console or the TV needs to have ports to plug the capture card. Then you connect the card directly to the computer and that’s it. Watch the video below for more details:

What are the advantages of a capture card?

With a capture card the act of capturing images from television and games becomes something more practical, achievable by anyone who has basic computer skills.

In addition to capturing content, the capture card also helps you to transmit online with high graphic quality and less crashes.

There are models that have internal software, eliminating the need to install extra programs to capture or transmit content.

Discover more positives and negatives of the capture card by looking at the table:

Internal or external capture card: Which to choose?

There are two types of capture cards: internal and external. Each choice has its particularities. Understand the difference of the two models to increase your level of knowledge about this product:

    • Internal capture card: Popular, these models offer superior performance, mainly because the internal installation facilitates access to the PCIe interface band that exists on the motherboard, increasing the speed in capturing high resolutions.
    • External capture card : Being portable is the main advantage of the transportable model to different locations easily. A lightweight, small version designed specifically for easy transport.


The connection via USB can reduce the power of the version by the delay in sending signals to the motherboard, although there are models of higher prices that offer an acceptable configuration. The table below summarizes the characteristics of each device:

How much does it cost and where to buy a capture card?

From R $ 700 to R $ 4,000 or a little more is the average price of the capture card in the national market. Imported versions cost more, especially when they optimize transmissions in 4k.

With a value of R $ 800 it is possible to find a quality external capture card.

Finding external capture cards is not a difficult task. You can visit department stores that have computer sectors.

The amount of R $ 1,200 is adequate to find qualitative versions of the internal capture card.

On the internet there are more offers of internal or external capture card. On the Amazon website there are several options at inviting prices with free shipping to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Did you know that a capture card does not work on all computers? It turns out that each version is configured to work within a certain operating system. Make sure the product is compatible with your computer before purchasing.



Purchase Criteria: Comparison factors of capture card offers

Many video game players are successful worldwide after broadcasting some of their historic matches, which can attract millions of hits.

You can also show all your skill on the joystick perfectly. As long as you learn to compare models to take production with guaranteed success in data processing. Compare according to the following criteria:

  • Interface
  • Use
  • Doors
  • Program
  • Synchronization

You can know the meaning of each point later on.


In the case of capture cards, the term interface refers to the way in which the product establishes a connection with a computer. Popularly the USB port stands out for ease of fitting and configuring.

USB and PCI are two common capture card interfaces.

USB and PCI are two common capture card interfaces. Another interface option is PCI-express which records images with excellent quality of sharpness, a little more difficult to configure. When making this choice first you need to make sure that the PCI input on the motherboard is not occupied by another device.


You can save on the product if you want to have a capture card just to save videos and store on your computer or other devices. You just need to make sure that the product has the ability to save in formats accepted by your PC. MP4 and AVI are the most common standards on capture cards.

You can convert the capture recordings to other formats using various software available online for free.

On the other hand, you need to invest more money if you have the desire for a card in order to record and (or) broadcast online games of video games or gameplays with high graphic quality.

This same high-quality investment rule is valid if you want to record live content from your TV to the machine that you broadcast online to others.


Before buying you must pay attention to the ports of the devices and the capture card, selecting the models according to your true needs.

For example, to record from an old video camera, analog TV or VCR, you probably need a capture card with S-Video or RCA A / V inputs.

There is HDMI output on certain models of digital cameras, so it is necessary to use a card that has the input for this same format in order to capture the videos, another example.


Most capture card manufacturers provide their own software for you to perform editing services, record, perform live broadcasts, among other tasks.

It is worth mentioning that these software are very different in quality and functionality. Some standards have evolved to the point where you can post comments and activate the webcam during broadcasts.

There are third-party programs that offer these same functions as the capture board’s factory software. So, depending on the case, you don’t have to pay more for the product just because of the program.


Some dedicated capture card versions are able to make video and audio capture services from different sources more flexible, combining everything in perfect synchronization.

These productions are effective for those looking for the model that facilitates professional editions. They usually cost higher prices.


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