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Best Colombian Coffee Review: Discover the best one

It is a great pleasure to have you and that you consider us your top choice when considering the most competent alternatives for your next purchase. Today, we are going to discuss a delicious topic that will make many mouths of water, we are going to talk about Colombian coffee and what is the best option for you.

Undoubtedly, the Colombian coffee product is known worldwide for its high level of quality, its delicious Arabica flavor and its artisan essence that has been handed down from generation to generation among families across the country. Ensuring that having a cup of Colombian coffee with you will brighten your day.

The most important thing

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  • Colombian coffee is a rich blend of the fertile volcanic soils of the high Andes within Colombian territory, applauded worldwide by professionals and casual diners for its striking and delicious flavor, rich in fruity, chocolate and citrus aromas.
  • Don’t forget that this exquisite product is available in the market with great versatility. You can buy instant coffee for times when you need to save time, ground coffee for some convenience or whole coffee to preserve its original value and essence.
  • In addition, we’ve listed some of the factors that will determine the best use you can make of your coffee, whether it’s the type of bean, the roast level or the region of origin, keep them in mind and create the best coffee possible.


Shopping guide: what you need to know about Colombian coffee

Being able to distinguish between hundreds of coffees can be the difference between a product that fills your next cup of refinement and one that might leave your taste buds with an inauthentic memory. That’s why we’ve created a ready-made guide to help you with all the coffee-related details you might need.

Colombian coffee

What is Colombian coffee and what are its advantages?

Colombian coffee is an iconic cherry coffee product, which is harvested and processed in a wide variety of regions throughout Colombia, from the north to the southwest of the country. It is harvested between 1200 and 2000 meters above sea level, in Andean soils of volcanic origin.

It is recognized worldwide as one of the best coffees due to all the properties and characteristics it has. It is mainly characterized by the rich soils in which it grows, as well as the very old traditional processing methods.

  • Its high acidity level makes it ideal for espresso coffee
  • It is processed organically
  • Being 100% Arabica, it contains less caffeine
  • Contains essential nutrients and vitamins for the body
  • Processing results in high cost products
  • There are many “fake” Colombian coffees on the market
  • Not recommended for people with high cholesterol


Instant, ground and whole Colombian coffee – what should you pay attention to?

Coffee is a surefire product in the kitchens of many things across the region. However, variations can change our experience, whether you want something practical like instant coffee or more traditional like whole coffee. Read carefully and establish the option that best fits your needs.

Colombian instant coffee. This is the most affordable option and has the largest shelf presence in all supermarkets. Its production is monopolized by the big brands in the coffee world and by some other local producers. It comes from the still green coffee beans, which undergo a roasting, grinding and, additionally, drying process. This gives them their characteristic powdery appearance, ready to be mixed with water and ingested. It should be noted that this process can compromise the original flavor of the product.

Colombian ground coffee . Its presentation is equivalent to having a quick and efficient way to make coffee, which is available in capsules or packets of various sizes. Unlike other types, its preparation requires filtration to contain any impurities. Its processing level differs from the rest in that it does not go beyond the grinding stage, that is, it does not undergo any type of spraying that can further dehydrate the coffee cherries. This gives it a notable superiority compared to instant coffee if your main concern is to preserve the purity of flavor.

Whole Colombian coffee . Buying the whole coffee bean is the most recommended option by all experts, as it is the best alternative to fully preserve all the delicious original properties of the product, from roasting to packaging! Keeping it as close to its original state as possible is the best way to take care of the grain’s excellence. Therefore, it is very important to know how to pack it in order to avoid any type of oxidation that could affect its integrity, and it is also essential to have a grinder that allows the granulation of the product for consumption.

Colombian instant coffeeColombian ground coffeewhole Colombian coffee
Team5 minutes or less10 - 15 minutesup to 20 minutes
flavor preservationPreservation of flavor 30%Preservation of flavor 50% - 70%90% flavor preservation

Purchasing Criteria

If you’ve made it this far, you’re certainly serious about the selection and details that will complement the coffee that will be added to your pantry. That’s why we’ve decided to go a little deeper into the details and factors we recommend you consider. You are sure to feel like an expert in Colombian coffees.

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  • Types of Colombian Coffee Beans
  • roast level
  • growing conditions


Types of Colombian Coffee Beans

Coffee in Colombia is much more than a simple complement to the table, it is a cultural factor that has developed and spread throughout all communities in the territory and offers a considerable range of beans that vary depending on the soil where they grow, the altitude and the management of coffee growers.

Caracolillo . Snails or peaberry beans come from 5% of an entire crop, ensuring the best quality that can be found on the market. Its growth is carried out in volcanic soils and in the highest elevations of the Andes Mountains, which naturally gives it a unique flavor. Its characteristic flavor with notes of malt, nut and chocolate, in relation to its great level of freshness, makes it the best option for the most professional baristas or for diners who want to make a fusion of flavors.

Colombian Supreme . Its main characteristic is the softness and delicacy of its flavor, complemented with fruity, sweet and slightly nutty tones. It is harvested only in shaded areas high up in the Colombian states. Its high acidity level makes it the ideal choice for espresso coffees or for people who want to add a touch of energy and flavor to their mornings, ideal for breakfast or in the afternoon after a long day at work.

Green beans . Emblematic of the Cauca region, recognized mainly for its caramelized and almond notes, which is added to a manual selection process that ensures greater consistency. This is the option that we most recommend for those looking for sweet and younger notes, which border the experimental. It’s the best side dish the next time you’re ready to enjoy a dessert.

Colombian Coffee

roast level

Roast level plays an important role in the entire coffee production process. All of the different roasting levels can open the door to hundreds of textures and varieties that can come from a single harvest, depending on how well roasted the beans are.

Lightly baked . Colombian coffee beans that are lightly roasted tend to have a distinct taste, naturally acidic and citrusy. Accompanied by notes of caramel and cocoa, all without compromising the original flavor of the beans. Because of the strength these flavors can have on the palate, we recommend that people who choose to use these beans mix them with other flavors, such as milk or chocolate, infusing them to make the most of their properties.

Roasted medium-high . There is no doubt that it is generally the best and most recommended alternative for people who are looking for rich flavors, with depth and a light touch of chocolate. Its balance level provides a range of flavors that can be served in the most visited cafes, as well as one of the best to complement other dishes. We recommend this bean for the less experienced, or for those who want a more bearable taste.

Colombian Coffee

growing conditions

Colombia offers ideal conditions that are not repeated anywhere else in the world, to be the perfect formula and make coffee crops emblematic products of the territory in relation to other countries. Even so, the areas where they are harvested directly influence the quality of the product and its usefulness.

Café del Norte . Its sour tendency, but with less body, gives it very characteristic properties compared to the rest of products derived from other regions of Colombia. Highly used by those looking for strong complementary flavors, perfect for liqueurs. It is ideal to buy a Colombian coffee from the north to experience flavors and essences that balance it, preferably fruity or sweet, used in recipes where the strong flavor of the coffee is needed.

Central region coffee . The central region of Colombia, although less prone to coffee cultivation as a consequence of its limited space in the mountain range, gives a small but significant production of beans that are very neutral in all respects. Its main use can vary from occasional ingestion as an auxiliary flavor in different types of pastry meals, as its properties are not invasive to the rest of the flavors, but it integrates and enhances the flavor.


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