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Top & Best Laser printer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Laser printer: How to choose the best one in 2022

Greetings from! Your presence always makes us happy, and we hope to help you with all your questions about the laser printer. The great curiosity of this printer is that it does not use ink.

Do you want to know how they transfer text and images to paper? Thanks to technology and hard work. More than 80 years of research and improvement.

So, to understand everything about these machines, we will introduce you to models, features and definitions so that you can choose the most appropriate equipment for your daily needs. We will put everything in black, white, and colorful!

First, the most important

  • If you are one of those connected at speed, whether out of necessity, or simply detest waiting, laser printers are great options.
  • Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of touching your fingers on a newly printed image or text, and part of the ink getting on your fingers smudging the image? This does not happen with this type of printer.
  • Excellent for monochrome prints (black and white), it ends up losing to inkjet in photographic prints (color quality), even though its printing is more durable and resistant to time.

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Best laser printers: Our favorites

Printers are not that easy to choose, due to the variety of devices on the market. Have you noticed the diversity of printed materials that exist? So we made a selection of some of the best laser printer models to make that choice easier. Check the list below:

  • Brother Monochrome Laser Printer
  • Laserjet Color All-in-One – HP
  • Laser Multifunctional – Brother

Buying Guide

There are many types of printers, and although they all serve to print, they have completely different uses. We are talking about a device capable of generating billboard sheets or even 3D prints.

To stay focused, let’s talk about the laser printer and answer all your questions, as this is the best option in terms of durability and speed.

What is a laser printer?

Technology-based equipment changes constantly, and very quickly, with printers being no different. Over time several options have emerged and making simple choices confusing for you, the consumer.

In the middle of these options we find the laser printer, equipment that uses laser beams to transmit information to the paper.

This beam of lasers creates an invisible image, and then an ultra-fine powder, called toner, is released onto the sheet, adhering to the image drawn by the laser.

Then, a heater raises the temperature of the sheet, fixing those particles forever on the paper. This also explains why when you remove a freshly printed sheet from these devices, you are able to feel heat emanating from them.

Curious to know more? Check out this video (in English) showing how it works:

A process that is more than complex, but has many advantages compared to other types of printer.

Laser or inkjet printer?

One of the biggest doubts, when a person searches for a printer, is which type to choose since there are several options.

Currently, we have models that print a text sheet in a mere two seconds, with an accuracy that exceeds 1,000pp (dots per inch). Among the various types, the big question is about the differences between laser and inkjet.

In addition to being faster, the laser printer is also more durable and prints in high resolution. In contrast, inkjet is a cheaper option.

In search of a comparison with its main rival, here we point out some of the main differences between them to help you make a decision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the laser printer?

Know that printers make noise when they operate, which can cause disruption and distraction to the environment. But, opting for the laser printer, you will be on the path of quieter versions than the competitors.

They are also faster, making them an excellent option for large companies.

And who has never printed a document that, unfortunately, ended up getting wet or receiving a few drops of liquid, blurring the page? This does not happen with laser printing due to the technology used, ensuring the integrity of the image, even with wet paper.

As we saw above in the comparative table, this model has two disadvantages. First it is still a more expensive option, and second it ends up not being the best model for those who print in color, as they are even more expensive.

How much?

We have already shown you that a laser printer has great advantages over its main competitors, in terms of speed and durability of the print load.

There is no escape from this truth: the greater the amount of resources of technological equipment, the higher its price.

In this way, we can find models from R $ 400 with only monochrome printing, but preserving all the characteristics of a laser, and even higher than R $ 3,000.

In our list you can see this range of values, and notice that such variation is directly related to the product specifications.

Where to buy?

Printers are electronics in common use in practically every location, being easily found in stores that have a computer department, whether large networks or small neighborhood ones.

A piece of advice that we give, and is valid for any product, is to be careful with the impulse to acquire anything by the salesperson’s speech.

Our goal in informing you is precisely to present important questions to apply in the choices you will make. Therefore, analyze each of the models presented and note which are the most prominent for you.

You can also buy online on several sites such as:

    • Amazon;

Buying online you find the best deals and receive the product at your door.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing laser printer models

Technology has always meant making choices, and they are not getting easier over time. New brands and models, new ways to do the same. There is a bombardment of advertisements that leaves not only you, but many people confused.

But, whether for domestic or labor purposes, there are some questions to help in defining a laser printer model to meet your needs, aiming to be the best cost-benefit ratio.

Here we list some criteria that we consider important for choosing your printer:

  • Resolution or performance
  • Print speed
  • Printing capacity
  • Compatible paper
  • Monochrome or colorful?

Below, we will understand each one in detail:

Resolution or performance

Here we are going to introduce a term perhaps unknown to you, DPI (dots per inch). This acronym is very common when we search for printer specifications, and when someone talks about it, they don’t even care if the other knows what it means. But then, what is it?

It is basically the resolution capacity of the printer. In Portuguese, we speak dots per inch, and their relationship is that the higher the DPI, the greater the potential for “painting” the printer.

When searching, they will receive information such as 1200×600 dpi, or 6000×1200 dpi and variables. This means that the printer has the capacity to paint, in this last example, 6,000 dots horizontally and 1,200 dots vertically, within a square inch.

Therefore, the higher the dpi of the laser printer, the greater its printing capacity in high resolution.

Print speed

One of the dominant criteria for any laser printer has to do directly with its ability to get your report ready in minutes.

And this is very valid in a fast-paced world like ours, where we usually leave the impression for the last moment.

With a speed capable of delivering, from 20 to 50 pages per minute, these printers are effective for sharing with multiple computers, along with the need for fast prints.

In offices with many employees, 50 pages per minute seems the most suitable solution.

In a smaller environment or even for a house, the 20 is enough. Notice this detail in the product description to choose the best option for you.

Printing capacity

Imagine the printer installed, turning papers quickly, and every five minutes you need to get up to get more paper? Surely she would become an enemy and not an ally!

So, within this criterion, we must analyze two things: tray and load duration.

  • Tray : Manufacturers know about this need and, in delivering speed, they understand the need to provide storage capacity.
    It is not uncommon for laser printers to find trays with a capacity of up to 250 sheets, some with more than 500.
  • Duration of charge : On average, the toner in a laser printer usually lasts up to 1,000 pages, but there are machines that report possibilities greater than 10,000 pages.
    It’s a big variable, so try to find out what printing capacity you need in terms of volumes, to find a better option for you, reducing the need for replacements.

Compatible paper

A good device is useless if it is not able to print what you want, right? So, it is important to know the limitations of your laser printer.

In general, these printers are quite dynamic with respect to the size of the paper they print, often working from A5 (14.8x21cm) to legal size (21.6×35.6cm), and all others within this range.

But the paper also has depth, weight (or weight, as they usually call it). Models with laser printing are always excellent for printing in quality, but with a peculiarity regarding the paper.

Due to the use of a cylinder, the paper is “folded” to be printed, which can affect its characteristics or prevent printing.

But, models with “rear” paper entry allow thicker sheets to enter, allowing for a huge range of possibilities. So, stay tuned to the printer’s descriptions and compare with your checklist, ensuring that the product is fully serviced to your needs.

Monochrome or colorful?

Although a lot of material available on the network talks about monochrome (black and white) laser printers, there are already those on the market that also print in color.

Those with color printing, print at a speed similar to black and white, and with the same resolution characteristics, without smearing or smudging. But they are even more expensive options.

Try to assess the real need for this impression in your company. If budgeting is not an issue for you, laser printers that also print in color can be a great deal.

Now, if you are keen to have this type of printing, but you also want to save money, it may be better to look for another type of printer.


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