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Top & Best H7 Bulb Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

H7 Bulb: Which is the best for your vehicle in 2022?

The subject of today’s article is H7 lamp! If you need to maintain your vehicle’s headlights or if you want to achieve more powerful lighting for your vehicle, you’ve arrived at the right place!

H7 fittings are among the most used by automakers. Therefore, there are many compatible lamp options. There are several features that you can choose to improve your safety and, why not, the aesthetics of your vehicle. Stay with us to know all the details and make a great purchase!

First, the most important

  • The nomenclature “H7” refers to the type of fitting of the lamps in the headlights. This is one of the most used by automakers.
  • All types of automotive lamps, whether halogen, super white, xenon or LED, are easily found with the H7 fitting.
  • The most important measure to understand the lighting capacity of a lamp is the luminosity, but it must also be combined with the power and the color temperature.

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The best H7 lamps: Our recommendations

There are so many H7 lamps on the market that you can even get confused. Fortunately, some are of quite different quality. We made a small selection of models that jumped out at us:

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Buying Guide

There are many questions you can ask about H7 lamps. What is the difference between them and the others? And what types are available on the market? Are there advantages over one another?

Do not worry! The buying guide is the sector that answers all your questions!

What is an H7 lamp and what differentiates it from others?

When we talk about automotive lamps, we need to understand that there are compatibility issues. Each vehicle comes standard with a standard fitting, which can only be changed if the entire system is also replaced. This slot receives various nomenclatures, such as H1, H4, H7 and HB4.

H7, therefore, is one of the fittings used by automakers in headlights. It is present not only in passenger vehicles, but also in motorcycles, trucks and others.

Apart from the type of fitting, there are not many differences between H7, H4 and other formats. All major lamps, such as super white, halogen and xenon, are available. That’s where you can really customize your vehicle’s headlight!



Did you know that the first automaker to use a complete electrical system in an automobile was Cadilac? In 1912, with the help of Delco, he was able to make both the ignition and the lamps work with excellence.

What are the advantages of H7 lamps?

There are not many real differences between H7 lamps or other types, since what changes is only the fit in the car or motorcycle. However, we can say that you are a little lucky if they are used in your vehicle.

This is because the H7 type fitting is quite common and used by several of the major automakers, which makes it much easier to find quality lamps compatible with it. Not only are there more brands that work with this type, but the variety is also high.

If you want to place normal bulbs in your vehicle, or any other type, with different brightness and color temperatures, you can find models compatible with the H7 fitting. The difficulties are greater if the car uses another type that is not so widespread.

See below a table with advantages and disadvantages of H7 lamps:



  • Fitting type widely used in the automotive industry
  • Wide range of models available
  • It is possible to have good variation of lamp types and characteristics
  • Affordable prices


  • There are no major differences for other types of fittings

What vehicles use H7 lamps?

The list of vehicles that come standard with H7 bulb fitting is extensive.

In the low beam, it is more rare, being present only in some vehicle models such as Omega, Passat, Fusion, Fluence and C3. Only Korean automaker Hyundai uses it most often in this category.

But it is when we talk about high beam that the H7 fitting really stands out: It appears on many models of automakers such as Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Volkswagen, Renault and, once again, Hyundai. Almost half of the vehicles sold follow this pattern.

Remember that the H7 fitting is also used on motorcycles, trucks, buses and other land vehicles with a headlight.


Is it possible to make my vehicle compatible with H7 lamps?

If you are dissatisfied with the type of fitting of your vehicle or if you have bought a wrong lamp and do not want to make another purchase, you can ask yourself if it is possible to modify this characteristic of the car.


It is not recommended to try to change the original fitting of a vehicle headlight.

As much as some people try, it is not recommended. It would be necessary to change the entire headlamp or make modifications too large in the electrical system and in the number of entries. The risk of damage is high and the benefit is almost non-existent.

Considering that the lamps available for all types of fitting are very similar, there are no real reasons to try to make this exchange that could compromise your vehicle and even cause factory guarantees to be lost.

What types of H7 lamps are available?

We said that H7 fittings have a wide variety of lamp options. How about getting to know them better?

    • Halogen: Factory auto lamps are halogen, inexpensive and with sufficient lighting. However, there are more modern models being manufactured that are able to offer even more safety and lighting than any other type.
    • Super Branca: They are very popular today. They offer a very intense brightness and great lighting capacity, which makes them the favorite of many drivers. Prices are affordable.
    • LED: LED lamps have a very different system from the others, and therefore the exchange is quite complex, even needing to be indicated in the vehicle documents. They have excellent lighting and durability.
    • Xenon: Generating lighting through xenon gas, Xenon lamps have an aesthetic effect that appeals to many people, but lighting and cost effectiveness are lower than other types.


Below is a table comparing the four types:

How much does it cost and where to buy an H7 lamp?

Remember that automobile lamps must always be purchased in pairs. The values ​​for two units can vary a lot, from R $ 15 (simple yellow halogens) to R $ 150 (LED, not counting the value of the installation).

Stores specializing in auto electrical and mechanical workshops in general are great options for buying H7 lamps. If you intend to do the installation yourself, you can purchase them over the internet: We recommend Amazon, International Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing an H7 lamp

There are many technical specifications that involve automobile lamps. To help you buy the ideal model, we will help you better understand four of them:

  • Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Brightness
  • Color temperature

Below we will explain in detail each of these topics.


The voltage of an automotive lamp has to do with compatibility with a vehicle’s electrical system. Although this is the name we use popularly, it would be more correct to speak of electrical voltage.

Most cars use a 12 V electrical voltage, so this must be the same number as specified by the lamp. However, there may also be 24 V systems, which ask for the correct acquisition. Motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles must also receive the indicated models.


When we talk about the power of an automotive lamp, we are talking about the energy it consumes to function. Other issues such as luminosity are more important to understand the lighting capacity it has.

Less power and more light is the ideal choice.

There is not usually a large variation in power in automotive lamps, but know that the ideal is that, among two models with equal brightness, you choose the one with the lowest power, thus generating less work for the vehicle battery.

There are limits defined by law, such as a maximum of 60 W of power for 12 V electrical systems.


Here, yes, we have the specification that refers to the lighting capacity of a lamp. Measured in lumens, it indicates the light emission of each model.

Yellow halogen lamps usually offer between 800 and 1650 lumens, while a xenon lamp can reach more than 3000 lumens. The variation is large and directly interferes with the importance you attach to the quality of the lighting.

Color temperature

It is also important to understand how the color temperature of automotive lamps works. The lower the number, usually close to 2000 K, the more yellow the light emitted, and the higher, coming close to 7000 K, the whiter.

The trend in the market is to opt for increasingly white lights, and therefore with higher numbers. They allow greater visibility without relying so much on brightness and without requiring such great power.



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