Cell phones up to 1000 reais

Top & Best Cell phones up to 1000 reais Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cell phones up to 1000 reais: How to choose the best cheap smartphone in 2022


Who needs to change the smartphone, but is on a tight budget can buy a cell phone up to 1000 reais. You find several models, which can be classified as input devices or intermediate.

Buying a cell phone up to 1000 reais is the best alternative for those looking for a smartphone with interesting features, good durability and more affordable price. Stay with us and find the best smartphone in this price range.


First, the most important

  • Most cell phones up to 1000 reais use the Android operating system. The iOS operating system is restricted to Apple phones that are above this price range.
  • All the technology giants offer cell phone models up to 1000 reais such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Asus, among others.
  • If you are looking for a cell phone up to 1000 reais to record the most important moments of your life, choose a smartphone with a camera in manual mode, which allows you to adjust the settings for the perfect click.

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The best phones up to 1000 reais: Our buying suggestions

We have prepared a list of the best cell phone models up to 1000 reais. We managed to find interesting options and the best brands even in this price range. You will certainly like the purchase suggestions below:

  • The best selling cell phone up to 1000 reais
  • The cell phone up to 1000 reais with the best camera set
  • The best cell phone up to 1000 reais
  • The cell phone up to 1000 reais preferred

Buying Guide

Leaving aside entry-level smartphones, we began to see intermediate devices in the range of R $ 1,000. These devices have interesting technical specifications, sophisticated design and affordable price. Learn more about the cell phone up to 1000 reais in this Buying Guide.


What can a cell phone up to 1000 reais offer?

Most people have the impression that cell phones up to 1000 reais – called entry or intermediate models – have very basic technical specifications, features and design.


Brands are investing more in this segment.

It is true that smartphones in this price range have certain limitations, but it is undeniable that technology giants like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola and LG are investing more and more in this segment.

The processor, RAM, storage and operating system have reached a level of maturity that even the cell phone up to 1000 reais is showing a good performance to run games and heavy applications.

The set of cameras is increasingly competent, both in the quality of the records, as well as in the resources of artificial intelligence and post-processing – you get excellent results in image editing.

Not to mention the performance of the battery, which lasts a whole day away from the plug. We cannot fail to mention the additional features such as biometric or facial print reader.

With that we realized that you can have a very complete package at an affordable price when buying a cell phone up to 1000 reais. Find out all the advantages of buying a cell phone in this price range in the table below:

What is the most common operating system for cell phones up to 1000 reais?

If you plan to buy a cell phone up to 1000 reais new, the device must come with the Android operating system. Google’s software is open, meaning that manufacturers can customize it according to the functionality of their devices.

The Android operating system is quite stable and secure. When using other devices with the same system, such as notebook, smartwatch and Smart TV, you enjoy the integration between applications, mainly the calendar, messages, cloud storage, among other resources.

How to choose a cell phone up to 1000 reais for games?

The arrival of increasingly powerful cell phones allows those who like games not to be limited to video game consoles or computer mouse and keyboard and can play favorite games anywhere.

But I find a cell phone up to 1000 reais good for games? As mentioned earlier, an input or intermediary device has some limitations that pertain to the performance of the device.

However, a cheap cell phone can be used to play games, just be aware of the technical specifications of the device at the time of purchase and know how to select the titles compatible with the device.

It is essential that the cell phone up to 1000 reais has an advanced processor, good RAM memory, satisfactory storage capacity and a powerful battery for playing games. It should also have a large screen and good resolution. Then just enjoy it.

What are the camera features of a cell phone up to 1000 reais?

If you like to photograph, look for a cell phone up to 1000 reais with different types of lenses so that you can enjoy greater versatility in photographs.

Most intermediate smartphones have at least two rear lenses, but you can find options with three or four lenses.

The lens set should record good photos even from a distance. This is possible when the camera has a powerful zoom – currently some models are able to zoom in up to 10 times.

The zoom can be optical – the one that really brings the person or object photographed closer – or digital – the one that brings the image digitally together. Choose a cell phone that offers both features.

Another available feature is the diaphragm opening control. This sensor regulates the amount of light that enters the lens and the smaller the number of the aperture, the greater the light absorption capacity, which provides clearer images.

Regarding the front camera, observe the resolution of the lens, if you can count on the flash and what are the editing features used to share the best selfies for social networks.

t is important to note that the number of megapixels does not define the resolution of the camera but indicates how much the photo can be enlarged without losing quality.

To check the image quality of video recordings, evaluate the resolution – you can find options in HD or FHD – and the number of frames captured per second – a camera that captures 60 frames per second is excellent.

Purchasing criteria: Find the best cell phone up to 1000 reais at the moment

With so much variety of smartphones on the market, choosing a cell phone up to 1000 reais has become a challenge even for those who understand the subject. To assist you in this mission, we have selected which criteria should be evaluated and compared at the time of purchase:

  • Chipset and RAM
  • Storage
  • Display
  • Drums
  • Additional resources

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. Be sure to share this article with your friends via social media.

Chipset and RAM

The processor is responsible for running the operating system, programs and applications. Therefore, the better and more recent the processor, the greater the smartphone’s performance.

To assess the specifications of a processor, pay attention to the number of cores, processing speed and cache memory.

RAM memory is also associated with device performance, as it helps the processor to perform multiple tasks simultaneously or consecutively. Choose a device with at least 3 or 4GB of RAM.


Another important factor when choosing a smartphone is the device’s storage capacity. The bigger the internal memory, the better. Escape devices with 8 or 16GB of storage, buy one with at least 32GB.

Also evaluate if the cell phone up to 1000 reais accepts memory card and what is the maximum compatible capacity. It is important to mention that the MicroSD card does not accept the installation of most applications, as it is intended for media such as images, videos and music.


With the budget to buy a cell phone of up to 1000 reais, you will find devices with better quality displays. Pay attention to the type of screen – OLED and AMOLED panels have a greater variety of colors, contrast and brightness levels than an IPS screen.

Also evaluate the screen resolution, you will find options in HD (1280 x 720 pixels) and FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in this price range.

HD resolution is not compatible with current productions.

Give preference to models with FHD resolution to watch movies and series with maximum quality, as the HD resolution is not compatible with current productions and can harm your experience.

Finally, evaluate the screen size. For those who use their smartphones to watch movies and series on Netflix, a screen of 6 inches or more will meet expectations and offer visual comfort.

For those who do not usually watch multimedia content, a 5-inch screen phone is ideal, as it offers practical handling, is discreet and fits in the pocket of your pants or jacket.


To analyze the cell phone’s battery life, keep an eye on the capacity measured in milliamps (mAh) and the battery life – research battery performance tests performed with the model you intend to take home.

Some factors influence battery life, such as screen size and resolution, processor model and operating system version. Look for a device that knows how to manage these factors.


Tip: Search if the desired smartphone has the Fast Charge system or fast charge. Devices with this feature have a more powerful charger – from 15 to 20W over 10W of the basic models – and recharge the battery in about an hour.


Additional resources

Take a moment to evaluate the additional features offered by the cell phone of up to 1000 reais. Among the features we can mention the biometric reader, facial expression reader, pop-up camera, virtual assistant by voice command among others.

These features are used to attract consumers, as more and more smartphones are offering similar technical specifications.


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