Top & Best Vaio Notebook Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Vaio Notebook: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Vaio notebook, a brand of computers with excellent quality, durability, ease of handling, and innovative design.

If you need to buy a notebook, you can find excellent options at Vaio. And, among the three lines that the company works, surely one of them will be ideal for you.

In this article, we will talk about the different Vaio notebook models, what changes from one version to the next, tips on what aspects you should analyze at the time of purchase, and much more.

First, the most important

  • Vaio works with three notebook lines: the entry model is the C14, the intermediaries are from the Fit line (15F and 15S) and the premium models are from the S line (S11 and S13), imported from Japan.
  • Some features change between Vaio notebooks: processor, storage, RAM, screen size and resolution, operating system, color, and type of keyboard.
  • The Vaio computer line was a sub-brand of Sony until it was sold to a Japanese company in 2014. In the same year, Vaio notebooks were reformulated and reinserted in the market.

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The best Vaio notebooks: Our suggestions

Vaio is globally recognized for offering modern, functional devices with excellent technical performance and that meet different needs, tastes, and pockets.

As there are several models, divided into three lines, we select the best ones as purchase suggestions.

Buying Guide

The Vaio notebook line exceeds the performance of many other brands and stands out as one of the best in the market. But do you know what are the differentials of these devices? The best models? Where to buy them? In this Buying Guide, we will answer these and other questions.

What are the differentials of a Vaio notebook?

Vaio is a premium brand in portable computers, and we are not referring to the price, but to the extreme quality with which these devices are developed.

The magnesium alloy body combines quality and lightness. The sizes vary, there are compact models, with only 11 inches, medium versions, between 13 and 14 inches, and larger models of almost 16 inches.

The LED screen ensures sharpness at any angle of view, and the anti-glare feature allows the use of the computer in environments with intense brightness, without loss of visibility. The resolution can be in HD or Full HD.

Vaio notebooks have a line of Intel Core processors (i3, i5, and i7), which guarantee high performance and performance.

Finally, you will find Vaio notebooks with displays in seven color options, from traditional white and black, to modern lead, silver and blue, and the irreverent red and brown.

C, Fit, or S lines: Which Vaio notebook to choose?

The Vaio C14 notebook is considered an entry-level model, that is, a more basic device. Starting with size: it’s 14 inches on an HD screen, and the device is available in just one shade: blue with silver. The operating system can be Core i3, i5, or i7.

Fit line devices (15S or 15F) are considered intermediate models. Both are 15.6 inches, available in white, red or lead, and can have an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor.

The screen resolution can be HD or Full HD and the keyboard can be of the common type or backlit. Storage can be done via SSD (256 or 512 GB) or internal hard drive (up to 1 TB).

Vaio’s S-line notebooks are considered top-of-the-line models. Manufactured at Vaio’s headquarters in Japan, the S11 and S13 models are considered Ultrabooks, due to a number of factors.

Starting with the compact dimensions that favor portability. To be considered an Ultrabook, these devices can only be 1.8 to 2.3 cm thick, 11 to 14 inches, and weigh between 900 g to 1.4 kg.

The S11 has an 11-inch Full HD IPS screen, 15 mm thick, and weighs only 940 grams. This model has a 7th generation Core i5 processor and 512 GB SSD memory.

The S13 model also has IPS Full HD display, but this time with 13 inches, 15 mm thick, and 1 KG. This model has a Core i7 operating system and storage for up to 512 GB on SSD.

In addition to the ultra-thin design, the S-line models have a long battery life (up to 11 hours of autonomy), startup, and fast operation. These characteristics make these models excellent options for those who need mobility.

Another differential of the S line is the Fingerprint feature, that is, a biometric reader that brings even more security to your data and confidential information. Finally, both models feature a backlit keyboard.

How do I choose the processor for my Vaio notebook?

The processor is the part that analyzes the data received and emitted by the computer. The hardware consists of cores, cache memory, and speed measured in Gigahertz.

The cores run the software without locking the equipment. They can be two, four, six, eight or ten cores, depending on the processor. The cache memory, records which websites or software you access frequently to activate them quickly.

The frequency refers to the speed at which the machine works. The Vaio standard ranges from 2.50 to 2.70 GHz at normal speed and from 3.10 to 3.50 in the Turbo Boost version.

Vaio works with three versions of operating systems, all from Intel Core: i3, i5, and i7, in the seventh or eighth generation.

The i3 core has two physical processors (dual-core) and can work with two more digital processors (Hyper Threading technology), creating a digital quad-core. The cache memory is between 3 and 4 MB and the energy expenditure reaches 51 Watts.

The i5 core has four processors (quad-core), has cache memory between 3 and 6 MB and the energy expenditure varies between 15 and 91 watts. The differential of the core i5 is the Turbo Boost feature that temporarily improves the performance of the processor.

At times when you need better performance, such as when rendering a video to Youtube, for example, the processor goes beyond its limit, increasing the frequency.

The i7 core can be quad-core (four cores) or deca-core (ten cores) and even has a cache memory of 25 MB. This is a more powerful version, but also more expensive.


Did you know that the brand was originally launched by Sony in 1996? Only in 2014 did Sony announce the sale of its PC division to the Japan Industrial Partners investment fund.


How much does a Vaio notebook cost?

The price of a Vaio notebook changes according to the line (C, Fit or S), processor, screen resolution and type of keyboard. The C14 model costs R $ 2,000 with a core i3 processor or R $ 3,000 if it is a core i7.

The Fit 15S model with i5 core costs R $ 2,650, if the processor is i7, the price rises to R $ 3,000. The Fit 15F with i7 processor costs R $ 4,500 if the screen resolution is HD and the common keyboard. If you choose a Full HD screen and backlit keyboard, the price rises to R $ 5,200.

Where to buy a Vaio notebook?

If you want to buy a Vaio notebook in physical stores, look for department stores like Ponto Frio or Magazine Luiza. If you prefer to buy over the internet, you have many more store options, such as Amazon, Vaio and Americanas online store.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the different Vaio notebook models

Choosing a good notebook is a difficult task for most people, who do not know what to compare between different models. To help you choose the right model, we at ReviewBox have prepared some tips on what should be analyzed:

  • RAM memory
  • Operational system
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Keyboard and touchpad

We will explain each of these items below.

RAM memory

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the hardware used to keep websites, software and applications open on your computer screen while you are using the device.

The bigger the RAM of your computer, the more things you can do at the same time, from accessing multiple windows on the internet to opening applications, games, among others.

Vaio notebooks are available in 4 or 8 GB versions. With 4 GB you can do a lot, but if you want to run games or heavier programs, such as editing, it is important to have at least 8 GB.

If you want to increase the RAM capacity of your notebook, make sure that the device has an available slot for you to place another memory stick. You can also replace the notebook’s comb with a superior one, but you must buy a compatible version.

Operational system

Vaio notebooks can be found in two versions of the Windows 10 operating system: Home and Pro. The main similarities between the two are:

  • Customizable home menu
  • Windows Defender and Windows firewall
  • Battery saving options
  • Quick Start
  • Personal Assistant Cortana
  • Windows Hello (recognition by digital, iris or facial aspects)
  • Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Home, as the name implies, is aimed at home users, who do not need networked or remote resources. This operating system supports up to 120 GB of RAM

Windows 10 Pro is a business-oriented operating system. It has the same features as the previous version, but encryption is more advanced. The RAM capacity is up to 2 TB, to support servers.

Screen size and resolution

Vaio computers differ widely in terms of screen size. The smallest is 11 inches (S11), there is a 13 inch (S13), 14 inch (C14) version and the largest models reach 15.6 inches (Fit 15F or 15S).

The pixels are the dots that form the images.

The resolution can be HD or Full HD, the difference between these two versions is the amount of pixels on the screen. The pixels are the dots that form the images. The HD resolution is 720 p and Full HD 1080p.

The HD screen already has a good resolution, with clear texts, vivid colors and better use of the frame. The Full HD screen is even more refined with balanced contrast and brightness and full use of the screen.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad make all the difference in your notebook experience. The keyboard needs to be large and the touchpad efficient.

In addition to these features, Vaio notebooks have a unique feature: as soon as the computer is opened, the keyboard rises slightly to make typing easier. The only model that does not have this differential is the C14.

another interesting feature present in some models is the backlit keyboard (so called, as the LED lights are behind the keys). This feature facilitates the use of the notebook in the dark.

The S line models come with this feature and there are versions of the Fit line with this differential, but these devices are more expensive. The only Vaio notebook without the backlit keyboard is the C14 model.



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