Top & Best Glass film Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Glass film: How to choose the best one for your 2022 appliance?


With electronic devices increasingly expensive, it is essential to look for ways to protect them from breakages. For that there is the glass film, a product that we are going to talk about here today.

Since its emergence, glass film has become the first choice for those who want to keep their appliances intact. It is widely used on cell phone screens, however, it can also be applied to other electronic products.

And if you are thinking of purchasing one of these, know that in this text we will explain everything about it and at the end of the reading we will show you how to choose the ideal one, then, let’s go?

First, the most important

  • The glass film is about 0.3 mm thick and made of tempered glass.
  • There are glass film options for the main cell phone models and there are also versions for tablets, GoPro cameras, watches and more.
  • The glass film is sold in several stores and can be found for an initial price of R $ 5.

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Ranking: The 3 best glass films

There are several glass film options and some of them stand out. And it is to show you which are the best evaluated by users that we have prepared this ranking. Check out:

Buying Guide

There is not a single person who owns a cell phone and was never afraid that after a fall his screen would have broken. This is one of the biggest problems that affect these devices and also the one that most people take to repair shops.

To avoid this, there is a glass film, a very efficient accessory that protects the screen from the most diverse devices. And if you are looking for one for you, but don’t know which one to buy, just read this purchase guide, as it will give you all the information about this product.

What is a glass film and what is it for?

Glass film is an accessory that has become popular around the world since its inception. It is made of tempered glass and is a few millimeters thick, and can be installed on the screen of the most diverse electronic products.


Prevents the front of your device from breaking or being scratched.

Transparent and very efficient, this product’s main function is to protect the devices, preventing their front parts from breaking or being scratched. The glass film exists in several models and sizes and currently 3D, 4D, 5D and even 6D options are already found.

Which glass film can be used on which devices?

The most common glass film is manufactured to be installed in the most varied models of smartphones. With this there are options for devices from virtually all brands like Samsung, Apple, Motorola and more.

But there are also versions that serve to protect other types of electronics. Thus, there are specific glass films for tablets , cameras of the GoPro type, clocks, camera and drone remote control and even for Nintendo Switch type video games .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass film?

The screen of electronic devices is considered to be the most sensitive part and is also the one that breaks the most. Knowing this, the glass film was created, a product that protects this region and prevents it from being easily broken or scratched, this being its main positive point.

But not only that. The glass film is available in several models and thanks to this it can be installed perfectly in various devices. Another advantage is that after it is applied, it does not come off easily and does not hinder the use of the touch or the visualization of the screen.

However, the downside is that the glass film breaks easily. It is very common that after a fall of the device it will crack or even shatter. This makes its durability not too high and it is essential in these cases to change it to guarantee its functionality.

Another disadvantage is that, however thin the glass film is, it adds some relief to the device’s screen. This can end up getting in the way of electronics options that have buttons on the screen, as they get deeper.

Glass film or gel film: Which to choose?

There are currently two models of film for cell phones that compete directly: they are glass and gel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and many people are in doubt about which one to choose for their device.

The glass film is older than the gel film. It is made of tempered glass, about 0.3 mm thick. This film model is rigid and guarantees good protection for the smartphone screen. However, its main negative point is that in case of falls it can crack or even break.

The gel film, on the other hand, is a little newer and is made with materials that can fully absorb impacts. In addition, it is malleable and thinner than glass.

On the other hand, even if the gel film does not break and thus lasts longer, as it is exposed to objects it ends up wearing out, and may even be scratched or marked.

How much does the glass film cost?

When the glass film was released, it had a high value. However, as it became popular, its price dropped. Currently this product is found with a price variation that is due to its technology, the simplest ones being more affordable and those that are 3D, for example, cost more.

Thus, it is possible to find the glass film for an amount that starts at R $ 5, on average, up to around R $ 265.

Where to buy a glass film?

The glass film is easily found to buy in stores that sell accessories for cell phones, In fact, most places that sell this product usually install it on the spot.

On the internet, it is also very simple to purchase the glass film, since dozens of websites sell it. In addition, for less famous devices online stores may be the best option and some sites to buy it are:

    • Amazon

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing glass film options

If you’re willing to buy a glass film, but don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry. Now the time has come to show you what factors should be taken into account at this time so as not to make mistakes, they are:

  • Device model
  • Film technology
  • Seller’s awareness
  • Ease of installation

Below we will detail each one so you don’t have any doubts.

Device model

Because it is a highly sought-after product, the glass film is made in the most varied models, and thus can serve virtually all types of devices.

Speaking specifically about smartphones, there is hardly an option for devices that are among the best sellers. In the case of tablets and watches, it is a little more difficult to see films for less famous models.

Know that it is essential to choose a glass film that is ideal for your electronics. This is because, if a different version is chosen, it can happen that it covers the camera, gets smaller or larger and so on.

Film technology

Another point to be analyzed is the technology of the film and as this accessory became successful, some variations appeared. Thus, there are common models, which have all the basic characteristics of this product.

Then came the 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D versions. Basically, these have the advantage of being able to reach the edge of the device’s screen, which the conventional glass film does not do. It always lacks a few millimeters to completely cover the device and with these new models, this does not happen.

In addition, they also promise to be more resistant and the 5D models are already found in some color options, in addition to the traditional transparent.

Seller’s awareness

Another important question about glass film is related to the type of seller you will buy yours from. As you saw, there are options of this product with the most varied values ​​and that are sold in several stores.

However, it is essential to choose a film that is of quality and, more than that, a store that sells and installs this product correctly. Many are the cases of people who buy glass films and it is placed crooked on the screen or where the model is not so specific to the device and ends up covering areas that should not.

Therefore, choose to purchase yours from a specialist dealer that guarantees the best installation.

Ease of installation

There are straight and curved glass film models and which one to choose depends on the model of the device.

However, the level of difficulty of installing both is also different. Straight films are simple and easy to install, and many people tend to do this.

Curves, on the other hand, require special glue and have a more thorough installation, so it is best that they are installed by a professional.



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