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Top & Best 175 / 65r14 tire Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

175 / 65r14 tire: Know the best for your car in 2022

Do you need new tires for your car and don’t know how to choose them? Don’t you understand the differences between technical specifications and nomenclatures of these indispensable artifacts? Want to find out more about compatibility? Do not worry! Today’s article features everything about the 175 / 65r14 tire!

There are several types of tires and the 175 / 65r14 is one of the main ones, as it is compatible with many popular passenger vehicles. Our mission with this article is to teach you not only what differentiates you from other nomenclatures, but also to show you how to choose the best game for your car!

First, the most important

  • Type 175 / 65r14 tires are very suitable for urban use. They are quite common in small and medium sized cars.
  • As they are compatible with 14-rim wheels, they belong to the group of radial tires and have small dimensions, providing high stability and considerable savings.
  • You should always opt for complete 175 / 65r14 tire kits: Placing only one of these types can seriously damage your vehicle.

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The best 175 / 65r14 tires: Our recommendations

The tire manufacturers market is very competitive, with several respected companies competing for space. We have selected the best 175 / 65r14 models to facilitate your choice:

  • For those looking for safety and efficiency
  • A good 175 / 65r14 tire that doesn’t weigh in your pocket
  • The best 175 / 65r14 tire kit


Buying Guide

We come to the buying guide, the most informative section of our article! In it, we will explain everything about each technical specification of a 175 / 65r14 tire, as well as its advantages and disadvantages in relation to other types.

Stay with us and never again have doubts about the differences between tires!

What does the 175 / 65r14 nomenclature mean?

After all, how to understand what are the characteristics of a tire? How do you know if it was made for your vehicle? Why are so many numbers and letters present in the nomenclature?

All these numbers and letters indicate the characteristics of a tire that differentiate it from other types. For example: 175 shows the width, in millimeters, from end to end. And 65 is the percentage of the width that the height is (in this case, 65% of 175, or 113.75 millimeters).

The “R” shows that it is a radial tire, not a diagonal one. We will explain the differences soon. Finally, 14 is the diameter of the wheel in inches, that is, it is a famous “rim 14”.

The correct interpretation of these numbers helps us to understand all tire classes, not just 175 / 65r14: A 205 / 55r16, for example, is 205 millimeters wide, 55% of that value in height, is radial and the diameter of the wheel is 16 inches.



Did you know that the tire was officially invented in 1830, by the American Charles Goodyear? He found that rubber, when boiled with chemical elements such as sulfur, became resistant to wide variations in temperatures and intense physical uses.

Shortly thereafter, in 1845, the French Michelin brothers patented the car tire. Over time, there has been an increasing investment in safety and durability, bringing these artifacts closer to what they are today.

Radial tire or diagonal tire?

There are two types of tires being sold on the market: Radial and diagonal. As we have already explained, the 175 / 65r14 belong to the first category. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage?

Without a doubt, an advantage. Invented by Michelin in the 1940s, radial models revolutionized the tire market. They left aside the overlapping of crossed tarps and the interdependence between sides and sectors in order to have more restricted structures to each part.

As a result, radial tires are superior to diagonal tires at all: They suffer less from impacts, do not deform whole with any contact, improve handling, have much more affordable maintenance costs.

The economy is also present in the performance of the car as a whole and there is even an influence on the quality of the asphalt and soil, since a radial tire is much less aggressive in contact with the surfaces on which it rotates.

Therefore, the 175 / 65r14 is part of the best tire category! We made more complete comparisons in the table below:


What are the advantages of rim 14 wheels?

The diameter of the wheels is another characteristic indicated in the tire nomenclature. You obviously need the wheels and tires to be the same size. If you prefer a change in relation to what your vehicle has at the factory, you will need to change the complete system, not just the tires.

The 175 / 65r14 tires are 14 inches in diameter and are suitable for 14-inch wheels. This is one of the smallest measures available on the market, but is widely used in small cars, such as hatches. But what does it mean?

Larger wheels are more beautiful, allow curves to be made with greater speed and generate more grip to the ground, but on the other hand, they are not as stable and do not make it more difficult to perceive when there is a problem, such as a deviation of the car from its expected trajectory .

One of the biggest advantages of rim 14 wheels is the economy: As the surface moved is smaller, less fuel is needed. They are ideal for those who like to walk with ease, especially within urban limits, in a stable and safe way.

Many people say that there are technical and riding advantages for the larger wheels, but this is not true. These advantages exist only in the aesthetic field.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of rim 14 wheels, compatible with 175 / 65r14 tires:



  • Better stability, especially in the rain
  • They “warn” with more intensity any unwanted course
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • The balance between car and ground is superior


  • There is not such a beautiful aesthetic effect
  • Allow less speed in turns

When to use 175 mm wide tires?

Many people also want to change the width of the tires that come standard with the vehicle. It is common to believe that the wider they are, the more beautiful and more stable the car becomes.

This is not true. As much as they can give more stability to the car, very wide tires demand a lot of the engine, they can scrape on the bodywork, the shock absorber and other parts and make the performance and handling not ideal.

Unlike the diameter of the wheel and the type of tire between radial or diagonal, width is not a category that you can choose from. For your safety and the proper functioning of the vehicle, it is essential to always keep the characteristic that came from the factory.

Therefore, you should use tires that are 175 mm wide whenever this is the vehicle’s original configuration, even if it changes other characteristics of them.


What situations are 175 / 65r14 tires suitable for?

According to everything we have said about the main categories of 175 / 65r14 tires, it is easy to understand where it is most used: In passenger vehicles, small or medium sized, which run mainly in urban areas.


Stability, low consumption and high durability are characteristics of this family of tires.

As stability, low consumption and high durability are among the main characteristics of this tire, they are excellent options for those who travel a lot in the city and do it in vehicles considered popular.

This trend is noticed when we look at the list of vehicles that have 175 / 65r14 tires as factory originals: Mobi, Uno, Fox, Argo, Celta and Corsa are among them. It is undoubtedly the type preferred by all small cars with a trend for urban driving.

But you can choose to exchange your car’s original factory tires for 175 / 65r14 models whenever you want low consumption and great stability for urban use, and if you believe that greater speed, aesthetics and high-speed handling on highways are secondary characteristics. .

How to calibrate 175 / 65r14 tires?

For your car to run safely, it is ideal to keep the tires always calibrated. When you go to a gas station, check that everything is ok with the calibration and, if not, use the equipment to maintain the expected numbers.

Tires with the characteristics of 175 / 65r14, that is, small tires, are usually calibrated to standards between 28 and 30 pounds. If you like measures far above that, you probably won’t leave your car in its ideal state.

However, to be absolutely sure of the amount of air that should be placed in the tires, read the vehicle’s instruction manual. Unless a radical change from the original settings is made, this is the information that must always be followed!

Can I buy just a 175 / 65r14 tire?

A car tire has been punctured, out of date or worn out and you only need to change it. The other models are not 175 / 65r14, but you would like to put one of these types in the empty place. It’s possible?

You can do it, but it is not a good idea. This will prevent your car from having the same weight, impact and speed distribution. You will quickly see how stability, handling and comfort will pass away from being the same as before.

If your car has factory tires 175 / 65r14, always buy others of that type. But if it is not the case and you want to make the change, there is no escape from changing the whole kit. Only one of the four units will not be enough and can even damage the vehicle in the long run.


How much does it cost and where to buy a 175 / 65r14 tire?

You can buy 175 / 65r14 tires individually or in complete kits. The second way makes the unit cheaper, but anyway the values ​​will always vary, according to the brand, approximately between R $ 150 and R $ 300.

Shops specializing in tires, car parts in general or even some large hypermarkets may be good options for buying a 175 / 65r14 tire. You can also choose to purchase on the internet, especially Amazon, but also on Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a 175 / 65r14 tire

If you are already decided to buy tires of type 175 / 65r14, it’s time to choose which model is perfect for your vehicle. Are we going to discuss some technical criteria that can facilitate this mission?

  • Brand
  • Original or remold
  • Load index
  • Temperature and traction
  • Warranty

Below, more details about each of them:


There are many famous tire brands. Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Hankook, among others. Each of them has its own characteristics, such as load index, traction and temperature.

That is why you should pay attention to the brand of tires that you will buy: It is not enough just that the four tires are of a specific type, like the 175 / 65r14, as they must also be from the same manufacturer. Only then will the entire system of your car be in perfect sync.

If you are changing only one of the tires on a car, choose the same brand as the others. If you are changing all four, buy a complete kit.

Original or remold

It is common and worldwide to use remold tires, that is, they were originally discarded, but later went through a renovation process, receiving a new layer on their surfaces that makes them once again worthy of use.

remold tires are not of much quality.

Remold tires have the advantage of being much cheaper than the original ones, however, models do not have much quality. There are many reports of people who went through serious problems after choosing them.

Therefore, opt for remold tires only if you don’t ride on highways and rarely reach high speeds. Otherwise, originals are always the best idea.

Load index

The load index is one of the characteristics that varies from brand to brand, even if the tires are all of the same type, such as the 175 / 65r14.

It indicates the maximum weight a tire can support when it is inflated to its ideal number in pounds. That is, it is important that the car does not suffer damage in the event of heavy loads.

Every car will tell in its instruction manual what is the expected load index for the tires. You should never choose numbers below what is indicated, always above.

Temperature and traction

These are two characteristics measured by letters and vary from brand to brand on 175 / 65r14 tires.

Temperature, in fact, is a tire’s ability to dissipate heat. It is quite important to prevent overheating. A is the best level, B is intermediate and C is low, considered the minimum acceptable.

When we talk about tire traction, we are talking about grip capacity. Likewise, AA is excellent, A is good, B is medium and C is the minimum acceptable. This characteristic is important to improve the car’s braking.


According to standards, tire manufacturers are required to give a five-year warranty as of the issuance of the invoice. That is, you should in no way accept anything below that.

When looking for 175 / 65r14 tires, always note that the number is no more than five years. This is a sign that the brand trusts its club and guarantees extra durability.



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