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Best Makeup mirror Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Makeup mirror: What’s the best in 2022?

Welcome to Review Box Brasil! Today’s text will please our readers in love with the universe of make, as we will talk about the benefits of a good makeup mirror.

This type of mirror is quite different from conventional ones. It is specially designed for beauty processes, with unique characteristics that usually please the female audience.

In case you still don’t know all the advantages of this product, we invite you to dive into the world of beauty together with us, through our special guide on the makeup mirror.

First, the most important

  • The makeup mirror is basically a structured mirror for the production of a make up. It has led lights around it and image magnification.
  • Usually, it is an easily transportable product, which allows you to take it on trips and even to friends or similar environments.
  • Because it has LED lights, it needs a power source: some are rechargeable via USB cable, others need to be plugged into the outlet and others work using batteries.

Best Makeup Mirrors: Our Favorites

Makeup time is delicious, but it depends on some tools to make the process happen. The makeup mirror is one of those that make all the difference.

If you don’t already have one at home and are looking for the ideal model, we’ve selected some of the best options on the market to present you below:



Buying Guide

The makeup mirror is equipped with differentials that collaborate to make it easier to produce make, precisely because it was specifically designed for this.

See here in our guide what these differentials are and learn about the main benefits of the product.


Makeup mirror: What is it?

The makeup mirror is an item that has gained more and more space in the cosmetics and beauty market.

It is a mirror in a smaller version, which can be round or square, usually easy to transport, which is especially ideal for making makeup.

It has a led light around it, and can operate via battery or have a cable to be connected directly to a power source.

In summary, it is a practical product, very useful and that is of great help to people who like to put on makeup but do not have a good mirror structure and lighting at home.



What are the main advantages of the makeup mirror?

A well-made makeup does not only depend on your technique and the quality of the products used in production, it also depends on good ambient lighting and a well-structured mirror.
At home, we do not always have a corner with all these features, and that is why the makeup mirror is so advantageous: it gathers in one item all the necessary characteristics for the process to be carried out.

Firstly, this product is small and easily transportable, allowing you to use it in the most different spaces in your home, and even transport it to other places and take it on trips.

In addition, it has led lighting around it, which is the best type of light to make a makeup well done, since it brightens a lot and allows you to easily see any mistake of tone or poorly done line.

The LED, despite being essential in this type of mirror, needs special care, since it works through energy.



Some mirrors are rechargeable via USB cable, others only work plugged in, and there are also those that depend on batteries. Therefore, be sure to note this issue before starting to use.

Finally, the mirrors for make use the technology of magnifying the reflection, some in 2x, others in 5x, and there are those that enlarge up to 10x.

This is a very interesting question, as it ensures that you can closely observe every point on your face without having to be super close to it.

The makeup mirror, in general, gives you the security to finish a production with the certainty that nothing has gone wrong and that it is exactly as you would like it to be.


  • It is small and easily transportable
  • Has led light
  • Has image enhancement technology


  • Requires battery or a power source for the led to work
  • Some models can be expensive

Makeup mirror or purse mirror?

Those looking for practical and easy transport options are faced with two possibilities: the makeup mirror or the purse mirror, that little one that we carry loose in the bag, and that sometimes accompanies a compact powder or blush.

The first, as we said, is full of advantages and is the most suitable option for those who like to set aside a few minutes of the day to put on makeup. It can be supported on any surface and comes with its own lighting.

Its disadvantage is that it is not indicated to be carried in the bag, much less for retouching makeup in bathrooms of restaurants, nightclubs and so on.

The bag mirror is different. It is not suitable for the production of make, as it is very small and hardly supported, which makes you need to use one hand to hold it.

However, its advantage in retouching. It is super indicated to be carried in the bag and used to touch up lipstick, powder or blush during any event or appointment.

In summary, the ideal is that you have the makeup mirror at home, but be sure to take the purse mirror inside your bag, after all, the use of one complements the other.


How much does a makeup mirror cost?

The makeup mirror is a medium price item, but it can vary slightly. On average, its cost is in the range of R $ 50 to R $ 200, always depending on the model chosen.

Where to buy makeup mirrors?

Although it is a makeup-related product, in cosmetic stores you should not find options for makeup mirrors. The best place to buy this item is at home and decor stores.

In this case, we can recommend you to Etna, Tok Stok, Multi Coisas, Leroy Merlin and even Loja Imaginarium. Some department stores also offer options, such as Lojas Americanas and Rede Carrefour.

There is also the possibility of buying online, if you prefer. Amazon, Buscapé, Submarino and Mercado Livre represent good choices.





Purchasing criteria: how to compare makeup mirrors

Every product must be analyzed carefully before purchase and the makeup mirror is no different. We have selected some points about it that you should take into account:

  • Material
  • Power supply
  • Enlargement
  • Size

Now we are going to give you the details about these items.


The durability of your makeup mirror is related to the material that its structure is made of. Give preference to firm and resistant options, and leave the plastic models aside, as these are the most fragile and least suitable.

Power supply

As the makeup mirror has led lights around it it needs a power source to light it.

Some run on batteries, others are rechargeable and come with a USB cable, and there are those that need to be plugged into an outlet.

Choose the model you like best, according to what fits your makeup routine best.


A great advantage of this product is that it has magnification of reflection, which is great to ensure that your make is finished without errors. Some have a 2x increase, while others have up to 10x.

The ideal is that you find the middle ground and buy a model that allows you to make up by observing the details, but without turning the mirror into a super magnifying glass.


The size of the ideal mirror varies with each one. If you already have a pre-defined space for the product, choose a size that will be legal in this space and will meet your needs.


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