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Top & Best Santa Claus Costume Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Santa Claus Costume: How to choose the best model in 2022?

If you are determined to get into the Christmas atmosphere and want to buy a Santa Claus costume, this article is for you. Complete or basic, Santa Claus costumes are guaranteed success among adults and children, perpetuating the magic of Christmas.

Follow our Review until the end, where we will present the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Santa Claus costume to not let the charm of this very special party die.

First, the most important

  • The market offers hundreds of Santa costume options. To choose the ideal, define the usage and user profile to determine the most suitable model and size.
  • Material, model, and details of the part are some of the main characteristics to be evaluated at the time of purchase.
  • Prices are quite varied. Fluctuations occur according to the material and brand chosen, in addition to other factors such as model and details. It is possible to find simple costumes for less than R $ 50. The most sophisticated ones can cost more than R $ 300.

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The best Santa Claus costumes: The newsroom favorites

A good Christmas will hardly be complete without the presence of a good old man. Wrapped in a natural aura of magic and joy, the Santa Claus costume is available in models for adults, children, and even Pets. Check out our selection with some of the best versions on the market:

  • The best breathable option
  • The best cost-benefit
  • The most realistic Santa Claus costume

Buying Guide

Year goes on, next year and Santa Claus remains the main symbol of Christmas. And with children getting smarter every day, it’s up to adults to make the effort to unfold with the best possible characterization to keep the Christmas magic alive .

Continue with us to learn everything about Santa Claus costume, this product that is a key piece to please and entertain the little ones, making Christmas unforgettable.

What is the story of Santa Claus’ fantasy?

Santa Claus was inspired by Saint Nicholas, archbishop who in the 4th century helped the poor by placing gold coins in the chimneys.


Did you know? While São Nicolau was always illustrated in traditional dress for a bishop at the time, Santa Claus today is represented as a plump old man with a beard and white hair in red robes with a white hem, belt and black boots.

This change occurred in the 19th century with the then very popular caricature of Thomas Nast for the poem “A visit from Saint Nicholas”. The red and white look gained even more strength in 1931, when Coca-Cola’s big Christmas advertising campaign immortalized Nast’s new version of Santa Claus costumes.

What are the advantages of Santa Claus costume?

Classic and timeless, the Santa Claus costume can be used for several generations. The product requires little care with cleaning and conservation, and is usually quite durable, since its use is sporadic and seasonal.

Symbol of Christmas magic, it can be used by both men and women, since the beard and cap completely hide the user’s features, making it easier to dissuade children from the real identity of the person in costume.

Check the table for some advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a Santa Claus costume:


  • There are versions in all price ranges
  • Classic and timeless
  • Simple cleaning and care
  • Can be used for many Christmases


  • Some models can be hot and uncomfortable
  • Some brands only manufacture One Size
  • Very restricted and seasonal use

What is the best Santa Claus costume option?

You can assume the identity of the good old man this Christmas by purchasing a complete costume or separate pieces. If the money is short, it’s worth combining that red satin robe that you already have at home with the Santa Claus hat and beard bought separately.

The important thing is to guarantee all the magic for the children.

The effect, of course, will not be as coordinated and flawless as a complete costume, which will have the same pattern of material colors and detail. But the important thing is to keep the attention to details to guarantee all the magic for the children.

Fancy the production, abuse the accessories like glasses, wigs, beard and belly filler to hide your real identity. Change your voice, and don’t forget to remove accessories like rings, watches, rings and earrings.

Children are very attentive, and a simple accessory can end up delivering the real identity of the good old man. Compare the two fantasy versions of Santa Claus on the board:

How much does a Santa Claus costume cost?

The price of the Santa Claus costume depends on the number of pieces, brand and material. The simplest models can be found for less than R $ 50. Deluxe models can cost more than R $ 300.

Where to buy Santa Claus costume?

It is possible to buy Santa Claus costumes at costume sale or rental stores, toy stores or party supplies. On the internet you can find costumes on sites like Amazon, Americanas.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing Santa Claus costume offers

To finish the Review, we’ll give you one more hand so you can make the right choice of costume to incorporate Santa Claus into Christmas. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Material
  • Model
  • Details
  • Washing and care

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the characteristics:


December is synonymous with summer, sun, thermometers up there. But still, Santa Claus is still dressed for the harsh winter. To avoid excessive heat and discomfort with the Santa Claus costume, it is essential to choose the material of manufacture of the product.

The most commonly used fabrics are satin, polyester, felt and velvet. The applications on the handles and bars are usually made in plush synthetic leather, felt and the like. Choose thinner, more breathable fabrics. Even if used for a short time, heavy fabric clothing can cause a lot of discomfort.


Santa’s fantasy models vary very little from one another. Although there are also versions in green, or bolder with shorts instead of pants and prints for a “Santa Tropical”, most of the traditional versions follow the same style and pattern.

Some variables such as sleeve length, type of closure and other adjustments usually change from one brand to another, and for this reason they deserve attention when purchasing the costume.


Embroidery, applications, belts, stones and lights are some of the details that can be present in the most luxurious Santa Claus costumes. These differentials, however, can make the product more expensive.

Consider the real need for the extra expense, since the product will have seasonal use.

Washing and care

As it will be used for only a brief period of the year, the Santa Claus costume can last for several years if the care with its cleaning and conservation is observed.

Washing instructions vary, but manufacturers usually provide clear instructions. In general, the indication is that the pieces are washed by hand in cold water, or in the cycle for delicate pieces.

Keep the costume in a dry and cool place, free of humidity to avoid mold and bad smell.


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