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Top & Best Gift for boss Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gift for boss: How to choose the best option in 2022

With the end of the year approaching, it is common for companies to have moments of fraternization among employees as the secret friend. If you take your manager’s name, take a moment to research a gift for a boss.

But choosing a gift for a boss is a challenge. With that in mind, we have prepared a complete guide on how to choose the best gift for your boss. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • Take into consideration the person’s personality when buying a gift for boss.
  • The boss gift must accompany a thank you – verbal or written – for the working partnership.
  • You can get co-workers together to buy a gift for the boss or boss. In this way, everyone participates in this moment of fraternization.

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The best gifts for boss: Our recommendations

Are you looking for a gift for a boss that surprises your boss or boss without giving off the “pull bag” image? Check out the best gift suggestions below:

  • The best gift for a wine-loving chef
  • The best gift option for sports chief
  • An option for those who love photography
  • The best gift for organized boss


Buying Guide

Choosing a gift for the boss is a complicated task, because the gift needs to be interesting but it should not be exaggerated, to the point that it seems that you are “pulling the bag” of the recipient.

But how to maintain this balance and surprise the boss? In this Buying Guide, we have prepared some amazing gift tips for bosses. We will also give you some tips on when and how to gift it. Come with us.

When should I give a gift to boss and what are the advantages?

Before buying a gift for your boss, evaluate the relationship you have with the person. If the manager is a person close to the team, who participates in socializing moments outside the work environment and office hours, you can present it without fear.

If the person has a formal posture and a strictly professional relationship, it is best to avoid it. In this case, wishing happy holidays and thanking the working partnership are enough.

However, in special moments like birthday and secret friend, you can give the person a gift. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of this gift for boss in the table below:



  • It is a way of showing gratitude for the working partnership
  • The gift can be given together with other co-workers
  • You find a wide variety of gift options
  • There are options in all price ranges


  • An exaggerated gift can convey a wrong image

What are the best gift options for a male boss?

If your chef is present at happy hour and has a bohemian style, you can present him with an alcoholic drink such as a bottle of wine, whiskey or craft beer bottles. You can include a pair of glasses or a corkscrew.

If your chef likes to read, you can present him with a book. Try to find out your favorite genre or subjects of interest. If the person admires an artist or personality, you present him / her with the person’s biography. Another option is to present him with a career book.

Although giving your chef clothing items is not an interesting alternative, you can buy a leather belt, as this accessory is versatile and democratic and every man wears it at work and at leisure. Another option is a neutral tie.


If your boss is tech-savvy, you can present him with cell phone accessories like a portable charger, cell phone case and headset. Another option is a backpack for carrying notebook.

And although technology is present in everyday life, everyone uses a pen to take notes, so you can present it with an executive pen, a gift that represents respect.

What are the gift options for female chef?

Looking for a gift for your mistress? How about investing in a box of fine chocolates or gourmet brigadeiros. Choose an option with a beautiful and delicate box. Flowers are also welcome. Give preference to delicate flowers that can adorn the work environment. Finish with a thank you card.

Office items such as a calendar, planner or organizational objects such as a pen holder – you can even present it with an executive pen – are also excellent options.


Another option is to present her with a bottle of wine. Choose a nice bottle, within your budget – know that the most expensive wines are not always the best.

If your boss loves coffee, you can present her with a portable coffee maker, that way, she can prepare the drink whenever she wants and wherever she is. You can also present it with a thermal cup.

Women also love to get accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, but be sure to buy good quality pieces, preferably with a guarantee certificate.

How should I deliver the gift to boss?

When giving the gift to the boss, look for a time when the person is alone or with few colleagues around. Give the gift and give a brief greeting.


Thank for the partnership at work.

The gift should be a way of thanking the partnership for another year of work. You can mention that you are grateful for participation in a project, for the trust or for a promotion received.


Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider When Buying a Boss Gift

Choosing a boss gift can be a complicated task. You should buy a special item, but it shouldn’t look like you’re buying praise or influence, should it?

We recommend that you find an impersonal gift with a price range compatible with your income and company time. Follow the tips below and make the right choice:

  • Style of the person presented
  • Object, experience or shopping voucher
  • Conventional or personalized gift
  • Value

We will detail these characteristics throughout this section. Any questions leave a comment.

Style of the person presented

To make the right choice for a boss gift, you can present it with an item related to your personal or professional life. In that sense, note the person’s personality and preferences.

Your boss can be traditional, workaholic, sportsman, adventurer, geek or bohemian. A relaxed conversation will help you to know a little more about the person and simplify the choice of the gift. Check out some suggestions in the table below:

Object, experience or shopping voucher

Although most people present the boss with an object, you can also present it as an experience as a ticket (with a companion) to some interesting event such as a show, lecture or event fair. Another option is to present him with a quick course.

An option that few people remember is a massage voucher, a versatile gift that appeals to men and women of all ages. However, avoid buying cosmetic treatments.

Another option is to present a gift card from your favorite store. However, it is important to get to know the person well in order to present them with a voucher – that way, your boss will have the opportunity to choose the item that appeals to you the most.

Conventional or personalized gift

In addition to the conventional gift, purchased at a physical or virtual store, you can buy a personalized boss gift, especially if your relationship with the person is closer.

Good options are: Personalized and creative mug, executive pen with the person’s name printed, personalized agenda with the company logo or personalized board with the recipient’s favorite phrase. Personalization can be hired separately.


When buying a gift for a boss, avoid extremes, that is, a very cheap or very expensive gift – giving an expensive gift to a person with whom you have no close contact can seem flattering.

If your boss is closer and you have a good relationship, you can do a little more. One option is to bring the team together and share the value, that way, everyone can participate and fraternize.

When you are a secret friend, a price limit is set that must be respected. If it’s your boss’s birthday, you can present him with a souvenir, enough to demonstrate that you remembered him on that special date.


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