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Top & Best Nvidia Graphics Card Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nvidia Graphics Card: Which is the best for your computer in 2022?

If you use your computer for games, video editing, 3D modeling or other activities that require a lot of visual processing, you know the importance of a good video card. So today we’re going to talk about the best brand on the market: the Nvidia graphics card.

Nvidia makes graphic processing units capable of pleasing both those who stay only in the lightest activities and those who need the highest level of performance. Let’s go deeper into the subject in this article and take any questions you may have!

First, the most important

  • Nvidia is responsible for GeForce, one of the most traditional lines of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), the most important part of the video card.
  • Since it was created, Nvidia has been responsible for the most modern technology for video cards. So it is always the choice of addicted to games and performance.
  • For those who use the computer only for lighter activities, a video card from previous generations by Nvidia is more than enough to do a great job.

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The best Nvidia video cards: Our opinion

Buying a video card that doesn’t suit the uses you make of your computer can result in problems. So we have listed some Nvidia models for all types of demands and pockets!

  • The entry model
  • For demanding gamers
  • The Light Activity Board

Buying Guide

We know you want the best for your computer. Therefore, we will explain in the buying guide about why Nvidia is such a good choice in terms of video card, in addition to entering into several questions about the usefulness of its models.

We’ve selected some of the biggest questions about Nvidia graphics cards and answered them below!

Why does Nvidia stand out in the video card market?

Since the early 1990s, video games have become one of the most common activities on computers. And allowing a graphical evolution was a complicated task, since domestic machines were not that advanced.

Nvidia arose from this perception that a graphic evolution for computers was necessary. And, since then, it has been very important. GeForce cards, the line that dominates the market for these peripherals, are always one step ahead of the competition.

We can say that Nvidia graphics cards are synonymous with technology, reliability and innovation.

It is worth remembering that Nvidia is responsible for the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), not for the complete hardware. You will find several different companies that manufacture video cards using the GeForce brand!


Did you know that it was three friends, engineers Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem, who founded Nvidia in 1993?

Shortly thereafter, they launched the first generation of GeForce cards, which became the market leader by far surpassing anything that the competition could offer at the moment.

What are the advantages of Nvidia graphics cards?

Through its GeForce line, Nvidia offers the most modern graphics technology to its consumers. The brand is always one step ahead of the others.

But that’s not all: We can point out that Nvidia is also concerned with consumers who are not so keen on technology and games, allowing “entry-level” models to also be of high quality.

Nvidia video cards are compatible with G-Sync technology, present in gamers’ monitors from brands such as Asus, Acer and LG. On the other hand, only in the latest models is there compatibility with FreeSync, used by rival AMD.

We can highlight as a negative point the fact that Nvidia video cards are more expensive than those of rival brands.

Below is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of Nvidia graphics cards:

What are the lines of Nvidia graphics cards?

The GeForce line dominates Nvidia graphics cards. It has eleven generations, always bringing great technological innovations in the launch of each one.

To understand the nomenclature of a GeForce video card, you need to pay attention to its acronym. “GT” means a model for simple computing activities, and “GTX” indicates a more robust card. The first number, for example, 10 in “GTX 1050”, denotes the generation.

The number that comes right after the generation indicator is related to the card’s performance. Therefore, the GTX 1070 is much more powerful than the GTX 1030. There was only a change in the eleventh generation, which receives the prefix 20 and has G being replaced by R.

With that, it is already possible to understand what type of card you are dealing with just by looking at the nomenclature. But still, we set up a table with some of the best selling models.

Are Nvidia graphics cards ideal for games?

We have already mentioned how many Nvidia video cards are fantastic for games. But there is still a visual demonstration, isn’t it?

In the following video, the Adrenaline channel tests the GeForce GTX 1050 card in several games, which is half the line of the tenth generation of the brand, was mentioned in the table above, and has excellent results!

Prepare your gaming chair , your gaming mousepad and all the other necessary accessories and start playing!

What other activities are possible with Nvidia graphics cards?

Games are not the only activity that requires a high-level video card. Nvidia knows this and also makes their cards ideal for many other activities.


A simple video card is enough for most everyday activities.

A simple video card, from the intermediate generations of the company, is enough for most of the daily activities. Watching series and movies, playing older video games, doing video editing without major effects and using camera chat features are fully possible.

However, if you work with video editing that uses a lot of special effects, animations, 3D modeling or mining bitcoins, know that Nvidia has cards good enough for you! After all, the latest generation of GeForce is the most modern on the market!

How much does it cost and where to buy an Nvidia video card?

You already know that there are several generations and technologies of Nvidia graphics cards. It is natural, therefore, that prices have an abyss between them. Some older models, of intermediate generations, can be found between R $ 200 and R $ 500.

If your idea is to buy a modern card for use in simple activities, be prepared to shell out between R $ 500 and R $ 1000. But if you want to run the most modern games with a state-of-the-art model, you will need to spend around R $ 5,000.

It is possible to buy an Nvidia video card at computer stores or games stores. But the best option is the Amazon website, with a huge range of models and great prices. See also Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: What to take into account when choosing your Nvidia video card

The time has come to get into some more technical issues. We selected four to discuss:

  • Compatibility
  • Transfer rate
  • Frequency
  • 3D technology

Let’s talk a little more about each of these questions below!


It’s not enough to have a good video card: it needs to be compatible with the rest of your equipment!

The monitor, for example, needs to support the characteristics of the graphics of the card. There’s no point in having a state-of-the-art GeForce and a ten-year-old tube monitor. It will not reproduce what the card can generate.

We can say the same about the processor. So make sure that your video card is suitable for your computer.

There is still physical compatibility: There are cards with outputs of six, eight or even more pins. If the monitor’s input is not similar, you will need at least one adapter.

Transfer rate

The transfer rate of a video card is directly linked to memory. It concerns the amount of data that the peripheral can store and transfer to the computer per second.

Therefore, if the video card has a transfer rate below what is necessary for a certain activity, it will begin to fail to transfer in the expected measure, causing the computer to be slow and generate the famous “lag”.

Make sure the transfer fee is sufficient for the activity you want to do!


In the technical specifications of Nvidia graphics cards, you will find information described as “GPU Clock”. This is because the part’s central processing unit, called a GPU, works similarly to a processor and, therefore, a frequency.

The higher the GPU clock number, the better the video card’s performance.

Technically speaking, the frequency is measured in GhZ and indicates how many cycles the processor completes in one second. But in the most popular language, suffice it to say that the higher the number of GPU Clock, the better the performance of the video card.

3D technology

We live in an era when the vast majority of games are made in 3D. Many films already use technology and there are even those who work with it in the market.

So it is important to know if your chosen video card has an ideal support for working or playing 3D media. In the latest models, it is guaranteed that there will be, but otherwise, it is always good to check the specifications of the card!



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