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Best I Phone case Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best I Phone case: What’s the best of 2022


You learn today what criteria to consider when buying an iPhone case. There are many options available and in order not to make a mistake when making your purchase, read the Purchasing Guide carefully.

Open-and-close models, rubberized products, silicone patterns and even the basic iPhone cover formats are successful due to modern design. In the text learn how to choose a version that is the face of your cell phone.


First, the most important

  • It has several color options for iPhone cases. There are even transparent versions.
  • Larger models protect the phone more, but generate excess volume in the pocket.
  • Smaller editions are simple to carry, some models withstand impacts and drops.

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Best iPhone Cases: Recommendations 

Pay attention to the technical data of each recommended device! This makes it easier to know the level of quality you need when searching for an iPhone case.

  • To seal the cell phone
  • In addition to protecting, it also beautifies
  • Protects without losing sound quality
  • Less costs and more benefits

Buying Guide

With an iPhone case your device is safer. Some options are soft and work with the aim of making you feel more comfortable in your hands. See now the complete guide that guides you in shopping:


How to clean the iPhone case?

One of the worst feelings is seeing the iPhone phone case with the yellow one from overuse.

Before washing, check with the manufacturer which products are or are not suitable for cleaning the cover.

Usually, on hard covers you can apply water and then a little detergent, rubbing with something soft and rinsing to remove the foam. For deep cleaning use other solutions:

    • Sodium bicarbonate
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Sanitary water
    • Bleach
    • Multipurpose cleaner
    • Vinegar


Steve JobsApple co-founder

“Be a quality parameter. Some people are not used to the environment where excellence is expected.”

Why use an iPhone case?

How many times do you aim to put the iPhone on the nightstand accidentally tap the device on the wall? If your device is not covered it can break because the internal components are sensitive.

At any time, your device may fall out of your pocket or desk. These are drops of a few meters absorbed by a top quality iPhone case. More pros and cons are in the table:

What is the best iPhone case?

Usually the market divides the types of iPhone cases according to specific categories. Get to know some formats now and see which choice is best:

    • Basic : Most common versions with protection for the back and sides of the device.
    • Bumper : Compact product (light and less bulky) that protects only corners, susceptible to scratches and less resistant to impacts.
    • Silicone / TPU : Silicone versions are more malleable and easier to wash. TPU editions have rigidity, although they offer a certain malleability.
    • Flip : Production that opens and closes, used to protect against dirt, grease, falls from low heights or scratches.
    • Overprotective : Choose for those looking to protect the iPhone completely.


Compare the features of each iPhone case better:

How much does it cost and where to buy an iPhone case?

The simplest iPhone cases are easy to find in traditional stores like Americanas, Casas Bahia or Extra. For simple models you pay from R $ 5 to R $ 50.

From R $ 80 to R $ 300 is the average price corresponding to the most advanced standards in materials and protection level. Diversified models are for sale in virtual stores like Amazon, Submarino or Shoptime. On the internet save at least 10%.

Did you know that the iPhone case doesn’t protect very well from the excessive heat of the sun? Avoid leaving your device covered under the sunlight.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing iPhone case models

There are trends in iPhone cases for all types of lifestyles, from sportsmen to formal profiles. To make your life as a buyer easier, compare promotions according to these ideas:

  • Waterproof
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • Technology

Find out more about the criteria below:


A waterproof product is expensive. Before buying a certain model, pay attention to the meter capacity it can support in the water, as well as the depth limitations.

iPhones work in the water with appropriate covers.

iPhones work in the water with appropriate covers. Common standards for water resistant iPhone cases support up to 1 hour and a limit of 2 meters in depth. With them, you can use your device in the pool!


The more customization the higher the price of models with the same material can be. For example, a personalized basic cover costs more than the basic cover without much customization, but it costs less than a waterproof model.

Light colors make it easy for you to find your iPhone in low-light environments. Dark patterns match formal places like work or college. Transparent editions cost less.


Did you find an iPhone case that is beautiful and intend to buy now? Calm down, first find out if the model is compatible with your device.

Sometimes, the packaging description itself tells you which device the cover is for: iPhone 8, iPhone X, among others.

But, there are promotions without this specification, making it necessary to have the dimensions of your cell phone on the tip of your tongue to avoid making a mistake in the size of the iPhone case.


Shock and drop features make models more expensive, but this is the price to pay for superior protection. Some trains are subjected to military tests to ensure iPhone security in adverse situations.

There are several standards developed in laboratories with high technological capacity to better absorb impacts. Find out if the desired model has technology that guarantees professional protection.


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