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Top & Best Gel nails Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gel nails: The best products for you to do yours in 2022

today we are going to talk about an aesthetic procedure that has become the great trend in beauty salons: gel nails.

Known for being super resistant, having the possibility to lengthen natural nails and keep nail polish for longer, gel nails are made with the support of very special products.

If you are a manicurist or have a beauty salon, and want to take this technology to your customers, follow with us and we will explain all the advantages of gel nail products.

First, the most important

  • Gel nails are made using an ultraviolet gel that guarantees durability, resistance, naturalness and beauty.
  • The procedure must be done by a professional, since it requires technique and needs the necessary materials for its performance.
  • The gel can be applied directly to the nail, for people who seek only resistance and good durability of the enamel, or on top of a gel mold, which also guarantees elongation.

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Buying Guide

Nail extensions are increasingly on the rise, and among all the ways to perform the procedure, gel nails are the ones that stand out the most.

If you are interested in the subject, that is, a manicure in search of new ways to please your customers, our Guide has a lot to add.


What are gel nails?

Fever in beauty salons, gel nails are unnatural nails made from a thin, transparent and malleable gel.

It is a procedure in which the gel is applied on the nails or on a gel mold, and the professional shapes it according to the client’s taste. It is known for its high durability and the ability to lengthen short nails.

Usually, the process is carried out in beauty centers or places specialized in the subject, as it is a procedure that requires knowledge of the technique.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gel nails?

There is nothing to discuss: gel nails guarantee a beautiful appearance to your hands, and to acquire them you need to go through a simple non-invasive process that is not harmful to your health.

The great feature that both calls the attention of women when it comes to gel nails is the durability proposed by her.

Because the gel is composed of very specific substances such as penttaerythritol and isobornyl acrylate, the fixation of the enamel and the gel itself is increased.

If you perform the procedure you will notice that it is very difficult for your new nail to break, even in impact situations. The coloring will also have a longer useful life, being able to resist up to 20 days without any damage.

Therefore, it is a procedure known for its practicality, since it allows even the most vain women to go weeks without going to a manicure to perform maintenance.

In addition to resistance and durability, gel nails also offer a great differential: shaping the nail according to your taste.

Because it has a malleable consistency, it is possible for you to lengthen your nails using the gel, and even change them. There is no rule in this matter and the aesthetics may be exactly your taste.



Regarding people who bite nails, there are disagreements as to their indication.

Although it is a good way to keep your hands beautiful and your nails long, some manicurists worry that such people will try hard to try to break the nail and end up ruining the work or even getting hurt.

This fear happens mainly because the gel sticks firmly to the nail, and when trying to take it out at home you may end up hurting yourself, as specific materials are needed for its removal.

In addition to these points, we must remember that there are some other observations to be made about gel nails, such as the wear and tear of natural nails resulting from excessive polishing.

Before applying the product, the nails should be well polished, which will make them thinner and more fragile, so if you spend a lot of time using gel nails, you will notice that the natural ones will be well spent when you decide to take the product out of your hands.

It is also worth remembering that this is a somewhat time-consuming procedure, lasting between 1h30min and 2h30min, according to the situation of the natural nails of each one.

Finally, it is important to say that although the gel is not so expensive, the whole procedure is done at higher values, due to its complexity.

In general, it is an aesthetic innovation that came to make life easier for women, and that certainly has a lot to add, however, it is good to know that there are points that may displease some people.


  • Ensures nail resistance
  • Ensures enamel durability
  • Stretch and shape nails according to the taste of each one
  • Beautiful and clean aesthetic


  • Time-consuming procedure
  • Weakens natural nails
  • The gel must be removed by a professional, as you can get hurt
  • It is much more expensive than a normal manicure

How are gel nails made?

We strongly recommend that you perform the gel nail procedure in some beauty center with professionals specialized in the subject, however, we will explain briefly how the process works.

  1. Hygiene. Right after observing and evaluating the nails in question, the manicure will clean them, which consists of removing the excess cuticle and cutting them to the ideal size, if it is not an already short nail.
  2. Polishing. Then, polishing will start. It is performed with a specific device for this function.
  3. Mold. After polishing, the nail will be ready to receive the gel mold or even a false nail, used in cases of people who bite their nails, leaving them very short, almost nonexistent. In this step the manicure shapes and elongates the mold according to the client’s taste, always leaving a very smooth and natural look.
  4. Gel layers. Again the nail (now with mold or application) will be polished, and only then the gel layers will be applied, to ensure shine and durability and naturalness.
  5. LED booth. Finally, the hands must be taken to an ultraviolet LED cabin, responsible for drying the gel, and only then will they be ready to be properly enamelled.


How does gel nail maintenance work?

The maintenance of nails in gel should be carried out within a period of approximately 15 days, according to the growth of the nails. It is a much faster procedure than the application, taking about an hour.

In this case, the manicure evaluates the situation of the nails and makes the necessary repairs, such as: sanding, polishing and new application of gel layers.

Are there any contraindications regarding the application of gel nails?

Regarding the contraindications to the use of gels on nails, we must warn that it is not indicated for people who do manual labor, especially if they involve contact with chemical substances, as this can considerably reduce its durability.

In addition, people who are allergic to some of the substances present in the composition of the gel can experience allergic attacks, stains on the hands and itching, so it is always good to see a dermatologist frequently.



What are the differences between gel, fiberglass and porcelain nails?

As we said, nail lengthening methods are on the rise, and gel is not the only way to perform the procedure. In addition to it there are also fiberglass and porcelain nails.

In general, the final result of the three methods is quite similar, however, each of them has its particularities, and that is what we will explain to you now.

    • Gel nails : These are considered the most modern. The gel can be applied directly to the nail, in cases of people who do not want to stretch, or in a gel mold, which allows for stretching. In practice, the gel is one of the materials that best adapts to the nails, since it has a light consistency and is transparent, leaving the nail very smooth and natural. On the other hand, its durability is not so great, since maintenance is indicated in 15 days.
    • Fiberglass nails : They are made from a polymer reinforced with fiberglass, well known for its resistance to impacts. It is a stretch that resembles false nails, however it is much more subtle, thin and delicate. Ideal for those who like long nails. Maintenance should be done between 20 and 25 days.
    • Porcelain nails : These are very traditional in our country. They are made from a powdered acrylic resin, the same used by dentists, and are sculpted manually one by one. Maintenance will depend on the growth of the nails, but will be between 15 and 20 days, and the result can be a little more rough and sandy. Its disadvantage is the strong smell during application, which can end up harming the most allergic.


How much do gel nails cost?

If you are thinking of buying your own gel to perform the process, or if you are a manicure in search of the ideal gel, we must tell you that the prices are well linked to the quality of the product.

In general, the cost of a jar of gel varies widely, and can be purchased for only R $ 25 or more than R $ 100.

However, if you want to know the cost of the total procedure, which has already been completed, here it is: between R $ 150 and R $ 250, according to the professional and the products she will use. Maintenance is cheaper and costs about R $ 100.

Where to buy gel nails?

The gel can be easily found in cosmetic stores in addition to lesser-known municipal stores.

Online shopping is also an excellent choice, in which case we recommend Amazon.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different gel nail products

Now, if this is your first time buying a nail gel, and you still have doubts about which one to buy, we will point you to everything that should be observed when choosing:

  • Consistency
  • Color
  • Composition
  • How much it yields

For the avoidance of doubt, we will explain in detail each of these points.


The consistency of the gel must be correct so that it is well adhered to the nail or the mold. It is important that it is slightly sticky and slightly sticky.

Do not opt ​​for too liquid or too firm gels, as this will compromise the natural appearance and shine at the time of the procedure.



Most nail gels are transparent, however, there are some pink or white options, as some people prefer these shades to use without nail polish.

If you are a manicure, the ideal may be to have an option of each, to please different types of customers.

But, if you are buying for your own use, we recommend the transparent one, as it adapts very well in any shade of enamel, allowing you to have several productions.


It is a fact that the nail gel is composed of synthetic chemical substances that we do not always know.

However, if you are an allergic person, keep an eye on the composition, as it may indicate some compound that could be harmful to you.


How much it yields

The performance of the nail gel is variable. Some jars can be only 15 g, and others can be 60 g.

Here it is important for you to analyze how often you use the product. If you are always using it in the salon with your customers, it is worth investing in a larger pot.

We always recommend the best cost benefit. Cross quality with pot yield and make the best choice.


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