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Top & Best Children’s Day Gift Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s Day Gift: What’s the best in 2022?

The month of October is marked by a very special date: Children’s Day. It is on that day that celebrations take place across the country and that several people go out in search of a children’s day gift and that is what we will talk about here today.

Choosing a gift is never an easy task and even less for children. There are infinite product options that can be given to them and the question always strikes at that moment. But we can help you make the right purchase for your little one and for that you just have to read this article until the end!

First, the most important

  • The best way to choose a Children’s Day gift is based on your child’s age and taste.
  • If you don’t plan to spend a lot if you plan, research prices and go shopping in advance.
  • Among the most chosen children’s day gift options are dolls, strollers, games, bicycles and electronics.

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The best Children’s Day gifts: Little ones’ favorites

There are endless product options that can be given on Children’s Day. There are dolls, strollers, games, costumes and many other items that are successful. We have separated some suggestions for you to be inspired.

  • The best option for boys who love superheroes
  • The toy full of surprises
  • The ideal toy to entertain the whole family

Buying Guide

Just the month of October is approaching for the little ones to start looking forward to the arrival of Children’s Day. This date that is celebrated throughout become synonymous with a gift, that is why it is so awaited.

But amid so many options, knowing what to give that day is not so simple. Knowing this, we have prepared this shopping guide full of information that will help you make a decision and choose the ideal children’s day gift.

When is Children’s Day celebrated and what is the history of that date?

Celebrated every year on October 12, Children’s Day was created by federal deputy Galdino do Valle Filho in 1920. The date was only recognized on November 5, 1924, but only became international in 1959, when it was made official by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

However, the date chosen by UNICEF is November 20, not October 12. But, each country is free to choose a day for this celebration and here the date that had already been stipulated continues today.

Up to what age should a Children’s Day gift be given?

Many people find themselves in doubt when they think about when the children’s day gift should be given. In fact, many teenagers still want to get a treat on that date.

The reality is that there is no rule for this, but according to the law, a person is considered to be a person up to 12 years of age. However, if you like to gift even the oldest, feel free to surprise even teenagers.

What are the best children’s day gifts according to age group?

There are many stores that fill their windows with toy options when Children’s Day approaches. This is a very celebrated date here and in the midst of so many products, knowing which one is best for the little ones is not easy.

But there are some categories of toys that fit perfectly according to the child’s age group and we show them below.

    • Babies : Up to 24 months, the best toys are rattles, teethers, stacking pieces and everything that has colors and textures.
    • From 3 to 4 years old : Costumes, train sets, toy musical instruments, modeling clay, strollers, dolls, teddy bears , games, children’s bikes and tricycles .
    • From 4 to 6 years old : Toy telephone, doll houses, dolls, toy kitchens, games, dolls and strollers.
    • From 6 to 8 years old : Board games , Lego, electronic products, kites, puzzles and cart tracks.
    • From 8 to 10 years : Skates , electronic products, books, dolls and dolls.
    • From 10 to 12 years old : Games, clothes, electronics and books.


Electronic or simple Children’s Day gift: Which is the best?

Nowadays children are increasingly attached to electronic products and it is not difficult to see them asking their parents for tablets , smartphones and video games. This raises the question of whether it is more worthwhile to give a simple gift or one of these options to them.

At that moment, it is necessary to analyze the taste of the little ones, but also other factors. Electronics, especially video games, are increasingly preventing children from exercising and becoming addicted.

In addition, they have a high value. However, electronics have their strengths and encourage children’s development and logical thinking.



“Games are extremely attractive to youngsters. They stimulate the brain reward mechanism. This creates the need to spend more and more time playing games, until the moment when you can no longer have control.”

On the other hand, the simplest toys have a lower value and are very beneficial for the little ones. They are created for all ages and act on development by acting on imagination, touch, reasoning and more.

How to save on Children’s Day gift?

If you’re looking to give a Children’s Day gift, but don’t want to spend a lot, know that there are some ways to save. The first of these is scheduling to not leave the purchase for the last minute.

Whenever these dates approach, it is common for the price of toys to rise, so the sooner you buy, the more chance you will have to pay less. Another tip is to search in physical stores and online.

Often from one store to the next the prices change and so you may end up paying less. Another important point is not to take the little one at the time of purchase so as not to spend more.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Children’s Day gift options

In the search for a children’s day gift many factors must be evaluated in order not to make a mistake in choosing. Knowing this, we have separated below everything you should take into consideration:

  • Child’s age
  • Child’s wish
  • What’s hot
  • Clothing or toy

Now we explain these topics in detail.

Child’s age

The first step in choosing a Children’s Day gift is to analyze the age of the recipient. As we show you above there are toys that are suitable for each age group and this is important for safety reasons and also for them to suit the development phase of the little one.

Most of the time a 7 year old child will not be interested in a toy suitable for a 4 year old, so it is important to analyze this issue. In addition, if it is not suitable for her it can end up causing injuries.

Child’s wish

If you are unsure which gift to choose, how about asking the child what he would like to receive? With television and the internet, children are exposed to various products that arouse their curiosity and desire.

Thanks to this, she most likely already knows what she wants to win and thus her search becomes much easier.

What’s hot

Every year there are drawings and toys that make the kids’ heads and this is a way to get the children’s day gift right. If you are not aware of this, talk to a store salesperson about what else is being sold.

There was the era of Hot Wheels , Slime, Transformers and more. This year there is certainly something that all the little ones are wanting too.

Clothing or toy

It is likely that you have heard that clothing is not a gift for children. Regardless of whether this is true or not, this is a product option that commonly small ones earn.

In this regard, analyze whether this type of gift will please those who will be presented. But remember that it’s usually the older ones who like to get clothes and the little ones are more enchanted with toys.


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