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Top & Best 165 / 70r13 tire Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

165 / 70r13 tire: Know how to choose the best in 2022

If you need new tires for your car, the ideal is to know all the types and nomenclatures of these indispensable accessories. In today’s article, we’ll talk in depth about one of the most common: the 165 / 70r13 tire!

165 / 70r13 tires are narrow, ideal for those who travel a lot in the city and like extra savings and peace of mind when driving. Stay with us in the next lines to understand if it is the one you are looking for and how to differentiate it from all the other types that inhabit the tire market!

First, the most important

  • Type 165 / 70r13 tires are great for small cars, such as hatches, which run mainly within the urban perimeter.
  • If you are looking for durable, economical and light tires, the 165 / 70r13 is one of the best options.
  • You need to look at several categories when buying a 165 / 70r13 tire. Load index and maximum supported speed are the most important.

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The best 165 / 70r13 tires: Our opinion

There are many brands of tires respected in the market. To give you a great sense of what to choose from so many options, we’ve selected some of the best 165 / 70r13 tires available!

  • A very high level 165 / 70r13 tire kit
  • The original of many vehicles
  • For those looking for a 165 / 70r13 remold tire


Buying Guide

To be right in choosing a tire, you need to understand what the alphabet soup means and how it fits your car’s use.

In our buying guide, we bring you all the information you need!

What does the 165 / 70r13 nomenclature mean?

Reading a tire’s nomenclature can scare a first-timer: After all, what is 165 / 70r13? But with a little bit of calm, it is possible to decipher the puzzle.

The first number, in this specific case “165”, refers to the width of the tire, that is, measured in millimeters from side to side. This is one of the smallest cars out there.

Next, the number “70” refers to the percentage between the sidewall height and the tire width. When we talk about a 165 / 70r13, we understand that the distance between the wheel and the end of the tire is 70% of 165 mm, that is, 115.5 mm.

Finally, the letter “r” indicates a radial tire, as opposed to diagonals, much rarer. And the number “13” deals with the diameter of the wheel, the popular “rim”: Here we have a rim 13.

A 165 / 70r13 tire is therefore quite small in width and wheel diameter, but with a high relationship between height and width.


For which situations is a 165 / 70r13 tire recommended?

Type 165 / 70r13 tires are among the most compact used in the auto market. They are not suitable for large cars, as they may not provide the necessary support. They are much more suitable for economical hatches.


165 / 70r13 tires are very suitable for running small cars within the city.

Due to its compact profile, it is a very suitable tire for running in the city, at low or medium speeds. For those who face traffic in a small car every day to go to work, for example, it is the perfect option!

Its main characteristics are durability, due to the high profile (70%) that absorbs more impacts, and the low cost. If you walk a lot on the road, however, it may be better to opt for a model with a wider wheel width or diameter.

Note that many small vehicles use 165 / 70r13 tires from the factory. This demonstrates exactly what we are talking about when the type is indicated for urban shooting with popular hatches.

What are the advantages of 165 / 70r13 tires?

As already mentioned, the 165 / 70r13 tires are very durable. They have a high profile, which usually indicates more resistance to holes and obstacles, and are quite robust. Choosing this category should guarantee you considerable time without having to purchase new models.

Because they are small and compact, they usually have a very low cost. They are among the cheapest on the market, which matches the fact that they are also indicated for popular vehicles.

Consumption of vehicles with 165 / 70r13 tires is average. As they are quite small, they need to make more turns to walk the same distance, which means more gasoline. At the same time, they use rim wheels 13, which are more economical than the larger ones.

But due to the lesser need for maintenance and resistance to obstacles, we can say that economy is an advantage of 165 / 70r13 tires.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the 165 / 70r13 tires:



  • Durability well above average
  • Resistant to urban difficulties
  • Low cost
  • Ideal for small vehicles
  • economy


  • Cannot support larger vehicles
  • Not recommended for those who walk a lot on roads and highways

Tire rim 13, rim 14 or rim 15?

Small tires, for compact cars, tend to vary between rim 13 and rim 15. Of course, some people even look for models rim 17 or 18 for aesthetic effects, indicated for larger vehicles, but they are the exception.

The first thing to analyze is consumption, which grows according to the diameter of the wheel. Therefore, 13-rim tires are the most economical of all. On the contrary, however, there is a loss of stability. It is much more enjoyable to drive cars with larger wheels.

Another great advantage of the rim 13 is the lower price, which is reflected in the 165 / 70r13, as we already mentioned. In cars without power steering and with a 1.0 engine, it is an even better idea because it is lighter, thus making the car easier to drive.

Those who like cars also for visual reasons tend to shy away from rim 13 tires. They are the least showy and are usually considered even ugly. For aesthetic purposes, it is better to look for other options.

In the following table, we compare the three types of tires:


Is it allowed to change my car tires for 165 / 70r13?

If you have a small car and want to make it lighter and more economical, you can consider replacing the original factory tires with new ones of type 165 / 70r13. But is that allowed?

It depends. If your vehicle already uses 13-rim wheels, the change should be very smooth. Just change the whole set and go on your journey.

But if the car comes from the factory with rims 14 or 15, the reduction needs to be done in a workshop and can only happen if the new tires have a load capacity equal to or greater and a maximum supported speed equal to or greater than the original.

So, if you want to make the modification, find out what your car’s tires are and, if they don’t have a 13-inch rim, consult a trusted workshop about the possibility.



Did you know that it is possible to be fined for running on tires in poor condition? Article 230 of the Traffic Code deals with aspects that compromise driving safety and provides for a fine of R $ 195.23 and five points in the wallet for those who fail to comply.

How much does it cost and where to buy a 165 / 70r13 tire?

165 / 70r13 tires are among the cheapest on the market. You can find remolds for approximately R $ 150 and originals for between R $ 200 and R $ 250. A good kit of four tires costs around R $ 900.

Tire shops, auto repair shops and even some supermarkets can sell good 165 / 70r13 tires. We recommend that you purchase online: Amazon has several excellent options, as well as international Amazon.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a 165 / 70r13 tire

Deciding to buy 165 / 70r13 tires? So there are still a few things you need to know before choosing a model. We have selected four technical criteria to help you:

  • Load index
  • Compatibility
  • Original or remold
  • Durability

In the following lines, we talk in more detail about each one!

Load index

The load index is one of the most important specifications related to tires. It indicates how much weight a tire, in its factory characteristics and in perfect condition, can transport without any risk of accident.

There is a table that should be consulted to understand the weight of each load index. But the smallest number is 20, which supports up to 80 kg, and the largest is 99, capable of carrying 775 kg. Obviously, that number must be multiplied by four.

Read what is the load index of the chosen tire and think if it is sufficient for the uses you usually give to your car!


It is not possible to put any tires on your car. You must be sure that it supplies everything necessary for the operation to continue to be perfect.

The new tire must have a load index equal to or greater than the previous one.

We have already mentioned the requirement that the new tire has at least a load index equal to or greater than the previous one and that it supports maximum speed also equal to or greater. In addition, the wheel diameter must be compatible with the rim.

Cars with a 5-inch rim, for example, are compatible with tires between 155 and 185 millimeters. We recommend again that you consult a trusted mechanic prior to purchase to find out the compatibility between model and vehicle.

Original or remold

Remold tires are increasingly common. To make them, old models are used, already quite worn out but not unusable. They are renewed and put to use conditions once again.

If the money is short, you can opt for a remold. This category of tires costs on average 25% less, although the durability is also lower. It is an option that deserves to be considered on some occasions.


Tires are relatively expensive, so we want them to last a long time. Type 165 / 70r13 are already naturally resistant, but good provenance and excellent maintenance can increase service life even further.

Always choose trusted brands, well evaluated by experts and recommended by professionals in the field. Do not forget to take good care of the tires, avoiding going through holes and damaged surfaces and always rotating, balancing and aligning.


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