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Best Dog food Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dog food: See how to choose the best one in 2022

Our pets deserve all the care, and that starts with food. Today, we are going to do a complete analysis on the diet for elderly dogs.

Over the years, it is natural that dogs need a reinforced, more balanced diet with a texture that facilitates chewing. Check out our article for your best friend to age healthier.

First, the most important

  • Look for a food that does not have artificial colors, as they can be harmful to health, especially for older dogs.
  • In addition to age, you must also take into account the size of the animal when choosing the best feed.
  • Although it can vary greatly in breed and size, dogs are usually considered to be elderly when they are seven years old.

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The best rations for elderly dogs: Our indications

As with humans, as dogs age, they are more prone to disease and health problems. A good diet is vital for them to have a better quality of life. Here are some examples that we have separated for you.

  • The ideal option for medium and large dogs
  • Our recommendation for those looking for a natural feed
  • A great food for dogs with chewing problems

Buying Guide

After spending years playing, running around the house and with an energy that seems to have no end, the best age also comes for our four-legged friends.

It is natural for them to slow down a bit, and it is important that you be aware of health problems that were not common before. See our buying guide with more information and details about the feed and how to take care of your food.

When should I start using old dog food?

The main observation you should make is the size of the dog: Small breeds enter old age from the age of seven, while in the larger breeds, this occurs around the age of ten.

However, it is important to note some factors even before that age. If the dog is suffering from diarrhea problems, starting to refuse the food or eating less, this is already a good indication that it is time to make the switch.

And, if he has problems with teething, it is also recommended to adapt the ration, perhaps opting for the wet ones, which are easier to chew and digest.
Ultimately, always remember to take your dog to the vet regularly and follow his recommendations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog food for elderly dogs?

The old dog food is cut off from the others, since most do not have dyes or preservatives, they are more balanced and the texture is softer, factors that help to avoid health problems.

However, these rations tend to cost more and your dog may take a little getting used to the exchange. To avoid these problems, try to choose a flavor that he is already used to.



  • Most do not have dyes or preservatives
  • They are more balanced
  • The texture is softer
  • Help prevent health problems


  • They cost more
  • The dog may take some getting used to

What are the different types of feed for elderly dogs?

There are five main categories of old dog food available on the market.

The common one is the best known, but it has preservatives, dyes and there are almost no proteins of animal origin in the formula. The big advantage here is the price, as they are the cheapest.

Standart feed is more balanced and is considered the standard, sold by most major brands in the market. Its price is in an intermediate range, making it quite affordable.

Premium uses protein from animal sources, aiding digestion and being a richer protein source. It costs a little more, but it is worth the investment.

And if you think your dog deserves the best, you can invest in a Super Premium feed using natural preservatives and dyes. Its formula has 100% natural protein, which ends up making it more expensive.

Finally, the Light ration is indicated for dogs with special needs, helping to avoid heart problems or diabetes. Unfortunately, it also tends to have a higher price.


What is the importance of investing in a natural food for the elderly dog?

As you can see in the table above, natural diets generally fall into the Premium and Super Premium categories.

In addition to avoiding the use of preservatives and natural dyes, which are rich in sodium, their formulas are totally natural, which in itself helps to avoid a series of health problems.

Another factor is that they usually use proteins of animal origin, which are richer, making the dog need to eat less to obtain the same nutritional level. This is a factor that helps a lot in digestion.

The big consideration here is to find out which feed offers the best benefits, even if they cost a little more.

It is often better to invest a little more in the feed and avoid spending on frequent trips to the vet. See below for other items that can help your pet have a longer and healthier life.


How to make the feed more attractive to the elderly dog?

As dogs age, it is more common for appetite to decrease. So it is important to motivate him in the best way so that he continues to eat properly.

If he still likes to play, you can stimulate him a little bit near the feed pot. The change of flavor is also common to prevent it from getting sick over time.

Another important factor is the texture. In this case, you can moisten the solid feed a little with a little water. Nowadays there are even special sauces for dogs that appeal to smell, stimulating food.

And, if you got used to solid food and always treated wet food as a treat, it is probably time to consider adapting the diet, even if it may cost a little more.

Purchase criteria: What to watch for before buying old dog food

Dogs are known and respected for their unconditional loyalty, the great care and affection they feel for us. When they start to get older, that’s when they need our care the most.

Throughout our analysis you could understand better about dog food for the elderly, but before making the change, it is important to consider some criteria. Check the topics below. Your pet thanks you!

  • Formula
  • Indicated size
  • Flavor
  • Net weight


When we talk about food for elderly dogs, the most important factor is certainly the formula, and it can vary a lot from one brand to another, even following the categories mentioned in our analysis.

It is worth noting the percentage of protein from animal sources, the types of preservatives and whether it uses chemical or natural dyes. All of this can impact your dog’s health.

The big advantage here is that most of them, in addition to important vitamins and minerals, also have chondroitin, glucosamine, beta-glucan and even omega 3. These are ingredients that help to strengthen and protect the joints.

Diets with more fiber facilitate digestion, while those with less sodium help to avoid heart problems. Consider all this before making the purchase.


Indicated size

Another thing that you should always observe before making the purchase is the indication on the size packaging. They can be for small, medium or large breeds.

Protein and caloric values ​​vary widely from one formula to another.

This is important, as protein and caloric values ​​vary widely from one formula to another. Small breeds usually weigh from 0.5 to 15 kg and measure up to 43 cm.

Medium-sized breeds usually weigh 15 to 25 kg and reach a maximum height of 60 cm. And in the big ones, the weight ranges from 25 to 90 kg, with a maximum height above 43 cm.

If in doubt about your dog’s breed and size, consult your veterinarian.


Flavor is also very important, especially when dogs get older and may end up getting sick. And here, there are no excuses for not varying your diet a little.

Even if you have a favorite brand, it is very likely that it offers several different flavors in your senior line. So, if you notice that your dog has started to eat less, changing the flavor is a great strategy.

Net weight

Finally, it is important to be aware of the net weight of the feed pack. And here, this is one more factor for your convenience and there are some tips that can help.

First, if the dog is still adapting, opt for smaller packages. This lessens his loss if he doesn’t get used to it.

Now, if he is used to it, it may be interesting to invest in bigger packages. By following the storage instructions, this can save your visits to the petshop and even help save a little bit.


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