Best Mirrorless Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best mirrorless camera, welcome tomypricesaving.com Mirrorless is the most popular model today among photographers, professionals and amateurs. But how do you know you are buying the best mirrorless on the market?

In this article, we will explain everything about this type of camera and show what factors differentiate one model from another.

First, the most important

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  • Lighter and simpler than traditional professional cameras, mirrorless is the darling of the moment.
  • In addition, the mirrorless camera maintains the same photographic quality as the DSLR model.
  • But as there are several mirrorless models, it is worth considering the size, the type of flash, the megapixels, among other features that differentiate one option from another.


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Best mirrorless: Our recommendations

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Buying Guide

Buying a camera is never a simple process, especially if you value a quality camera. After all, there are so many variables to consider that you can be confused.To help you with this step, we created this Buying Guide. Next, we will answer your questions about the mirrorless camera, its features and models.

Mirrorless: What is it?

The mirrorless (‘without mirror’, in free translation from English) is a type of compact camera, with interchangeable lenses. As the name suggests, this camera does not have mirrors in its mechanical part and this is its main feature.Also called a hybrid, the mirrorless has a compact body and is lightweight, yet without having advanced settings and the quality of images from professional cameras known as DSLR.

In addition, the mirrorless camera can have the lenses exchanged, as long as the lenses are compatible with the format of that type of camera.

Did you know that all cell phone cameras, compact machines and superzooms are now mirrorless cameras?

How does the mirrorless camera work?

Although it has smaller dimensions, the mirrorless camera fell in the popular taste because it has high quality of performance. And this is due to its functioning.Without mirrors, the captured light and image directly reach the viewfinder of this type of camera.

With this, the mirrorless sensor is completely exposed and, consequently, the photographer will view the photographed scene through the LCD display as opposed to the visualization through the optical viewfinder of traditional machines.

Mirrorless or DSLR: What’s the difference?

In general, it can be said that DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are more aimed at professional photographers, while mirrorless is more versatile and pleases everyone, especially amateurs.This is because there are many differences between the two types of cameras. The DSLR has a mirror that redirects the light seen through the lens to the optical viewfinder, where you can view the image to be photographed.

The mirrorless camera, as we have seen, does not have this mirror and, with that, the light enters and directly hits the sensor.

In practice, this means that, in mirrorless cameras, the sensor is 100% exposed and you only see the scene to be photographed through the LCD display or, in more advanced cameras, through the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) display.

But the main consequence of the absence of a mirror in the mirrorless camera is that this type of camera ends up getting smaller, compared to the body of the DSLR.

That is, the DSLR is heavier, larger and, in general, has more types of compatible lenses. To summarize, we created a table that compares these two types of cameras. Look:

Why buy mirrorless cameras?

If you are thinking of buying a mirrorless, you should know that the main advantage is the compact size of the camera.In addition, with a mirrorless what you see is the same image that the “camera sees”, so there is no need to click and check the image on the viewfinder. But the positives of mirrorless go further.

Check out the following, why you should consider buying a mirrorless camera:

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  • Size : Lighter, the mirrorless is ideal for those who need to shoot on the go, on the street or at events. After all, a very heavy camera is not comfortable to hold for long hours.
  • Quality : The processing of the mirrorless file is better, moreover, this camera is very fast.
  • Black and white : If your mirrorless has an EVF electronic viewfinder and you want to shoot in black and white, just make a simple adjustment and the viewfinder is in B&W.
  • Crop : Crop makes the lens have a greater depth of field. This way, it is easier to get the focus right in low light situations.
  • Silent : As there is no mirror flipping, mirrorless cameras are quieter.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Mirrorless camera?

As we have seen, the mirrorless camera has numerous advantages, whether for professional photographers or amateurs.Mirrorless models are able to keep image resolution close to, or often higher than, professional cameras like DRLS.

With mirrorless there is less noise due to the absence of mirror flipping, which is not the case with DSLR cameras.

Mirrorless still allows the exchange of lenses, that is, it has interchangeable lenses, which offers the same flexibility as professional cameras.

With this, it is possible to use mirrorless for different segments of the photography sector.

Not to mention that it is possible to choose from several models with the most varied technologies, features and resources.

But the fact is that there are also some disadvantages when considering a mirrorless camera.

In addition to consuming a lot of battery, the mirrorless display, although an advantage, is also one of the negative points because it is not so fast in processing the image to be photographed.

And the fact is that any delay in taking pictures can be a big problem, especially if you are a professional photographer.

Another disadvantage of mirrorless is that it has a much shorter battery life compared to the DSLR camera. That is, if you are going to use mirrorless to work for long hours, you will certainly need extra batteries.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the mirrorless camera.

Where to buy and how much does mirrorless cost?

The price of a mirrorless camera can vary widely. The cost will depend on the manufacturer brand and the resources available.
The mirrorless camera costs from R $ 3 thousand.

But, in general, the mirrorless camera costs from R $ 3 thousand and can pass from R $ 20 thousand.

To buy a mirrorless, you can opt for stores specializing in photographic equipment, department stores such as Ponto Frio, or even large supermarket chains such as Carrefour.

But if the idea is to be able to choose from several model options and still buy without leaving home, the ideal is to opt for online stores, such as Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: How to compare mirrorless models

When choosing the best mirrorless you must keep in mind that, in practice, what will make the difference at the time of the click will be your knowledge to adjust the machine.

But it is essential that you know what factors differentiate one model from another. For this, we have listed below the main aspects that you should take into account when choosing your mirrorless:

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  • Dimension
  • Megapixel
  • Sensor
  • Lenses
  • Flash
  • Other resources


Below, we will explain in detail how to consider each of these criteria.


The first aspect that we recommend that you take into consideration when choosing the best model of a mirrorless camera is the size of the machine.

Depending on your objective when using a mirrorless, especially if you need to spend hours holding the camera, this is a fundamental criterion.

In this case, even though the mirrorless is smaller compared to the DSLR, there are variations in its dimension.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider the dimensions of the camera before buying it.

For example, you can choose a mirrorless that measures 129 x 90 x 47 mm or one that has the following measures 98 x 60 x 32 mm.


One of the requirements that you should take into account when comparing mirrorless cameras is the pixels.

In general, when we consider the best of each brand, it is possible to find the mirrorless with pixels ranging between 16 megapixels and 28 megapixels.


When choosing the best mirrorless, it is also important to observe the camera sensor. There are two main types: CCD and CMOS. The first generates images with superior quality. The second, cheaper and more common, is of inferior quality.

But also consider the size of the mirrorless sensor. The larger the sensor, the higher the quality of the images.


One of the most important aspects when choosing a camera is the lens.

So, analyze the focal length, optical zoom and captured angles of your mirrorless.

It is also important to take into account the lens opening, as this point interferes with the light that is captured when taking the photo.


Also note that not every mirrorless comes with a built-in flash. Take into account whether this is an important resource for you. Also, check the flash range, which can vary from 5 to 8 meters.

Another important point when considering the type of flash for a mirrorless is the speed that usually varies between 1/60 sec to 1/200 sec.

Finally, be sure to analyze whether the mirrorless has a flash with red-eye reduction function and the option to control the intensity of the flash.

Other resources

As with any camera, mirrorless also has to consider the functions and features that will help you when taking the best photo. Therefore, it is ideal that you observe the type and quality of the following resources:

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  • Color space ;
  • Types of storage ;
  • Manual focus ;
  • Display size ;
  • Screen touch ;
  • Video resolution ;
  • Microphone ;
  • Speaker ;
  • Life battery .



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