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Top & Best Epson Printer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Epson Printer: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Epson printer, one of the best brands in the printing device segment. Epson’s great advantage is offering devices with advanced technology.

You find a wide variety of printers, for personal or professional use. To find a suitable model for your profile, you need to know the different Epson printer segments. That is one of the subjects of this article.

First, the most important

  • Epson makes tank and inkjet printer models. You do not find models with laser printing .
  • All models in the professional line have a compact design – developed to take up little space in the office – and a frontal ink tank, which allows the user to monitor the level of the reservoir.
  • A kit with four ink tanks or two cartridges, power cable, USB cable, installation CD and quick installation guide is included with the Epson printer or multifunction printer.

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The Best Epson Printer Models: Our Choices

Want to buy an Epson printer, but don’t know which model to choose? We have prepared some purchase suggestions below:

  • A high-performance option
  • An Epson multifunctional printer with compact design
  • A very quick option

Buying Guide

The Epson printer is an essential equipment for studies or work, whether in a commercial office or Home Office. To choose the right printer for you it is important to understand your needs.

How many pages do you print per day? Do you print only text or images too? Need to scan or make copies of books or files? After answering these questions, you will understand your needs. Then just read the information in this Buying Guide to choose the ideal model.

What are the advantages of an Epson printer?

Epson is recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the printing device segment. Due to its commitment to innovation, it holds numerous intellectual property patents.

One such technology is PrecisionCore , a high-intensity print chip designed to deliver unbeatable image quality. Up to 40 million dots per second, with less distortion and imperfections.

Another exclusive technology is MicroPiezo , applied to the print head, which guarantees precision in the use of ink, in addition to print quality and speed. By not using heat, you can use a greater variety of paints.

Another interesting feature is the Epson Connect system , an innovative solution used to print files remotely – no matter if you are on the other side of the world or in the room.

Simply access the Epson application from your tablet , smartphone or notebook and perform the desired task. You can print and scan documents via Wireless.

What are Epson EcoTank printers?

Another technology exclusive to Epson is the EcoTank ink tank. The models in this line are compact and offer the convenience of staying up to two years without having to replace printer ink.

Savings are up to 90% compared to the cartridge, as a set of ink tanks contains 35 times more ink. You can print up to 7,500 color pages and 6,000 black pages. To supply the printer is simple, watch the video below:

Tip: Always use the original gallons of ink, as they are designed specifically for Epson printer models. The use of these supplies ensures the proper functioning of the equipment.

Opting for generic inks can reduce print quality and clog the printer’s channels, causing possible repair needs that would void the product warranty.


Did you know that there is a way to identify original Epson printer inks? Look for the brand hologram on the product packaging and avoid buying imitations.


What is the best Epson printer for home use?

Epson has two lines of printers and multifunction devices for home use: Expression – models XP231 and XP241 – and the models of the EcoTank line – L3110, L3150, L4150 and L4160.

The Expression XP231 is the cheapest Epson printer on sale. It is a multifunctional model, with inkjet printing and individual cartridges – you can change only the color you finish.

This model has the best image resolution in the segment, 5760×1440 dpi. The device has Wi-Fi and USB connection and is compatible with Epson Connect. The Expression XP241 has the same features, the difference is the compact size.

You can also choose one of the Epson printer models from the EcoTank line. Both printers are multifunctional, that is, they print, scan and copy.

For families, students and small businesses, the recommended models are the L3100 and L3150 MFPs. If you need a little more power, opt for the L4150 and L4160 models. Compare the differences in the table below:

What is the best Epson printer for commercial use?

Epson offers several models of printers and MFPs for commercial use, whether small or medium-sized companies or corporations with high productivity. All models in the commercial segment are from the EcoTank line.

See the professional printer models in the table below:

Now that you know the printer models for commercial use, let’s talk about the multifunction printer models. Altogether, Epson has seven models in this category, for companies in different profiles. Review the table below:

How much does an Epson printer cost?

You can find Epson printer models in different price ranges. The cheapest ones start at R $ 350. If you want a multifunctional printer, you will need to invest around R $ 800 to R $ 900. The most expensive models cost between R $ 1,000 and R $ 2,000.

Where to buy an Epson printer?

You can buy the Epson printer at office supply stores. If you prefer, you can buy the equipment online, in stores like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing Epson printer models

To help you choose an Epson printer, we have created a quick and hassle-free buying guide with simple recommendations on what features you should review at the time of purchase:

  • Print mode
  • Functions
  • Photo printer
  • Other Epson printer models

We will detail each of the items throughout this section. Check out.

Print mode

You can find Epson printer models with inkjet printing or ink tank printing.

The ink tank printer uses tanks with four colors: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. It is from the combination of these colors that the other shades are formed.

You can print up to 7,500 color pages and 6,000 black pages. The equipment is fast and can print up to 39 pages per minute. The advantage is that when one of the tanks runs out, just replace the corresponding paint.

The inkjet printer uses cartridges, one black and one color. It is the ideal model for those who do not need a very large print volume. The machine prints up to 20 pages per minute.


Unsure whether to buy a simple or multifunction printer? It’s simple, if you just print files, invest in an Epson printer.

If you need other functions, such as scanning, copying and printing files, invest in a multifunctional. Although it is unusual, you will find some models with fax.

Photo printer

In addition to printers and multifunctional devices for personal and professional use, you will find the ideal photo printer for those who want to print photographs with the same quality as those developed in the laboratory.

This model is economical, prints almost two thousand 10x15cm photos with full ink tanks – in black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and yellow.

Epson models guarantee resistance to discoloration for up to 96 years in glass frames and up to 200 years in photo album. The household models are: L1800, L805, P600 and PM525 (portable). You can also find models in the professional segment.


Other Epson printer models

If you need an Epson printer to print vouchers, bills, tax coupons, labels and bar codes, you can invest in a thermal or dot matrix printer.

The thermal printer has this name, because it reaches high temperatures, which cause the paper to change color – in up to two shades – for this it uses a special paper.

The dot matrix printer, works like a typewriter. It has a print head with needles that pierce a ribbon with ink, so the images come out. Epson has the following models in this category:

  • FX8900II
  • DFX900
  • FX-2190II
  • LQ-2090
  • LQ-590
  • LQ-680 Pro
  • LX-350


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