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Top & Best DVD Recorder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best DVD Recorder: Which are the best in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com! Today we are going to talk about DVD recorders. It is a very important accessory, especially when many notebooks available on the market no longer come with a DVD player. A USB cable is enough to connect the accessory to the notebook.

The device has a dual function: reading media files and recording videos and music on a blank disc. They are portable and compatible with most desktops, which means you can take them wherever you want.

the mission is to present a complete guide to buying a DVD recorder for you to get it right. Soon, you will find the best models, the price range, where to find, and what criteria to consider when choosing!

First, the most important

  • As much as video-on-demand services are on the rise, they do not have all the movies and series in the world. Some videos you only have recorded on DVDs, right? In that sense, having an external DVD recorder allows you to watch your videos whenever and wherever you want
  • When buying a DVD recorder, try to pay attention to compatibility and its design. Ideally, the device will easily connect with your notebook and, of course, harmonize with your work environment.
  • As there is not so much difference in technology, DVD recorders from different manufacturers have similar selling prices. In general, they vary between R $ 130 and R $ 180.

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Ranking: The 3 best DVD recorders

Even though DVD usage has declined in recent years, it is still necessary. For that, a DVD recorder can be what you are looking for. We have selected the best models for you to make your choice.

Buying Guide

Technology has evolved and as a result, many computers no longer have DVD input. However, there is still demand this consumption. Sometimes, we need a DVD recorder to watch something that only exists in that format, as favorite series collected.

Throughout this complete guide we want to help you understand more about this device, and of course, help with your purchase.

What is a DVD recorder and what are its advantages?

As you already know, many notebook models do not have DVD players. Then, the need arises to have an accessory that allows you to watch your films and series recorded on this media.

Here, we are talking about the DVD recorder. In addition to playing various media, the device also records videos, music and other files on a blank disc. That way, you can memorize all the episodes of your favorite series and lend it to a friend – and vice versa.

Best of all, the DVD burner requires no installation. Simply connect the accessory with your notebook using a USB cable. The notebook immediately starts playing the media file or opens a window to start the recording process.

And since it is plugged into another device, it does not need to charge a battery. The USB cable works for both reading and power supply.

Small and light, the best DVD recorder models can be taken everywhere. In addition, they are compatible with all versions of the notebook and computer operating system.

On the other hand, you must be very careful when transporting your DVD recorder. That’s because most of them are fragile and can easily be damaged by a fall or simply a hit.

Another disadvantage of DVD recorders is that they do not read Blu-Ray discs, a more modern technology capable of storing films with superior image quality.

How did the DVD come about?

The DVD did not come about by accident. By the mid-1990s, VHS was already obsolete technology. A data storage medium more compatible with the period that was experiencing great technological advances was needed.

It was within this context and after long discussions, that Sony and Philips accepted the Toshiba project and created the DVD, which stands for Digital Video Disc.

One of the great news was the implementation of the “push-pull” technology, which allows you to move from one scene to another quickly. This is a feature similar to changing tracks on a CD.

Despite being similar in size to a CD, DVD discs have a much larger media storage capacity. When it comes to image quality, you can’t even compare to that of a VHS.

How much?

As it is only an accessory for computers and notebooks, the price of a DVD recorder is not very high. Especially when comparing with other electronic products.

In general, they have the same technical specifications. In practice, this means that the price variation between one model and another is not that great. To get an idea, the recorders presented in this Guide cost between R $ 170 and R $ 130.

When shopping, most stores provide good conditions for payment in installments. So, you don’t feel that much in your pocket.

Where to buy?

You can buy your DVD recorder without leaving your home. On the  Amazon website, there is a very large offer of these devices. Marketplaces.

Now, if you value the good service of a salesperson, you can go to a physical store.  Extra, Fast Shop are some department stores that sell DVD recorders.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing DVD burner models

As a rule, the best models of DVD recorders have practically the same technical specifications: they have good quality for both recording and reproduction and are light and compact to be taken everywhere.

Even so, there are still some details that must be observed when buying your DVD recorder. See what they are below:

  • Compatibility
  • Design
  • Size and Weight
  • CD burner


Have you ever thought of buying a DVD recorder model that is not compatible with your notebook’s operating system? It is the same as throwing money away. In this sense, it is very important to check the compatibility of the device.

Here, it is worth remembering that most DVD recorders do not work on Smart TV. So, before finalizing your order, read the features to make sure it is compatible with the device you want.


It may sound silly, but the design makes a lot of difference. After all, nobody wants to have an ugly and disproportionate notebook or computer accessory on the table, right? Even more in the age of technology.

Pay attention to the colors too. Ideally, the color of the DVD recorder should match the color of your notebook or computer.

Size and weight

If the design is important, dimensions cannot go unnoticed either. Check the measurements in centimeters and also the weight of the DVD recorder in the product description.

In general, the accessories are slim, light, and compact. They vary from 200 to 400 grams. That way, you can use it at home and take it to work or for coffee.

For those who will use to transport frequently, it is worth investing in the lightest and most compact model.

CD burner

Here is an alert especially for those who like to buy online! Know carefully if you are buying a CD or DVD burner.

We emphasize this because there are models that burn CDs but only read DVDs. But often the title of the offer does not make this very clear.

So that you do not make the wrong order, and when you receive the product realize that it only reads – and does not write – DVD media, read the characteristics carefully.



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