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Top & Best Gift for newborn Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gift for newborn: How to choose the best in 2022?

The news of the baby’s birth is always received with joy by friends and family, but at the time of the visit, there is that doubt about which is the best gift for a newborn. This is the theme of today’s!

There are no rules and there are thousands of gift options for the newborn, be it for the child or the parents. However, there are always those that are most useful or tend to please more and it is to show you which ones we have prepared this article.

So, be you friend, uncle, cousin, grandfather know that here you will find product options, how to choose the size and much more, so continue with us to know everything!

First, the most important

  • Babies are born with different measures and many do not use newborn clothes or diapers, so before choosing a gift of this type, check the child’s measurements.
  • The most common gifts for newborns are clothes, diapers, napkins and decorative pieces.
  • There are no price limits and there are options for gifts that start at R $ 7 and this will vary according to the type of product chosen.

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The best gift options for newborns: Our choices

Among so many options, choosing a gift for the newborn that is useful and pleases the parents is no easy task. To help you select the best options available according to who has used and approved, check and choose yours.

  • To calm the baby
  • A basic option
  • To warm the little one
  • An option that never hurts

Buying Guide

The birth of the baby is a phase of intense adaptations not only for the child, but for the parents with the new family member. It is known that this is a time full of challenges and there is a series of products that can make everything a little lighter and easier.

And if you want to give a gift to someone who is experiencing this reality, know that in this buying guide you will very likely find the ideal option and at the end of reading you will know exactly what to buy.

What is a gift for a newborn?

On practically all special dates it is customary to give gifts and when a new member arrives in the family there is also this tradition. Therefore, it is very common for a souvenir to be taken at the time of the visit and there are a multitude of gifts that can be given to newborns.

There are even options that suit both parents and babies and there are no rules to that effect. The ideal is to opt for a product that goes against what the family likes.

With that, choosing a gift for a newborn can be easier than you think.

Did you know that it is very important to check with parents before going to visit the baby, however close they are to you? Also, avoid visiting him when he is ill, as they are very sensitive and this can harm the newborn.

How long is the baby considered a newborn?

Pregnancy is a period in which many people get confused as time is measured in weeks rather than months. After birth, new terms such as newborn, lactating and much more emerge.

The baby is considered newborn until 27 days.

Who is not very intimate with this universe ends up with a knot in the head, but everything is much simpler than you think. A baby is considered a newborn until he is 27 days old.

In this period he still has poorly developed vision with a range of up to about 30 centimeters and, on the other hand, excellent hearing and taste. In addition, he can feed an average of ten times a day and sleep between 20 to 22 hours.

From the 28th day onwards, the child ceases to be newborn and starts to be considered as an infant or baby and she continues to receive these nomenclatures until the age of two.

What are the gift options for newborns?

There are several types of gifts that can be given to a newborn and the main ones are:

    • Diapers : Diapers are the products most used by babies, whether they are newborns or not, so regardless of the child’s stage, this is always a welcome gift. And it doesn’t have to be just in size RN ok? You can invest in the bigger ones too, because they will certainly be used. Here also fit the diapers for mouth, which are made of fabric.
    • Clothes : Garments are good options, especially the bodies, which are used practically every day by babies, in addition to overalls, caps and more.
    • Blankets : Newborns have a low capacity to maintain their body temperature and blankets end up being of great value to help them in this task, whether during exposure in air-conditioned places or even on the coldest days.
    • Electronics : Items such as baby monitor and baby shusher, which is a device that imitates the sound of the womb, are also usually on the list of gifts that can be given to newborns.
    • Decoration pieces : Teddy bears, pictures with baby details, pillows and many other decorative products can be given to newborns as well.
    • Naninhas : Naninhas are cloths integrated in teddy bears that usually help babies sleep, besides being very cute.
    • Other options : It is also possible to give away towels, hygiene products, sling, bibs, photo album, jewelry with the baby’s name, etc.

How to know which size of gift for newborn to buy?

Knowing the size of the gift for the newborn is a complicated task, since each baby is born with different measures. Some don’t even wear diapers and clothes that size for a long time.

Then we separate in the table below the size of the clothes according to the weight and height of the baby that they can be used, so you can have a better parameter:

How much does a gift for a newborn cost?

The amount that will be spent on the gift for the newborn will depend a lot on the type of gift. With that, there are options for every pocket. It can be said that the starting price is R $ 7, on average, while the maximum is around R $ 400, considering electronics.

Where to buy a gift for a newborn?

In general, gifts for newborns can be purchased in practically all stores that sell baby items.

Online there are even more options and good sites to purchase these products are: Amazon.

And in case you don’t know, the items that are in our ranking can also be purchased and to do so just click on your favorite.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Newborn Gift Options

Now that you know everything about newborn gifts, it’s time to choose yours and for that, some factors must be taken into account, such as:

  • Baby gender
  • Parent style
  • Seasons
  • Gift type

We detail each one below.

Baby gender

The first important point is the sex of the baby and this is not so much related to colors, but to prints and styles. As much as boys today wear pink pieces and blue girls, there are prints and products that match more with certain genders.

So if you know that a girl was born you can present her with earrings, in case the parents want to pierce her ear. You can also give decorative pieces with flowers and more.

In the case of boys, it is very common to choose items that contain strollers, superheroes and the like.

In addition, there are bodies with fun phrases like “Daddy’s girl” and in that sense thinking about the child’s gender is also important.

Parent style

Knowing what they like and what their parents’ lifestyle is another essential item. That’s because that way you will know more easily what to give as a gift, whether for the baby or the parents.

An example is diapers, babies using disposable diapers are very common, but there are families that are adhering to cloth ones, so to avoid making mistakes it is worth taking this into consideration.


Thinking more specifically about clothes, when choosing the gift it is important to take into consideration the season of the year when the baby will use the garment.

Several people like to give gifts that can be used months ahead, so it is important to do the math and analyze if the piece is suitable for the average temperature.

That is, if the baby was born in the winter and you are going to give him a body with the size for six months, it is more appropriate to choose a short-sleeved one than a long-sleeved one.

Gift Type

As there are many options, thinking about the type of gift you want to buy also makes choosing easier. If you are looking for something more lasting, you can give jewelry with the child’s name, special photo album and even teddy bears.

If the idea is to choose a more functional product, bibs, diapers and even clothes are of great value. However, after a certain period, they can no longer be used.


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