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Top & Best Rummikub game Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Rummikub game: What is the best model of 2022?

Today we will talk about the game Rummikub, one of the best-selling table games in the world, fun for all times and for all ages.

With this article, we want you to know more about this very popular game, from its origins to its peculiar dynamics, passing through the best editions and exclusive buying tips. Everything for you to find your ideal model.

First, the most important

  • Rummikub is a table version of an old German card game, also known as rummy .
  • Rummikub is played between two, three or four people.
  • Because it contains mathematical and logical elements, Rummikub is suitable for children over eight years old.

The best Rummikub games: Our choices

Among boxes with different designs, pieces and accessories, we have chosen the best Rummikub games to help (or at least inspire) you to find the ideal model.

  • The best national Rummikub game
  • The best imported Rummikub game

Shopping Guide

One of the reasons why Rummikub is so popular is its combination of a family game – a four-player system and a friendly theme – with a playful dynamic that involves planning, sequencing, and pattern recognition.

Descending in this Shopping Guide, you will see more not only about the game, its rules and its history, but also about the product and its editions, so you can get information and find the edition with your face.

What is Rummikub?

Rummikub is a table game that combines playing cards and dominoes. It was invented in 1930 and launched commercially in 1972 in Germany. In 1977, it was ranked first in table game sales in the USA. Back in Germany, the ” rummy” was voted game of the year in 1980, with a specialized jury and everything.


Did you know? The inventor of the game was Ephraim Hertzano, a Romanian based in Palestine, who manufactured the first pieces by hand, and sold the first boxes in person.


Its basic set is formed by 106 pieces, which are domino-like stones, numbered from one to thirteen, with four color variations for each number, as well as playing cards.

Among the hundreds of pieces, two are joker pieces, which are illustrated with the face that today is the Rummikub brand, and that in the game can be worth any value associated with them – from one to thirteen, of course.

Such is the popularity of Rummikub, which has been running a World Cup since 1991, with a three-year periodicity. A already won the competition, the player Andréa Papazissis, in 2009.

How is Rummikub played?

Rummikub can be played from two to a maximum of four people. There are fourteen pieces for each one. The goal of each player is to get rid of the pieces he receives before everyone else.

The game is divided into two parts. In the first, each player must form numerical sequences of tiles of the same color or a sequence of tiles with the same number. The point is that, for this to happen, their values, which have the exact same value as the number printed on them, must add up to thirty points.


The dynamics of the game opens up countless possibilities for actions.

From there, players can drop pieces in the game according to what is available on the table, being able to exchange pieces of opponents already placed on the table, breaking and seaming sequences to accommodate their pieces, as long as they follow the numerical order of the pieces.

This is the dynamics that make the game famous, as it opens up countless possibilities for actions, holding the attention of all players in each round, and that, to have a regular success, that is, that it does not depend only on luck, requires planning and refined logical thinking.

If you are recognizing these rules, it is because the game is in fact very similar to “mau-mau”, one of the most played card games, a version of the German deck called, guess, ” rummy ” .


Why buy a luxury edition of the Rummikub game?

Much of the success of Rummikub is due to the effective adaptation of a card game to a table game. In other words, many of the strengths of Rummikub lie in the user experience, that is, in arranging the pieces on the supports, in positioning and repositioning them on the table.


Therefore, acquiring a luxury version of the Rummikub game is just enhancing this good user experience. Elegant looks , well-handled pieces and superior material quality, supports engraved with the Rummikub brand … see where we’re going? Even the description looks better.

In more objective terms, a luxury edition will also have greater durability, from the numbering and coloring of the pieces to the integrity of the supports, including the instruction manual.

The counterpoint is that, idealistically speaking, it is a game for special occasions, or even for a collection. It is not that model that you will hand over to your little cousins ​​to kill time.


  • Top quality parts and accessories
  • Increased durability
  • Better user experience


  • Restricted use
  • Biggest price

Where to find a cheap Rummikub game?

Due to its quantity of parts and accessories, and the certain scarcity of models on the market, the Rummikub game is not exactly cheap, with new boxes coming out at around R $ 120.

The best chances of finding cheap models are used or old editions. Most of the time, it is both. They can be found in used bookstores or stores specializing in table games.

If you are looking for a new but more affordable box, it is worth looking at Amazon and Amazon US for models that have costs slightly below the market average.


Purchase Criteria: What to Watch for in your Rummikub Game

Below you will see our exclusive list of purchase criteria. The idea is that you have the necessary tools to choose between different editions and boxes of the Rummikub game, whether they are on the websites or on the shelves, and you can, in short, make the best purchase possible.

  • Used
  • Domestic or imported
  • Support and timer
  • Edition


One of the alternatives for buying Rummikub games, especially if you are looking for older editions, is the used market. You can find a wide variety of boxes that have been discontinued, both domestic and imported.

The most important thing is that the models are in good condition. It is worth noting everything, the condition of the box, the number of parts, even if there is the original instruction manual. Any set that does not have the possibility of a correct game is not worth it, unless you are a collector.

Domestic or imported

If you’re shopping online, a choice you’re likely to fall back on is between domestic or imported models. The national models, as already presented, are made by Grow, the only company to license the Rummikub brand.

Among the imported boxes, most will probably be American, whose market has a greater variety of models and brands, and German as well, where the original game came from.

Support and timer

An interesting point to note in your Rummikub model are the accessories, basically the support of the parts and the timer. The inclusion of the latter is not standard for all boxes, which makes it a good tiebreaker, as the game wins in excitement and dynamism with a time limit for each move.

On the support, the best thing to do is to compare its material, which can be made of wood, but is usually plastic, and the fit of the stones, the way they are arranged, etc.


Another point to be noted is the edition of the game, that is, when it was released, or at least its chronology (1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd, etc.).

The editions tend to present different looks and even different materials in the stones and in the supports. There are also special or thematic versions of a film or other cultural product.



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