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Top & Best Digital picture frame review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Digital picture frame: See how to choose the best model in 2022

Photos are a great way to keep precious memories and important moments in our lives. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to display them on a digital picture frame.

If you are a little older, you probably went through the time when developing the photos was a real martyrdom, with burnt films and long development times that required a professional.

Today, at ReviewBox Brasil, we will talk about the evolution of digital photos and how to display them in your home in a much more practical and modern way. So, be sure to follow our full review.

First, the most important

  • The biggest advantage of digital picture frames is the ability to store multiple photos. So, before buying, check your internal capacity.
  • It is also important to pay attention to the size of the display to make sure that the photos will be well framed and without losing quality.
  • Before buying, check if it works vertically and horizontally or only in one position.

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Ranking: The 3 best digital picture frames on the market

Digital picture frames are still becoming popular, and it is very likely that it will take some time before they end up replacing the more traditional models.

To help you find the ideal model, check out our Ranking with some of the most modern ones on the market.

Buying Guide

Today practically everyone has a cell phone with a camera, which allows people to take high quality photos much more easily.

However, displaying these photos is still an issue, as a photo printer can be an expensive investment, and ink and paper don’t come very cheap either. That is why the digital picture frame has been gaining so much prominence.

But, as it is a novelty, see our Purchase Guide with more information about the product before making your purchase, so you will ensure that you have chosen the best model.

What is a digital picture frame?

The frame is nothing more than a frame where you can place your photos. The great innovation of the digital model, in turn, is to incorporate the latest technologies to display our photos, whether they are obtained through a digital camera or even the cell phone.

Another great advantage is that you can make slides with several photos that alternate throughout the day, in addition to being able to configure brightness, contrast and other options to obtain better display quality.

And because it is a technological item, many digital picture frames also have options such as an alarm and calendar. Many models also already have remote controls that facilitate accessibility. For these and other reasons, it is a matter of time before we abandon conventional models for good.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a digital picture frame?

When compared to traditional models, digital frames offer numerous advantages, after all, it is possible to display a greater variety of photos in one product.

Many models have extra functionality, access via remote control and allow greater possibility to edit your photos.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. Many models need to be plugged into an outlet or require the use of batteries. The resolution of the photos can be impaired and there are fewer design options available on the market, which can make it difficult to fit into your decor.

How to use a digital picture frame?

Using a digital picture frame is very simple, since most models now have USB or memory card slots, allowing you to use a flash drive or even connect it directly to your phone.

Once the photos have been transferred, many models allow you to edit, rotate or add effects. Many models already have a remote control, allowing you to access all the settings even more simply, configuring even the slide option, so that the frame displays the photos in the sequence you prefer.

How much?

The price of digital picture frames can vary widely according to their capacity, size and even extra features. The simplest models can be found in a range of R $ 50 to R $ 100.

Larger and more complex models, with more photo editing features and greater capacity can be found from R $ 100 to R $ 300. It may seem expensive, but considering its versatility, it becomes an excellent investment for your home.

Where to buy?

You can find digital frames at electronic, computer or photography stores. As they are not yet very popular, it can be difficult to find one in your city.

In this case, it is easier to use the internet, either in e-commerce stores or in large distributors such as Amazon, which already has several options in its sales catalog. Best of all, it delivers to your home with all the security and practicality you deserve.

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before purchasing a digital picture frame

Keeping those old photo albums is a thing of the past. Today, with the evolution of digital media, it is more than natural for the frame to follow the new wave.

But, despite all its advantages, it is still a relatively expensive investment, so it is important to choose well the model that best fits your needs.

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Transfer form
  • Versatility

Analyze the topics below to find the model that you like best and you will have a real show of images and even sounds in the living room of your home.


In a digital picture frame, there are two types of size you should be aware of: one is the overall size of the piece, the other is the size of the screen, measured in inches.

In addition to being important information for you to know if it fits well where you want to place it, the size of the screen is the big difference here, since it can directly influence the display and resolution of the photo, which is measured in pixels .

One advantage is that most models allow you to display both vertically and horizontally, but you need to set up your photos correctly so they don’t fall out of frame.


The biggest advantage of the digital picture frame when compared to the traditional models, is that in them you can display a wide variety of photos, not being limited to just one.

So, instead of having multiple frames, you can focus on just one product, using all its storage capacity. Most of the photos we take today take up relatively little space, so even a low-capacity digital frame will be able to display more than one photo.

Now, if you intend to make a true display with all your favorite photos, it is worth checking the internal capacity. And, it is worth remembering, many models do not have an HD, so it is necessary to use a pen drive or memory card.

Transfer form

Another factor to be aware of is how to transfer the photographs. As we said in the previous topic, practically every model of digital picture frame already has USB and memory card slots.

It is through these entries that the photos will be transferred. Some models already have Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to transfer without the need for cables, directly from your computer, tablet or cell phone.


In addition to displaying a wide variety of photos in one product, the frames also have extra features, such as alarm, calendar display and even greater image editing features.

The greatest versatility, however, is due to the remote control. Have you ever thought about changing and configuring the photos that are being displayed much more easily without having to get off the couch? This is a small investment that is worthwhile.



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