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Top & Best Ring light Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Ring light: How to choose the best in 2022

Welcome tomypricesaving.com! Today we are going to talk about an indispensable accessory for those who love making photos: the ring light. Whether professional or personal, the ring light helps to leave photographs and selfies with impeccable quality.

But choosing the best ring light is not always an easy task. After all, nowadays there are several models and sizes with different technologies. To help you, we will show you what factors should be analyzed before purchasing the best ring light.

First, the most important

  • The ring light is a “ring of light” that unifies the skin and enhances the eyes, resulting in professional-grade photos and selfies.
  • Whether you are a photographer, digital influencer on YouTube or Instagram, or just someone who wants to take your photographs to another level, ring light is an indispensable accessory.
  • In this article, we will explain how to use and how to choose the right ring light for you.

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The best models of ring light: The ideal for each objective

When buying a ring light, you will come across a wide variety of models. And the fact is that each one has a different goal. Therefore, we select for you the best types of ring light, according to the usage situation. Check out:

  • The best ring light kit as a whole
  • The ideal accessory for beginners
  • The professionals’ favorite ring light

Buying Guide

With so many technical specifications, it can be difficult to choose the best ring light, especially if you are not a professional. But do not worry. With that in mind, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to buy the best ring light.

What is ring light and what is it for?

If you are a professional photographer or still use photos to publicize your work it is very likely that you have heard of ring light.The ring light is an accessory formed by a ring of light that, due to its shape, ensures perfect lighting when photographing, especially portraits.

Considered an evolution of dressing room light, its circular shape, which can come in different diameters, generates a 360º luminosity and, therefore, eliminates shadows and even skin.

In addition, the ring light also allows you to use different temperatures of lights, which results in different effects and colors in the photographs.

Another function of ring light is that this accessory guarantees the much desired catch light effect, which is the white contour line that forms in the iris of the eyes.

Nowadays it is common to find anyone with a circle attached to the cell phone, since it is a simple and practical accessory to assemble, disassemble and use.

That’s because, after assembled, just connect the ring light to the power source and select the desired light level and that’s it!

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The ring light ensures high quality photos even for those who are an amateur of photography.

From there, just start the work of photographing and filming, playing with the intensity and temperature of the lights and colors.

The fact is that, currently, you will find the ring light from the professional version, with an adjustable tripod, which can be controlled by means of remote control, for example; even the simplest and smallest versions, which can be used on a table and even attached to the cell phone.

Who is the ring light recommended for?

As we saw, the ring light can be used by anyone who wants to give a more professional effect to the photos. But the fact is that the ring light is an accessory that can contribute a lot to your business, especially if you deal with personal image.No wonder, this accessory became a fever among influencers, bloggers and youtubers. After all, the ring light is perfect for making selfies and videos.

In addition, the light emitted by the ring light also values ​​makeup and hair color, which ends up being an important resource for hairdressers and makeup artists to publicize their work.

As the lighting of the ring light fills all points of the image, it is possible to see details and colors more clearly.

What is the difference between the ring light and the softbox?

If you have already tried to understand more about lighting to record videos or do photo shoots, you have certainly encountered this doubt: ring light or softbox?As we saw, the ring light is a circle of lights that has color variation and forms different effects in the photos, in addition to eliminating shadows.


Because of its characteristics, the ring light is ideal for face photos, selfies and close-ups. On the other hand, the softbox serves to disperse and create a soft and diffused light.

Therefore, the softbox is more commonly used in photo essays and videos that are more technical.

Homemade or purchased ring light: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The ring light has become so popular that some venture to create their own ring of lights. And as much as this is possible and even cheaper than buying a ring light at the store, you need to understand the pros and cons.The homemade ring light will certainly be more affordable due to the materials used in its construction. This accessory is usually made with pieces of cardboard and paint, simple and easy to find materials.

And the best part is that the homemade ring light also leaves the catch-light round. In addition, it is also easy to find tutorials on how to make a ring light on Youtube.

But there are disadvantages, too. In the homemade ring light the power of the lights will be less. Especially because, in general, the homemade accessory usually uses LED ribbon, Christmas lights or normal lamps.

In addition, depending on the material you use, it can become very fragile. Not to mention that it will not be so easy to disassemble, which can be a problem when transporting the accessory to use it elsewhere.

Did you know that light and photography go together? Framing, composition and angle are important elements when taking a photo. But the main thing is actually the lighting. Therefore, the photography professional uses various equipment so that both light and shadow are in accordance with the purpose of the photo.

The purchased ring light will have a much higher light output. In addition, the accessory, in general, comes with a tripod and can be adjusted at different angles.

Another advantage of the ring light purchased at the store is that it is easy to store and transport. But the main positive point is that the accessory has a variation in temperature and color, which allows different effects on photos and videos.

The disadvantage of the purchased ring light, on the other hand, is in fact the higher price, as well as the cost of maintenance. Below you can see the main differences between the homemade ring light and the purchased one:


How much does it cost and where to buy a ring light?

When you buy a ring light you will find a wide variety of sizes and technologies. And, precisely for that reason, prices will also vary widely.But, in general, the most expensive ring light is for professional use and can cost more than R $ 1,000. Smaller versions cost between R $ 100 and R $ 200. Ring light for cell phones can cost between R $ 20 and R $ 50.

The ring light can be purchased in department stores and even in large supermarket chains such as Lojas Americanas and Extra.

Still, we suggest that you make your purchase in online stores such as Amazon Brazil. When buying online, you get the ring light without leaving your home and it also increases the chances of finding a greater variety of models.

Purchasing Criteria: What you should consider when choosing your ring light

Once you understand the operation and importance of a ring light to ensure maximum quality for your photos and videos, it’s time to choose the best model, amid so many options for sale.

To assist you in this mission, we have listed the main criteria that you must observe before purchasing the best ring light. Look:

  • Ring size
  • LED or lamps
  • Temperature variation
  • With or without tripod

Next, we’ll explain in detail how to take each of these factors into account.

Ring size

In this regard you will find rings of light with diameters ranging from small to large.

The ring light whose circle is small is generally used to shoot with the smartphone . Some models are in the form of a clip, which is attached to the front of the cell phone cameras.

This version, which can even fit in your pocket, is portable and lightweight, usually has lights with less power, but is ideal for selfies, homemade productions and to take to parties and meetings, for example.

The larger ones, whose light ring has a diameter ranging from medium to large, are usually used more for professional productions, with a camera . This is because the larger the ring of light, the more lamps there will be in the ring light.

LED or lamps

As we have seen, the larger the ring light circle, the greater the number of lights. But in addition, we also recommend that you take into account the type of lighting.

Here you will be able to choose between traditional lamps and LED lamps . Here are the characteristics of each:

  • LED: Offers continuous lighting and temperature and controllable level. It also consumes less energy and is more powerful.
  • Lamps: Makes the ring light cheaper, but does not allow the temperature to be regulated and the lights are less powerful. It is necessary to be very close to them to obtain the expected result.

Temperature variation

Another criterion that you should focus your attention on when buying the ring light is the temperature. The temperature of the light is what will define the color of the photo that can go from yellowish to bluish.

In general, ring light models available on the market work with temperatures ranging from 3,200K to 6,500K.

According to experts in the subject, you must take into account that the lower this numbering, the hotter the lighting will be. That is, the color will be closer to yellow and gold.

The higher numbers, on the other hand, indicate lighting considered to be cold, which is ideal for highlighting the gray tones of the scenery or person to be photographed.

Thus, it is precisely the control of temperature, or even the mixing of its variations, that allows the creation of lighting effects in photographs and videos.

It is worth mentioning that some models of ring light also allow you to perform temperature control by means of a remote control.

With or without tripod

Then, also analyze whether the ring light of your choice comes with or without a tripod. In general, more modern models offer this extra accessory in the kit.

The tripod is essential to ensure stability when taking photos and filming videos. It is also an indispensable accessory for those who produce their own photos and videos.

But pay attention because there is also a variation in the type of tripods available.

If possible, choose a tripod that is retractable and reclining, which allows you to extend the height vertically and move the light ring in different directions.

Another point that you should consider is that there is also a table ring light.

In this case, the tripod is much shorter than the traditional one, which can reach more than 2 meters in height. And, as the name says, it is to be used against a table and not on the floor.

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